Xertog 19:27:01 pm CST

Lets get the forum started. The normal weekly rules apply. Please keep the greeting, exits, RP and chit chat to whispers.


Xertog 19:29:00 pm CST

I'll be making a post about this on the message board but I'd like to address it here first.


I lead a weekly book discussion in GS back in 2007. We started reading book #1 Tarnsman of Gor and got through book #3. When we started book #4 the interest in it wained enough that I decided to end it. I'd like to see if there is enough interest to start it back up.


Are there any people that would be interested in participating in a weekly book discussion?


stormy{Xg~L} 19:29:42 pm CST

stormy would enjoy that Master


Ramses 19:29:51 pm CST

I'd like to give it another try Xertog


snowrose{LT} 19:30:36 pm CST

beginning from Tarnsman Master?


Xertog 19:31:33 pm CST

It seemed last time we'd get more people showing up that didn't do the reading then did. Some weeks I felt like I was giving a book report more then having a discussion.


Jarl Thorrn 19:31:58 pm CST

problem is, it is hard in My country to get any of the books

Are there gorean books somewhere online?


Alias 19:32:07 pm CST

I'd need to have someone blow the dust off my old paperback copy.


Xertog 19:34:34 pm CST

snowrose I think we have 4 options on what book to start with.

Each with fairly good reasons behind them.


Book #1. Tarnsman of Gor. This would be best for people that have not read any of the books.


Book #4 Nomads of Gor This would be best for people that participated in the book discussion in the past since they would not have to reread books 1 through 3 again.


Book #6 Raiders of Gor. This book has the most focus on the City of Port Kar. It would give people a better understand of the city.


Book #27 Prize of Gor. This is the latest book in the series that was published last year.


I'm open to suggestions of any of these or others.


 Xertog 19:36:19 pm CST

Thorrn they sell online version of most of the book now.


nasreen{TH} 19:37:02 pm CST

Jarl Thorn here is a site that has some of the books..


bubbles{GS} 19:37:11 pm CST

gal thinks book discussions based on a certain scenrio for Port Kar room would be good, like the last scenrio was about panther girls, and maybe more didn't show up because they didn't know anything about them or how they could interact with them? gal thinks that was Hunters of Gor?


Alias 19:37:29 pm CST

I'd like to get secondhand copies of the real books (not online) of the books I'm missing.


stormy{Xg~L} 19:37:47 pm CST

Assassins might be one Master, stormy believe where it involves Port Kar


bubbles{GS} 19:38:49 pm CST

at one time, gal had met a savage of gor, and it was challenging and fun to learn of those ways and the difference in speech and such, so a book discussion about savages would be good and then maybe a scenrio that would fit it afterwards?


bubbles{GS} 19:39:16 pm CST

Master Alias, you can find near any or all of them on ebay


snowrose{LT} 19:41:18 pm CST

snowrose had read the first three and began Nomads, so she votes for #4...she plans to read them in order...but will still attend the club, regardless of which book is being read


Alias 19:41:37 pm CST

Is Ebay reliable, anyone can sell anything there, could end up with a pig in a poke!


Jarl Thorrn 19:42:01 pm CST

thanx for the hints


Krogon 19:42:13 pm CST

the early books are 25-40 years old these days,its hard to remember back that far on many of them


 Xertog 19:42:13 pm CST

I purchased all the gorean books I own on ebay about 8 years ago.


Krogon 19:43:29 pm CST

the cover art on the original books is becoming collectable, the new reprints are rather bland


stormy{Xg~L} 19:44:04 pm CST

They sell most on Amazon , they look to have a new cover and everything , same as Prize of Gor which stormy recently purchased there , many of them like Beast and Blood Brothers are hard to come by however


 Xertog 19:44:06 pm CST

Alias sellers on ebay have ratings. You can normally tell the good ones from the questionable ones.


Alias 19:44:26 pm CST

How much were they, Xertog? I'm missing most of the recently published books. And some

from the '80s.


bubbles{GS} 19:45:24 pm CST

galah thinks ebay rocks, but just gotta be careful and look at feedback and know that they have been selling for a very long time, not trusting of new ones sometimes for they have no feedback so you just don't know


Ramses 19:48:08 pm CST

it sounds as though the book discussion is a go?


nasreen{TH} 19:49:25 pm CST

she does not wish to put words into her Master's mouth ...however she does believe He would be interested..


