Xertog 19:16:03 pm CST
Lets get the forum started.
Btw did the room do some strange stuff for anybody else a short while ago?

Xertog 19:20:32 pm CST
Lets keep the greetings to whispers and follow are regular weekly rules.. I have a few topics sent to me already.

Xertog 19:24:27 pm CST
I have two questions about serving from different people. I'll toss them out together.
Why should slave check rims on body parts, when they could harm (slaves cannot be harmed or inflict self harm) looking over with an eye is good enough and maybe more descriptions of vessels would be better
I have once been told in the tavern when asked for the vessel for the drink I ordered, there is no glass in Gor.
This is what I found on the GS-information site "quick serve notes"
Turian liqueur and wine: thick sweet liqueur from Turia, served in tiny glasses
I also read in Raiders of Gor that Bosk used a glass from the builders (kind of telescope)
Is there glass in Gor?

jessenia {Jake} 19:26:36 pm CST
jesse thought there wasn't much to vessels to describe... she always thought the vessels were of the plain variety here in the Tavern..

Laroona 19:27:55 pm CST
To answer the first one, I consider it is a waste of typing as all vessels should be checked prior to placing on shelves and a more description and looking at the vessels, etchings suitable to the Free slave is serving would be far more appropriate
hmmm to answer the second one, I wonder how GS got glass, as it is set well before the times glass and such was used in gor...

nasreen{TH} 19:28:03 pm CST
girl thought the vessels were plain here..
checks the rims because better a slaves flesh be nicked then the Free she serves...

N's property 19:29:09 pm CST
well, vina thinks even if it is not written in the books to proffer the vessel with a body part, it sure does make it interesting and a lot more seductive ...more pleasing for the Master...

Laroona 19:29:21 pm CST
many have etchings carved into them,,, was how I was taught.... many years ago.... such as a warrior standing looking out to sea,,, or a lady kneeling looking into the distances waiting for her man... as examples

stormy{Xg~L} 19:29:28 pm CST
stormy was taught that to check a rim is an insult to the host by saying that their drinking glasses are unsafe , she was taught to wipe any marks on the surface and rim that was good enough , but every place is different

Thadron 19:29:33 pm CST
I can't stay long, but the part of a slave cannot inflict self-harm is of interest to Me
this includes a slave cannot put themselves in harms way for the sake of their Master? that would surprise Me if it went that far

Laroona 19:29:56 pm CST
and what if there was a chip and slave cut herself?

nasreen{TH} 19:29:59 pm CST
another reason as she has stated before in when the girl pulls it from the shelf it could by accident be bumped on the shelf or the vessel next to it..

Xertog 19:30:46 pm CST
jessenia I recall you describing a tankard once with a couple of digits on it. 'laughs'
(Sorry folks inside joke)

Laroona 19:30:55 pm CST
Thadron a slave can often place themselves in front of their owner to and prefer to be killed rather than he *S*

jessenia {Jake} 19:31:17 pm CST
that was an exception to the rule..

Laroona 19:31:40 pm CST
and I recall it disappeared into many pieces LOL

Jarl Thorrn 19:31:49 pm CST
sure the vessels already got checked
But it is wlways good to check soemthing right before it gets used ...... and a double check not to harm a Master is surely well done *little smile*
the second, i don´t know how glass came to Gor but it is several times mentioned about a glass made of the builders in Raiders of Gor. Bosk seems to have a telescope and looks with it over the sea
Glass was invented about 1000 bc, rare speciemen of glass strings which have been molteed together been it has been in Aegypt already

Thadron 19:32:19 pm CST
*nods* as I thought, Laroona
so a slave putting her flesh at danger instead of her Master's flesh, has some merit

snowrose{JTr} 19:32:50 pm CST
this one agrees with stormy...the vessels are put away with care, just a quick wipe of a cloth is enough...

stormy{Xg~L} 19:32:54 pm CST
Ohh agrees with vina, stormy loves to post long sensuous post but perhaps not placing the sentence of "checking the rim" in the post

Laroona 19:33:12 pm CST
I still consider it is far better to carefully select a vessel and lift it off the shelves as breaking vessels is breaking GS property a NO NO

N's property 19:34:03 pm CST
if this girl may be so blunt...why is it a problem to check the rim with a body part?

