Xertog 19:28:19 pm CST
Let get the forum started.

jessenia {Ramses} 19:29:17 pm CST
someone will have to scribe.. jesse cant on this laptop

Xertog 19:31:24 pm CST
Send me any topic suggestions via whispers. I had a couple of carry over topics from last week. I thought I saved them but I don't seem to have them.. So if you sent me a topic last week that we didn't get to sned it to me again.

Xertog 19:33:36 pm CST
Do we have somebody to scribe?

snowrose{LT} 19:33:40 pm CST
If no one else can, snow will scribe

nasreen{TH} 19:33:42 pm CST
this one isn't sure how long she is going to last...she has been sick she would like it if some one could scribe...also...sorry jessenia and Master Xertog..

Xertog 19:35:09 pm CST
Very good snowrose.

nasreen{TH} 19:35:28 pm CST
thank you snowrose..smiles

vina {N's property} 19:36:13 pm CST
~looks to her tag, making sure it meets requirements

Xertog 19:36:39 pm CST
That works vina

Xertog 19:37:35 pm CST
Please keep greetings, departures, rp to whispers.

Ramses 19:38:22 pm CST
steps in and heads to My furs
Tal and greetings

Xertog 19:41:22 pm CST
A quick announcement. Well more of a reminder.

A weekly book discussion Tuesday 7:00PM GS time (Central Time US/Canada) starting February 9th .. The book will be Raiders of Gor. This books covers Port Kar more then the other books in the series.

Jarl Thorrn 19:41:52 pm CST
Tal and greetings
heads to My fur

vina {N's property} 19:41:55 pm CST
You said the first 100 or so pages are available at the link Master? is that right? Jarl Thorrn 19:41:52 pm CST

Jarl Thorrn 19:43:19 pm CST
reads the book reading announcement, very good

Thadron 19:44:21 pm CST
I have started the reading, a very good choice to get the feel for Port Kar

Xertog 19:45:07 pm CST
I looked at it again vina. The first 48.5 pages are there.. Then there are gaps between other groups of pages. I estimate there is only about 45% of the book there. It is a free preview. So be good to get somebody through the first week not much more then that.

nasreen{TH} 19:45:48 pm CST
girl has started reading it also..

Ramses 19:46:19 pm CST
Thadron, I thought it was a good choice as well

vina {N's property} 19:46:44 pm CST
~nods her head...
yes Master, it would suffice until i could get a copy..

pazia{GS} 19:47:15 pm CST
pazia knows of site that lets pple download the books for free

Jarl Thorrn 19:47:36 pm CST
just a quick question at the book forum
a link to the book has been mentioned
can that link be reposted here?

Xertog 19:50:39 pm CST
I'd like for us to start a glossary of the book. It would include things like plants, animals, weapons, quotes that describe Port Kar. Other quotable quotes. Any other suggestions for it?
We could compile it each week and post it on the message board and perhaps when Laroona gets back I will see about a place on the GS web pages for it.

vina {N's property} 19:51:23 pm CST
wonderful idea Master Xertog
~smiles warmly

Thadron 19:51:55 pm CST
aye, ship descriptions, buildings in Port Kar, transportation

nasreen{TH} 19:52:33 pm CST
nodding her head..that is a good idea Master Xertog

Thadron 19:52:58 pm CST
there are many animals mentioned in that book, the uses and harvest of rence.. lots of interesting things to catalog

pazia{GS} 19:52:59 pm CST
girl wonders will there ever be raids here or other non peacful Gorean ways

nasreen{TH} 19:54:08 pm CST
and for those that mentioned cake....there is a rence cake mentioned....

Xertog 19:54:35 pm CST
Yes that type of thing Thadron.

Xertog 19:56:03 pm CST
Yes there is rence cake nasreen. Not to be confused with anything your mother may have baked.. lol

nasreen{TH} 19:56:54 pm CST
good thing it wasn't any thing this girls mom baked.....all would have been sick....sorry in peace.

Thadron 19:56:59 pm CST
I'm looking forward to the discussion, Xertog

Xertog 19:59:58 pm CST
pazia we did have an unfriendly encounter when we opening of a new tur-wood preserve not that long ago. Other such things could also happen.

Jarl Thorrn 20:00:02 pm CST
repeates this:
a link to the book has been mentioned
can that link be reposted here?

