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 Xertog   19:50:28 pm CST
While I am waiting for a topic. I'd like to thank everyone that showed up to the book discussion on Tuesday. It was a good turn out. If you were unable to make it show up this Tuesday 7:00PM GS Time (Central US / Canada Time) We'll be covering pages 50 - 99. The book is Raiders Of Gor. So if you missed last week you can still catch up with the reading

 Xertog   19:52:55 pm CST
Thorrn I'd like to encourage others to write some brief Chapter summaries to post too.

 N's property   19:53:08 pm CST
ooo vina likes that idea!

  Xertog   19:54:18 pm CST
There could be a few posted or may be take turns doing so. Then we could take the discussion from there.

 Xertog   19:54:57 pm CST
RT can be like that Ramses

 Jarl Thorrn   19:55:01 pm CST
good idea, Xertog
i will have a try tomorrow on the next two chapters if that will be helpful

 Jarl Thorrn   19:55:39 pm CST
did you get My whispered topic, Xertog?

  Xertog   19:56:55 pm CST
Also I mentioned before I'd like for us to keep a running glossary of each chapter with good quotes and references to Port Kar, animals, food, weapons etc.

  Xertog   19:57:43 pm CST
Yes I got it and I'll post it. It is related to the book.


 Xertog   19:58:27 pm CST
Here is the topic as it was sent to me:

I think Wwe had it already once but it came up to Me again when i read the raiders book now

that is about capped and not-capped writing of He/he You/you and such
als i noticed that even slave names in Raiders of Gor are written with capped intitials but the word "master" is mostly written uncapped

  Jarl Thorrn   19:59:16 pm CST
good idea but hard to do for Me cause mostly when i read the book on My palmtop it is not so easy fro Me to make notes about what to add to the glossary

  Xertog   20:00:44 pm CST
As you read the book you will see that the slaves names are not done in lower case as we do it here. As an example we have a slave here named vina. As we go through Raiders there will be a slave that has that same named.. It is spelled Vina.

 Jarl Thorrn   20:02:06 pm CST
and the !I! when spoken by a slave is also capped
so all this capped/uncapped thing was no matter of Gorean world as in the books?

  jessenia {Jake}   20:02:47 pm CST
jesse thinks perhaps the capped name is an "onlineism" but maybe one out of necessity.... it helps distinguish between Free and slaves... which of course is easy with icons.. and with Male and female most of the time... but for those who don't have a membership.. if they all used caps... it would be a lot of confusion trying to figure out who's who....

  Jarl Thorrn   20:03:37 pm CST
that maybe, jessenia

  Xertog   20:04:24 pm CST
In BDSM chat rooms they tend to write words like W/we or U/us with the / .. In GS we don't do that. It is just we or us

 Jarl Thorrn   20:04:30 pm CST
so what about a slave not capping eg. the word "Master" when adressing One
can she be punished for that in GS?

 N's property   20:05:12 pm CST
along those thoughts jess, vina feels it is placing the Free in a state higher than the slaves if Their names are capped... the Free are above slaves...therefore, capping Their titles and names denotes worthiness and respect..

  snowrose{JTh}   20:05:18 pm CST
yes in the book we are told when a person is a Free woman or the capped or uncapped way is our only way to tell...hard enough to figure gender at first

 Xertog   20:05:20 pm CST
I think that sums it up well jessenia.

  Jarl Thorrn   20:05:23 pm CST
in BDSM that is the rule and a sub/slave will get into trouble when she will ignore this by more than just a single flaw

  Xertog   20:09:00 pm CST
Thorrn I have always seen girl Cap Master when they address somebody. I think if the word is used in another context I don't think it needs to be Capped but everybody seems to do it what way. For example I ask a girl a question like: How is your master?
I don't think I need to Cap the 'M' but I have always done so.

 Xertog   20:10:03 pm CST
I always tell new people to forget the slashed words here.

 jessenia {Jake}   20:10:56 pm CST
once.. a long time back.. jesse once saw a Free tell a girl to cap the "M" when addressing them.... it wasn't done harshly.. just as if maybe they knew it was a typo.. or a gentle reminder at first to do it

  Jarl Thorrn   20:11:35 pm CST
that is why i ask if is mandatory for a slave to do so.
for Me as being a BDSM-Master too it became a habit already, just got used to it and have to pay attention not to do so outside of Gor and DM

 snowrose{JTh}   20:12:47 pm CST
girl turned in a paper with every You capped

 Xertog   20:13:06 pm CST
The girls should continue to Cap the M in master.


 Xertog   20:19:20 pm CST
New Topic:
about the colour of silks
the colour shows the status of the training of a slave but it also tells for personally owned slave if they are kind of restricted (white silks) or not (red silks). No yellow silks for personally owned slaves.
what colour are the silks of a personally owned slave when she for e.g. got a blue silk cause their Master likes that colour?

  Xertog   20:21:05 pm CST
The GS slaves if they have a membership show there names in white, yellow or red. Depending on there training level. Privately owned girls may use what ever color their owners want.

 Jarl Thorrn   20:22:37 pm CST
that is understood, Xertog
but what will a personally owned girl answer what the colours of her silks are when she wears e.g. blue fabric

  jessenia {Jake}   20:23:56 pm CST
when jesse wore blue silks.. and was asked about her level of silks.. she always replied that she was trained to the yellow level....

  Xertog   20:24:40 pm CST
It is what ever there owner sees fit for it to be.

 Jarl Thorrn   20:25:50 pm CST
that reminds Me of something in that
how can personally owned slaves get their yellow or red status be "certified" ?
just cause their Master says so or can they makes the tests like GS-owned slaves have to do?

 N's property   20:26:06 pm CST
~listens...quite interested...

  Xertog   20:26:51 pm CST
When I was the Slave Master I tested girls on the request of their owners.

 Jarl Thorrn   20:28:54 pm CST
that is a good thing, Xertog
it is only fair to the GS~slaves that personally, owned slave will have to pass the tests too to be claimed to be yellow or even red silks

  N's property   20:29:11 pm CST

  jessenia {Jake}   20:32:25 pm CST
jesse wishes everyone well.. she cant bear to stay any longer.

  Xertog   20:34:33 pm CST
Any other topic suggestions?

 pazia{GS}   20:38:34 pm CST
pazia wonders if it is true that Master Loki resigned on being the Slave Master

  Jarl Thorrn   20:39:06 pm CST
ears perk up, didn´t hear about that yet and hopes it is not true

  Xertog   20:39:24 pm CST
pazia that remains up in the air at this time.

  pazia{GS}   20:41:57 pm CST
Yes Master

  pazia{GS}   20:42:29 pm CST
Thank You for clearing that up for pazia

  Xertog   20:44:59 pm CST
Any other topic suggestions?

  Xertog   20:49:10 pm CST
If nobody has a topic I'll call the forum to a close.

   Jarl Thorrn   20:50:44 pm CST
thank you for leading the Forum, Captain

  snowrose{JTh}   20:51:41 pm CST
Thank You Master Xertog..girl will send You a copy

  Xertog   20:52:15 pm CST
Well that will end the forum.

Thanks for scribing snowrose.

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