Laroona 19:34:20 pm CST
stormy I agree,,,, I would much prefer to see more descriptions in serves...

stormy{Xg~L} 19:34:51 pm CST
stormy thinks the individuality of each slave is what makes the post beautiful. stormy doesnt do the 3 steps back thing but she has seen slaves do it that look lovely and of course it depends on the wants of the Master that is being served

Xertog 19:35:16 pm CST
Here is a quote that refers to glass
"She did not make herself tea, of course... She lifted the kettle from the fire and, carefully, poured me a tiny glass of tea. ---Tribesmen of Gor , p 139"

N's property 19:35:46 pm CST
but there are more descriptions in serves, at least in vina's opinion....for instance, walking to the cold room, one describes the feelings and sensations it brings...leaning over a caldron of blackwine... one feels the steam rising up to dampen their tresses... things like that....

Jarl Thorrn 19:35:58 pm CST
The bad thing about glass is it breaks or gets chipped even when being handled with care, so a check before actually using it is a good old habit

N's property 19:36:23 pm CST
vina agrees with stormy, there are things that vina does not do that others do beautifully.. and they are not in the books either

Laroona 19:36:47 pm CST
N's property so you cut yourself, so you inflict self harm... a very much a crime of a slave....
BUT if your Master insists then *shrugs*
I still maintain the vessels if chipped are out away for slaves use or shown to Captains to be broken and reformed

N's property 19:37:35 pm CST
yes but when has there ever been such an incident where the slave was touching the rim with the tip of her finger and nicked herself?

Laroona 19:37:53 pm CST
3 steps back from the slave mats hee could end up falling down the opening to the kennels LOL

stormy{Xg~L} 19:37:53 pm CST
stormy agree's vina , she does a eye check of the rim and maybe if she wants to be hot hot hot would slowly run the flawless rim over her pebbled nipple , she has yet to see a girl injure herself lol .. yet she remembers many Masters demanding washed hands and check the rims lol

nasreen{TH} 19:37:59 pm CST
in this ones r/t she checks the rims of her glasses, albit with only her finger but she does run her finger over the rim before serving her rt or herself a drink

Laroona 19:38:14 pm CST
but there could be...
so why have it in a serve?

Alias 19:38:27 pm CST
It has always seemed a bit unsanitary for vessels to be checked against intimate body parts, just my opinion, here.....

Kringe 19:38:29 pm CST
are Any of You really afraid of maybe nicking Your lip and bleeding out ....chuckles

stormy{Xg~L} 19:38:35 pm CST
BOL at vina's thoughts reflect stormys hehehe

moyna {Artos pleasure slave} 19:38:41 pm CST
this girl thinks the sensuality of the careful check of a vessel adds a secretive seductive little note to the serve

Jarl Thorrn 19:38:53 pm CST
The possible harm of a slave isn´t done by intention to harm herslef
It may happen as a part of serving her Master and protecting Him from being harmed, that is more important to a slave and the Master than the posisble inflict of a slave

Laroona 19:39:03 pm CST
Thorrn in reality GS should not have glass vessels *S*

N's property 19:39:03 pm CST
hense the clean rep cloth Master Alais..~smiles

stormy{Xg~L} 19:39:44 pm CST
Ohh no a slaves fingers where a free's mouth goes .. lordy , stormy would have been lashed

jacia{A} 19:39:51 pm CST
jacia wonders if broken, chipped vessels are removed. couldn't a slave just go in and break a vessel just to harm themselves or a Free?

N's property 19:39:55 pm CST
then, GS is not prepared to serve the tea... ?