Thadron 20:01:15 pm CST
Port Kar was opened as a Role Play room, for just that kind of activity, Pazia

vina {N's property} 20:01:39 pm CST
yes Jarl, i will locate it for You..please hold

nasreen{TH} 20:01:42 pm CST
goes to the board finds the link

vina {N's property} 20:03:10 pm CST

pazia{GS} 20:05:24 pm CST
Thank You Masters its just that everytime girl comes here its dead of late and didnt k if that happens here

Xertog 20:07:02 pm CST
That is just a preview of the book Thorrn.
The preview has only parts of the book but it has 48 out of 48.5 pages that will be covering in the first week. I estimate that there is only about 45% of the book there. Not enough do to with out buying the book.

pazia{GS} 20:08:51 pm CST
girl has that link to the siter lets u download them for free if Master wants it

pazia{GS} 20:09:01 pm CST

Thadron 20:09:05 pm CST
pazia, nothing is keeping you from starting a role play in Port Kar when you are here... that has worked some in the past

pazia{GS} 20:10:07 pm CST
girl is knew to this place still is learing so she doesnt k exactly how to get things rolling here

Jarl Thorrn 20:12:05 pm CST
that would be nice to have that link, pazia

pazia{GS} 20:13:08 pm CST
may girl post it Masters

Xertog 20:13:53 pm CST
What is this link to pazia?

pazia{GS} 20:14:39 pm CST
it lets all to download the books and read them as if its a word document

Xertog 20:15:06 pm CST
I'd like for us to be careful that nothing is done in GS that violates any copyright laws.

pazia{GS} 20:16:09 pm CST
its legal Master girl has used it many times and so has all of girls friends that are interested in gor

Xertog 20:18:22 pm CST
I don't think that link is comes under John Normans copyright. He doesn't give copies of his books out for free. He charges people to download it on

snowrose{LT} 20:19:28 pm CST
should snow remove it from the scroll Master

Jarl Thorrn 20:20:08 pm CST
may be pazia can whisper it to those who would want to have itline.

Xertog 20:21:01 pm CST
Yes snowrose.

Xertog 20:29:07 pm CST
Lets move on to another topic.

vina {N's property} 20:29:17 pm CST
ok, is there another topic? or are we on the same one?


Xertog 20:31:41 pm CST
A carry over topic from last week as sent to me.
Slaves having to speak 3rd person in Gorean Shores, they couldn't find quotes where it was done in the books, just quotes that it was used for punishment..

vina {N's property} 20:32:00 pm CST
i personally think it should be used as punishment

vina {N's property} 20:32:42 pm CST
GS always says it tries to conform to the ways of the, i believe the same should be true with 3rd person speech

pazia{GS} 20:33:40 pm CST
girl thinks that it is good to use at times as away to disguish who is Free and who isnt but here we already have enough ways and girl thinks if it isnt done in the books it seems unessary here but this only what girl thinks and begs pardon if it inproperat for a slave

Xertog 20:34:11 pm CST
From the World of Gor web site:

To Speak as a Slave
There are many, who claim that 'in the books', a slave girl does not always use the form of third person speech. If this is basically true, it certainly warrants another look as to the intent of using, or making slaves use this form. Norman gives use many clues as to how the kajira is expected to conduct herself in order to both please, and make statements about her slavery. The rules that pertain to how a girl may speak are never merely a matter of whim, each one of them impresses upon the girl, the fact that her existence has the sole purpose of pleasing, and that failing to do so, as well as failing to remember this purpose, is punishable.

Third person speech throughout the adventures of Tarl Cabot on the counter earth, is often described as 'slave speech', a reminder that the girl has, in fact, no status. When a master wants to remind his girl of this simple fact, he will often demand that she speak this way. Too, in the throes of passion, without being told, or when begging, the girls the reader meets in these books naturally revert to this form of language.

kadife{GS} 20:34:23 pm CST
slave girls do say i and me in all the bits of the books this girl has looked at on line

Ramses 20:34:43 pm CST
I've never been one to advocate 3rd person, especially if its not in the books

vina {N's property} 20:34:44 pm CST
i see where you are coming from pazia...there are other ways to recognize slaves from Free... lower case names for instance is a huge give away

Thadron 20:35:17 pm CST
coming from BDSM to Gor, I found the universal use by Gorean Shores slaves of 3rd person a very good way to establish some kind of Master/slave dialog to bridge the gap from vt to something more real... I understand it's only something adopted by GS, but I liked it from the beginning

vina {N's property} 20:36:33 pm CST
i would have to agree that it would be the preference of the Master as well...

