Gorean Shores Forum Notes - 2010
Forum Rules and Protocols
Forums commence at 7. pm Poolside Chat time on Forum nights or
8.00pm Eastern; 7.00pm Central; 6.00pm Mountain; 5.00pm Pacific
Australian times are the next morning at EST 10.00am - CST 9.30am - Western 8.00am
Canada at PDT 5pm; MDT 6pm; CTD 7pm; EDT 8pm; ADT 9pm; NDT 9:30pm
World Time Zones
Please note during daylight saving hours for each country people will need to add or deduct the hours to match the Forum times.

Topics discussed during forums are listed below for easy reference

2010 Forum Topics Gorean Shores Forum Notes 2010
  • JANUARY 3rd -  Weekly Forums
  • JANUARY 14th - Festival & Book Discussions; Replying on Message Board Posts;  First Girl for GS?; Role Players v's Lifestylers?