Laroona 19:40:01 pm CST
Alias intimate body parts.. that aspect was outlaws in GS many years ago... LOL

Jarl Thorrn 19:40:22 pm CST
grins @ Kringe
not so much afraid cause a Master got eyes too to notice a chipped rim but it is always a pleasure to see a slave doing the check

Laroona 19:41:15 pm CST
There are many ways of ensuring the vessel suits the free slave is serving it is an individual thing

Kringe 19:41:35 pm CST
aye I agree but if she would like to take that time to describe the vessel or her intimate body parts fine with Me

N's property 19:42:07 pm CST
It should be what Masters want...not slaves or FW

Jarl Thorrn 19:42:15 pm CST
hmmm .... reality of Gor ..... that is something one could think a lot about what this will mean
But i hint to the quick service notes about Turian wine on GS information site
it says this wine is served in tiny glasses

snowrose{JTr} 19:42:21 pm CST
this one thinks that serves should be a girl's way of expressing description and movement...not following a robotic set of it naturally, each in her own way...some might linger longer over selecting fruit, be quite sexy there...

Laroona 19:42:29 pm CST
RME.... would a Free like to cut himself I think not
the slave would be dead meat....
an very good check by eye and describing what the vessel is made of is IMO far more seductive...

N's property 19:43:07 pm CST
agrees with snow

Jarl Thorrn 19:44:05 pm CST
nods, that is one more thing about checking the vessel
it can be combined very muchly with describing the vessel, the body parts, the special movement ... that can be very pleasing to wacth

Thadron 19:44:20 pm CST
I admire the careful checking of any vessel, but don't mandate how it is checked. It adds beauty and sensuality to the serve, and Mine will be allowed to continue the practice. I don't think there is enough evidence in the books to remove the practice. But if it's up to the Master, then it becomes another question for the slave to ask before the serve, and I think that question would be clumsy

Laroona 19:44:21 pm CST
N's property if I want a particular vessel it is MY choice... I am a Free
a FW maybe but still a Free and I will be treated as I want as such

Laroona 19:45:09 pm CST
then maybe it is time the website was revisited or they could be tiny clay vessels....

N's property 19:45:33 pm CST
then this one will certainly make sure to not proffer Your vessel in such a manner Mistress...

Laroona 19:46:03 pm CST
To my knowledge there is no evidence in the books about checking it is one of those onlinisms

N's property 19:47:02 pm CST
yes Master Thadron, vina agrees, but then she is a slave...~shrugs

stormy{Xg~L} 19:47:22 pm CST
Horns would be the enamel of an animal , bosk she believes ,m it is then treated to hold hot and cold beverages
Tankards would be metal she was taught
Bowls and cups were ceramic , clay , but she was sure that some had glass , perhaps some of the more richer cities

Jarl Thorrn 19:48:08 pm CST
remember the quote Xertog posted earlier. There was glass in the books and it has been used for drinking vessels
She did not make herself tea, of course... She lifted the kettle from the fire and, carefully, poured me a tiny glass of tea. ---Tribesmen of Gor , p 139

Xertog 19:48:39 pm CST
OK lets move along to another topic. So send me any suggestions.
I'll just make one observation though in my next post.

Laroona 19:48:53 pm CST
stormy you are correct ,,, all aspects of an animal killed was used... other cities which came later in the books became more particular and fancier *S*

N's property 19:50:50 pm CST
wait, vina is GS not allowing girls to proffer vessels in such a manner?

Laroona 19:51:03 pm CST
Thorrn I read ... but Tribesmen was well after Raiders

Laroona 19:51:38 pm CST
vina it would be Council to determine I would think

N's property 19:51:59 pm CST
then it is up for a decision?

nasreen{TH} 19:53:03 pm CST
this one will follow her Master's wishes....

stormy{Xg~L} 19:54:02 pm CST
wouldnt it be more the preference of the Master being served ?