Xertog 20:37:08 pm CST
It is used more then just for punishment it was used when a girl begged and when a free demands it to remind a slave of her place as something owned not as an equal.

najla{Xg-L} 20:38:32 pm CST
maybe it should be up to the Master/ Mistress, how HIS/HER slave should speak... naj only knows third in GS and would prefer to keep it...

snowrose{LT} 20:38:46 pm CST
girl think it is a good form of tells everyone that she has not been shames her...on the other hand this one goes to 3rd person to comes naturally then...but not in speech

pazia{GS} 20:39:59 pm CST
girl agrees with snow

Xertog 20:40:04 pm CST
The Council over the last couple of years has changed other things to make them more like the books. This is also something that could be changed. Until it is, if it is, the GS current rules should be followed.

vina {N's property} 20:40:21 pm CST
exactly...i agree with snow

Jarl Thorrn 20:40:47 pm CST
Whenit is not a general rule to use 3rd person speak it can be used by a slave to express special moments when she wants (or needs) to express her status expressively ... moments when she knows she did wrong or just the opposite when she feels her need for being a slave especially deep

Thadron 20:42:38 pm CST
aye, it would be pleasing to hear a slave use it to show their slave heart of her own accord... but I agree to follow the Councils ruling until such time a change is made

snowrose{LT} 20:45:34 pm CST
yes my Master...even alone with You she sometimes reverts to 3rd person...but in normal speech she finds it stilted and not as clear to express meaning as first person.not as nuanced

Xertog 20:46:02 pm CST
I'll bring this up to the Council and I'll see where it goes.

Xertog 20:47:13 pm CST
Time for a new topic.

Jarl Thorrn 20:47:24 pm CST
nods to My slave
It can be used like spice .... the right amount makes the meal more enjoyable, the wrong amout has no effect or kills the taste of the meal


Xertog 20:48:49 pm CST
It's been two weeks since we had the festival. I'd be interested in thoughts anybody had regarding it. I'm looking for feed back.

pazia{GS} 20:49:43 pm CST
pazia was really sad she missed it and from what she hears it sounds like it was fun and she cant wait tell a next thing

Jarl Thorrn 20:50:39 pm CST
I coulnd´t attend all events but those i was aible to go to where fine.
It was a good opportunity to meet people of GS and have fun together
I liked the festival

snowrose{LT} 20:53:25 pm CST
a girl really enjoyed her time at the festival Master

Xertog 20:56:09 pm CST
Anybody disappointed by any of it? It's ok to be critical. It is why I put it out here

Jarl Thorrn 20:57:49 pm CST
no, not disappointed about anything Xertog

just one thing, there was a schedule and i found that things never happened when they have been scheduled

Xertog 20:59:40 pm CST
Thorrn the problem was more that some things that were scheduled never happened at all.

Jarl Thorrn 21:00:33 pm CST
thinks that i noticed too, the games in the tavern didn´t happen
But the festival was a lof of fun anyways

Xertog 21:02:51 pm CST
The forum is emptying out so I don't think I'll brother addressing it further perhaps I'll bring it up next week.
I'm glad that those here enjoyed themselves. I thought the turn out was weak. Certain events we simple could not do because we didn't have enough people.

pazia{GS} 21:03:31 pm CST
girl wonders when the next one will be Master

Jarl Thorrn 21:04:29 pm CST
in all the time i´ve been at GS now this has been the first festival i attented, so may be that made being satisfied *l*
It was a good start and maybe it should be repeated without a big leap in time

Xertog 21:05:50 pm CST
pazia we use to do them twice a year. I have organized 5 of them.

pazia{GS} 21:06:31 pm CST
*smiles* girl cant wait

Jarl Thorrn 21:08:26 pm CST
twice a year sounds good

Xertog 21:08:37 pm CST
Well that will put a wrap on the forum..

Thanks for all for coming and thank you snowrose for scribing.

 Forum Closed

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Thank you from the Scribes.