Jarl Thorrn 19:50:42 pm CST


in general ebay-sellers are trustable, especially when it is for small price things like used books etc

of cause, there always can be a foul apple in the barrel but i saved more on reduced prices even when i count the lost items in

i´m more than 10 years in ebay already, only buying things so far


Alias 19:51:57 pm CST

Thanks, maybe I'll give it a try, see how it goes.


Xertog 19:53:05 pm CST

Well I don't know Ramses. I really like to get firm commitments from enough people that will make an effort to do the reading.. We use to do about 50 pages a week. if it is a go which book?


Alias the prices varied. I assume they got lower since they started to be reprinted. Many were $5.00 or less. I think Magicians of Gor was the only high priced book.. I think it was over $40.00... but that was 8 years ago.. things I am sure changed


vina 19:54:01 pm CST

may You could post a request on the Boards and see if Aany are interested...since not all people are here


Krogon 19:54:18 pm CST

about $600 to buy the whole series


Jarl Thorrn 19:55:04 pm CST

At what time would like to do the book discussion, Xertog?


 Alias 19:55:39 pm CST

$20 is kind of expensive, hardcover or paperback, Krogon?


Krogon 19:55:46 pm CST

perhaps some members might wish to swap an trade books


Krogon 19:56:10 pm CST



bubbles{GS} 19:56:34 pm CST

looks like magician and prize are at about $27-$32 is the cheapest and goes up from there


Xertog 19:56:35 pm CST

Krogon I got 25 of the book online for about $300.00 Some in groups some just one.


Krogon 19:56:50 pm CST

same bland cover on every one as well


Krogon 19:57:39 pm CST

thats half price, and again, the older ones with the cover art are more desirable


bubbles{GS} 19:58:02 pm CST

but you can get second hand of some of the others for under $10


Krogon 19:58:45 pm CST

it would pay to shop around


Ramses 19:59:23 pm CST

Monday nights are usually bad for Me

other than that I am generally available


bubbles{GS} 19:59:25 pm CST

oooooohh february sounds good, galah is stuck in sleen hell until then hehehehehheee


Alias 19:59:37 pm CST

Thorrn's in Germany, I think.


Jarl Thorrn 20:00:43 pm CST

Xertog, the time is, as you already will have noticed, always a problem here due to the very different timezone

I can´t do very late nights regularly


Xertog 20:01:31 pm CST

I understand Thorrn.


stormy{Xg~L} 20:02:20 pm CST

What about weekends during the day ? 3-4 pm EST which is about 9 or 10 in Germany if stormy remembers correctly


bubbles{GS} 20:03:57 pm CST

gal thinks that would be the wee early ahns of the morning for her down under?


stormy{Xg~L} 20:04:27 pm CST

stormy is sorry gal , she didnt know you were down under


Krogon 20:04:51 pm CST

a pivitol work,since they lost most of their hold on Gor


Alias 20:05:11 pm CST

Are they printed in the German language, as well?


Jarl Thorrn 20:05:30 pm CST


galah and Me are the time problems in here

*winks at her*


bubbles{GS} 20:05:51 pm CST

yes stormy, as is your Mistress too....and thinking Master Zaroud also is down under


Krogon 20:06:10 pm CST

while many customs remained much of the priest kings abilitys to control the planet were lost


bubbles{GS} 20:07:07 pm CST

as long as gals only a time problem and not any other kind of problem heheheee **angelic smile that doesn't fool anyone**


Jarl Thorrn 20:07:30 pm CST

nods to Alias

don´t if all are printed in german but many are on german ebay

But i will prefer to read them in english language to use the same vocabulary and phrases like in this place

don´t think it will take Me far in the discussion or chat to know the german translations for the gorean expressions *L*


bubbles{GS} 20:08:15 pm CST

Priest Kings was the book gal liked the very least of all the ones she has read **scrunches her face** not enough slave action in it heheheheee heheheee


Xertog 20:09:50 pm CST

Krogon how much they may have regained remains speculative as the books never really gets delved into it in the later books. I assume they started rebuilding what they had.


Xertog 20:13:00 pm CST

I hated the ones written in the slaves perspective. Dancers I started twice and never got past page 40.


Jarl Thorrn 20:13:02 pm CST


your suggestion for the time sounds good to Me

but will a discussion in the EST-afternoon-time also be good for the majority?


stormy{Xg~L} 20:13:55 pm CST

stormy was a bondmaid when she first came to Gor , her heart will always lay in the north and The book was interesting , the tale of Torvald , the way they lived and the carefree ways of a bondmaid compared to that of a silk slave. * smiles* and yes Master the Kur scared her alot



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