Laroona 19:54:05 pm CST
or each owner... bahhh getting old

snowrose{JTr} 19:54:21 pm CST
this one as well

Laroona 19:55:40 pm CST
**waits for Xertog's comments**

Jarl Thorrn 19:55:44 pm CST
in which way does it matter if something mentioned in the books is from an early or a later book, Laroona?

snowrose{JTr} 19:56:29 pm CST
don't we ask them enough or cold tankard or horn etc first or second slave?..If it's important to Him, the Master will tell us

jessenia {Jake} 19:57:10 pm CST
may jesse post a post she just found from Master Rollo?? it goes along with the thought jesse had about vessels being plain here... and is why she always assumed they were

Jarl Thorrn 19:58:25 pm CST
may be make up a formular a Master has to fill out in multiple choice way before He gets His drink

Laroona 19:59:11 pm CST
then no rim checking on a body part and running an eye over her selection would save slaves time

Xertog 19:59:18 pm CST
I'm not in the best of moods so I'll apologize if I come across wrong. Rollo use to say don't sweat the small stuff. When he stepped down it is one of the things he stressed to me as leaving me with some advice. I miss his wisdom a lot. How a girl serves and how she checks a vessel is small stuff and people shouldn't get too worked up on it either way in the debate.
I'd like to encourage girls to be descriptive, creative and fall into the cookie cutter serves. So lets us move on.

jessenia {Jake} 20:00:12 pm CST
if we're going to take out all of that kind of stuff... the requirement on post length needs to be snipped.... pretty soon we'll have to type that we're in the corner doing freaking donuts just to actually look like we're doing something

stormy{Xg~L} 20:00:21 pm CST
well Mistress , no worry with stormy she serves a Mistress flowery , not sensual *grins*

Jarl Thorrn 20:00:58 pm CST
i think some asking is fine, like hot or cold and the question what kind of vessel
It is part of communication, the roleplay between Master and the slave, things you get asked everywhere when you order something
but it shouldn´t be too many questions

Xertog 20:01:00 pm CST
Oppps I meant NOT fall into the cookie cutter serves.

Jarl Thorrn 20:01:53 pm CST
Why saving slave time???????
I mean it is thr roleplay we are in for.

Kringe 20:01:54 pm CST
I like powdered over glazed jessenia...grins

Laroona 20:02:27 pm CST
like 20 questions before she serves
should be
Yes Master? Yes Mistress
repeat the order and be already on the move to the kitchen *shrugs*

jessenia {Jake} 20:02:34 pm CST
really Master? jesse pegged you for the "slick" thing... *wink*

nasreen{TH} 20:02:38 pm CST
girl tries to serve each Master and Mistress and differently according to their likes and dislikes..

jessenia {Jake} 20:03:14 pm CST
*slinks back to where she was since apparantly no one wants to see it*

Laroona 20:04:24 pm CST
Bahhh how much time and posts does a Free make...
no where near what a slave makes...
**begins to think time I dragged out Moonglow's soapbox**

Xertog 20:04:48 pm CST
Any other topic suggestions?

Laroona 20:05:22 pm CST
jessenia I think it be good to repost his words *S*

nasreen{TH} 20:06:00 pm CST
girl also thinks that the words should be posted jessenia..

Kringe 20:06:12 pm CST
Oh I dont know maybe they should check the temp of the paga so One doesnt burn Thier tongue maybe

Xertog 20:06:46 pm CST
jessenia post what you have from Rollo

stormy{Xg~L} 20:07:18 pm CST
mmmm good idea Master Kringe , stormy would check paga , gladly hehe

jessenia {Jake} 20:07:25 pm CST
“Rollo_the_Ax 19:57:37 CST
and while we are on this basic level... lets also set the record straight about dishes, cups, etc., .... On Gor, there are bowls to drink from, tankards are okay also.. but in a tavern, they would be PLAIN as shit.... clay, wood, and maybe a low grade pewter.... but never gold, silver, crystal, etc... and also never jewel studded... people MIGHT have that sort of thing in a private home or palace... but NOT in a plain ole paga tavern..... if anybody feels that they have to use fancy stuff like that, bring it with y'all when you come in....and say so... LOL...LOL... leave that sort of stuff around here, and even a Captain will be tempted to stick it in his pocket and sell it......LOL...LOL...LMAO”

jessenia {Jake} 20:08:14 pm CST
Kyoto 20:04:27 CST
Speaking of drinking vessels, here's an interesting tidbit from "John Norman's World of Gor"...
"NOTE on kantharos (refered to through most of John Norman's writings simply as a 'footed bowl' and much used for the drinking of Paga and wine) : Also spelled Cantharos, drinking cup in Attic Greek pottery from the period of the red-figure and black-figure styles. The kantharos is in the form of a deep cup, with loop-shaped handles arising from the bottom of the body and extending high above the brim. Designed for the drinking of wine, this shape was extremely popular in Etruria and was exported to areas around the Mediterranean in the late 7th and 6th centuries B.C. Usually made of clay or a more expensive metal. Etruscan graves have yielded hundreds of kantheroi, along with many other ceramic vessels intended for eating and drinking, as part of funeral feasts or as tomb offerings.
ref; Encyclopaedia Britannica"

jessenia {Jake} 20:08:40 pm CST
Xertog 20:08:08 CST
From Luthers web site:
"Most taverns will have ordinary vessels of cheap metal or pottery. They will not have vessels of gold or silver. Only the most expensive of taverns might have such expensive items."

jessenia {Jake} 20:09:01 pm CST
all of that was taken from Forum notes back in August of 2005

Jarl Thorrn 20:09:20 pm CST
Port Kar is the town of cut throughs and thieves

Xertog 20:11:00 pm CST
Thanks jessenia

Kringe 20:11:08 pm CST
exactly My thinking Thorn and I dont think tThey are worried about a damn lil chip in a bowl...shaking My head

Laroona 20:11:40 pm CST
thanks jessenia *S*
and yes anything expensive was up for grabs LOL

jessenia {Jake} 20:11:51 pm CST
really... it seems like we're trying to change everything here lately regarding the slaves... 3rd person speech.... now the checking of vessels.... why dont we just dig the Tavern up and move it to the North and all become bond maids.... they have to have the shortest serves of any slave on Gor.... would that be satisfying enough.. or would we have to revolutionize the North as well?

Jarl Thorrn 20:12:45 pm CST
true Kringe
they don´t worry, but slaves have to worry about being perfect and serve perfect things

Jarl Thorrn 20:13:45 pm CST
it is fine and rough in the north, jesse
*grins and images her as bond maid*

Kringe 20:13:56 pm CST
sighs ...

Laroona 20:14:04 pm CST
jessenia I think why we have these forums is to improve GS and try and get rid of some of the "old ways" which at the time were considered correct and go more by the books
I agree slaves using 3rd person speech is a punishment rather than the norm

stormy{Xg~L} 20:14:16 pm CST
hold on jess , no one is changing anything and stormy resents that , she made a suggestion and she takes it personal on that attack ..

Xertog 20:14:23 pm CST
I recall after Rollo posted that somebody tossed his silver goblet in the canal. lol

nasreen{TH} 20:14:44 pm CST
this girl though only a slave and her opinion would not matter..but has no desire to go north...or to bondsmaid...

Laroona 20:15:04 pm CST
Xertog heeee inded he did It was so funny... I was RT cracking up at that

Jarl Thorrn 20:15:15 pm CST
great for the Thalarions and urts to drink from silver goblets now

Laroona 20:16:13 pm CST
geesh now we are getting to be sublime and ridiculous

stormy{Xg~L} 20:16:17 pm CST
stormy was a bondmaid nasreen , when Master Xertog and the slave go~anna were in the "Tavern of the raging Thassa" which was a good home * hehehe * all this you see was taught by that slave go ~anna


Xertog 20:16:19 pm CST
New topic:
should all slaves be doing something like chores in the tavern if no one is present. instead of entering. sitting. then leaving?

jessenia {Jake} 20:16:26 pm CST
jesse just calls it like she sees it.... 3rd person speech.. and checking vessels has all been fine and dandy in the past.... and if we were to stick more to the books.. there's plenty of other stuff to gripe and complain about than such trivial crap as checking vessels

Jarl Thorrn 20:16:35 pm CST
Here i was only asking about glass and now we are going to move Port Kar to Torvaldsland
small things can have big effects *grin*

N's property 20:18:03 pm CST
there have been times where this one has gone into the tavern and she has attempted to do a chore only to have rt grab her away... but to be truthfully honest, her chores have not been heartfelt of late, due to some issues concerning her own collar...

nasreen{TH} 20:18:22 pm CST
nodding at stormy's words..

snowrose{JTr} 20:18:35 pm CST
a lot of these customs came into being when online Gor was new and feeling its way....To make it seem more real...but it's gradually become possibly too refined? we all know what a paga tavern is supposed to be like...not all nicey nice...just a girl's opinion

pazia{GS} 20:19:11 pm CST
girl loves doing chores she believes it brings the rp to more of a rl setting then not doing them

Jarl Thorrn 20:19:27 pm CST
the chores done in the tavern will not be wasted when they get posted on the corks at the slaves chore topic
they get read there a lot and some even do replies

N's property 20:19:44 pm CST
your chores are a beauty to watch pazia... vina enjoyes reading them in the corks

Laroona 20:19:46 pm CST
I would think slave could be doing something, but just entering to do a chore is in my opinion a crappy thing
many are housewives in RT and do enough RT housework so why enter and do more virtual housework?
I believe they come to GS and gor to relax and get away from the stressors of RT....

stormy{Xg~L} 20:20:52 pm CST
stormy has seen maybe one or two girls about , while she stays mostly to port kar rooms and npc's her roleplay , seems the only time anyone cares to come in is when Men are around , now if we could make the men come round all the time . hehehe

stormy{Xg~L} 20:21:05 pm CST
agrees with vina

jessenia {Jake} 20:21:23 pm CST
chores are a part of being a slave.. and should be done by all the slaves.... whether they have r/t or not.. it's part of what a girl submits herself too when she comes to this realm and takes a collar....
just jesse's opinion of course..

Laroona 20:21:39 pm CST
I think it would be more practical to be practicing her dance moves rather than washing and scrubbing floors
though she could always use the broom as a dance partner LOL

pazia{GS} 20:22:07 pm CST
girl agrees with Mistress on it to be to relax but she also sees that to make a get away it should be rl to the person as possible and so therefore it cant be perfect and where all chores are already done pazia belives more chores should be done, things like running to the Market and such

jacia{A} 20:22:21 pm CST
if they came to relax in, then isn't serving a Free be considered a chore to them if their not in the mood and just want to sit around?????????

Jarl Thorrn 20:22:22 pm CST
whispers to Laroona
in here it is just tyoed housework and it is hard to enjoy a serve or an alcove when no one else is in

nasreen{TH} 20:22:33 pm CST
and many of us hold jobs out side of the home..and still have the rt housework to sit and do another group of chores...well ....

N's property 20:23:21 pm CST
agrees with jess and stormy, chores are to be done to please Masters... vina is sure they enjoy reading them and one thing she would like to say is that it is so nice to see a Master post something to the corks on a girl's makes her feel encouraged and feel special... even if You are not her Owner...just a comment from vina

jessenia {Jake} 20:23:36 pm CST
what's the problem with a girl doing chores while there's no one in the Tavern? instead of just sitting on the furs and hitting refresh... seems to jesse not long ago there was the complaint of just that.. girls were sitting around idle.. doing nothing at all... the Free wanted them to be more productive.. show those that may enter that girls cared about their home and did chores and so on and so forth.....
is that too now out the window?

Jarl Thorrn 20:23:53 pm CST
tyoed = typed

Laroona 20:24:44 pm CST
and some chores are only done in the tavern
there are other rooms and even alcoves to be cleaned and tidied etc
BUT I am anti forced chores..

stormy{Xg~L} 20:25:17 pm CST
well jess lets be honest where is yours or stormy’s chores posted ? stormy couldn’t complain because she hasn’t posted any . have you ?

Jarl Thorrn 20:26:01 pm CST
But with something i agree with you Laroona
i read a lot of the chores lately and i think they deserve some more answers so there is some kind of communication going on, at least at the board cause it slowed down a lot in here
seems people are to wide spread in the time they have to go into GS to meet, like it has been in former times

jessenia {Jake} 20:26:39 pm CST
jesse hasn't posted any... and rarely does... but very often you can go in and find jesse doing something other than sitting on her ass..... her reasons for not posting them to the corks are her own... but they do get done...

pazia{GS} 20:27:17 pm CST
girl agrees there are more chores to be done then just the tavern, but that is were most people are and girl tries to make this rp believable Blackwine dont make itself, Fires die, Supplies to be checked and so forth and so forth

Laroona 20:27:21 pm CST
chores are IMO a last resort for a slave to do
such as making bread, blackwine etc

Jarl Thorrn 20:27:48 pm CST
the chores can be found here

snowrose{JTr} 20:27:49 pm CST
serving a Master is a joy jacia...this one never considers it to be a's what we live for

stormy{Xg~L} 20:28:18 pm CST
well stormy rp's alot in Kar and never see's many girl's in but a few pazia being one , who is any slave to complain about what another slave does or thinks if she herself cant compensate for which she complains . thats the Masters who live here concern not another slaves

nasreen{TH} 20:28:19 pm CST
this girl does them when she has the time....and has posted them on the boards..

stormy{Xg~L} 20:28:56 pm CST
Thank you Jarl Thorrn , stormy will seek them out when she is in the room again *S*

Laroona 20:29:16 pm CST
I notice girls who do chores,, but to comment on some I could be derogative in some of my comments
and even there I notice a free does a few lines post bahhhhhhhh

N's property 20:29:48 pm CST
vina feels it is all in role play...just like posting every thought...every feeling...

N's property 20:30:52 pm CST
well, vina likes it when she sees Masters comment on slaves chores...

jacia{A} 20:31:15 pm CST
jacia is guilty herself of mostly sitting idle, but she has watched many do chores and it has made things seem more real when stuff is done. because like someone said. things aren't made by themselves

stormy{Xg~L} 20:31:49 pm CST
faints !!!

Xertog 20:32:13 pm CST
Girls could also work on dances in the sand if nobody is around.

stormy{Xg~L} 20:32:34 pm CST
stormy invites any slave who wishes to rp when she is in to come rp with her , she will show you what imagination can do and will happily do chores or find something to get into

N's property 20:32:53 pm CST
yes, Master Xertog, that is true as well, vina has done that on occasion....

pazia{GS} 20:34:02 pm CST
as has pazia but she is unsure of how to dance that it wont be consider to show no heat

nasreen{TH} 20:34:35 pm CST
stormy this one will join you sometime when she is here and see's you in Port Kar...

stormy{Xg~L} 20:34:49 pm CST
please do nasreen it can be a wonderful time

Alias 20:34:53 pm CST
Because of his time-zone sameer often has trouble finding people to interact with...he's delightful company to be around.....

stormy{Xg~L} 20:36:30 pm CST
you can dance so beautiful as a white silk , you can be alluring , wanton ..errrrrrrr virginal at one time stormy could dance but a long time has passed since then .. she remembers the emotion of dancing before a Man

pazia{GS} 20:37:03 pm CST
*smiles* girl will try to be better *giggles*

Jarl Thorrn 20:37:15 pm CST
growls after the departed FW
better post a few nice lines about a chore than be derogative in many lines about a chore

snowrose{JTr} 20:41:09 pm CST
white silk dances can be very pretty pazia...telling of the girl's feelings. desires unmet, longings

stormy{Xg~L} 20:42:32 pm CST
agree's with snowrose

Xertog 20:43:58 pm CST
I am going to call this weekly forum to a close. Thank you all for coming..

Thanks to nasreen for scribing

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