Xertog   19:23:52 pm CDT

The regular rules apply as always. Keep the greetings and rp to whispers.. Topic suggestions send to me via a whisper




 Xertog   19:28:32 pm CDT

First topic:

what is a gorean slave made of ?


  nasreen{TH}   19:31:22 pm CDT

hearing the topic the girl thinks long and hard.


 Kringe GS Advisor   19:33:19 pm CDT

there are plenty here We could cut one open and find out ...chuckles


  nasreen{TH}   19:33:37 pm CDT

many of the girls are from urth and made is in her heart, her soul....she has love...character ...strength....  


 Xertog   19:35:52 pm CDT

Kringe you can do with your property as you please. 'laughs


  Kringe GS Advisor   19:36:26 pm CDT

nudges jessenia


stormy{Xg~L} 19:37:19 pm CDT

Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience should be the first two but a slave should be humbled , grateful and give her all , submitting to him for her most basic needs . perhaps stormy is wrong , but that is what she feels


 jessenia {KR}   19:38:17 pm CDT

*looking up at Him*

You dont wanna cut jesse Master.. she's full of piss and vinegar.. or so she's been told.. *nods


  Laroona   19:39:05 pm CDT

I believe a slave should be of grace, beauty, and devotion to his/her owner no matter the gender


stormy{Xg~L}  19:39:44 pm CDT

stormy agrees Mistress


  Laroona   19:44:17 pm CDT

a slave who acts any different should be punished IMO

that way they learn the devotion a slave should have.. if not then they make good sleen food LOL


 Kringe GS Advisor   19:47:09 pm CDT

well strangely enough I sort of agree with Laroona ...a slave is what her Master makes of her or molds her to be


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   19:48:22 pm CDT

snow is scribing Mistress


   Xertog   19:49:22 pm CDT

I thought some more girls would have replies to this. If not we can move on to a new topic


  Laroona   19:50:33 pm CDT

**marks one up with Kringe agreeing LOL**

thanks Kringe it is indeed what the Owner decrees and some Free have no clue how to actually master a slave

the old saying Master yourself before you Master a slave come to mind (something like that)

thanks snowrose *S*


  Xertog   19:51:33 pm CDT

any other topic suggestions?


  Kringe GS Advisor   19:54:16 pm CDT

I said this last night in the Tavern is one thing to own a woman,and it is another to have her within the bonds of an excellent Mastery ...Magicians of Gor


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:00:44 pm CDT

snuggling against her Master leg resting her cheek to His thigh reading over Master Kringe's words..

so much truth in that Master Kringe, indeed


observer  20:01:17 pm CDT

she feels to make a good slave, there must be a desire to serve and be owned buried within the soul of a slave. one must have a deep seeded craving to find approval and be pleasing.




Xertog   20:01:48 pm CDT

Chores or dancing , should there be an option to choose and should it be mandatory?


  nasreen{TH}   20:02:29 pm CDT

girls have no choice....only what her Master tells her she must do...


   Xertog   20:02:42 pm CDT

That was the new topic btw.


  jessenia {KR}   20:03:14 pm CDT

well jesse is allergic to the sand in the pit... but....

chores, she feels, should be mandatory... there was a time when it was a rule that a slave had to do at least one a month.... and they still didn't get done.....


  nasreen{TH}   20:03:14 pm CDT

or for those in the GS chain what the Captains and Council tell them...


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:04:43 pm CDT

~ glancing with a smile to Jarl Thorn turning to girl that just spoke with a smile and nod ~

to be pleasing, always

shadow thinks if that is a girls goal always and does it with great passion a make u p of a kajira for sure..

great post observer


  Laroona   20:05:34 pm CDT

I prefer to see girls practice dancing than chores.... as Port Kar is renown for its dancing slaves.. yet rarely do we see a dance

most people use gor as an escape from RT, and a woman aka slave usually works and does chores at home so why force one to do chores online

IMO it is not necessary


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:05:39 pm CDT

girl does not like the idea of posting the practice of dances...the fine tuning and all...dances lose their magic if they've been read in bits and pieces...dilutes the impact


stormy{Xg~L}  20:05:44 pm CDT

IF it is permitted that a slave gets to chose one or the other by the Masters of GS or by their owners then stormy would say either might be nice it may break the monotony of just chores and give some encouragement to those who may not like dancing..

this is of course just this slaves thoughts and thankful she is allowed to offer such this night


  Xertog   20:07:43 pm CDT

Considering the tavern is the major room we use and the entrance says "The finest paga tavern and dancing slaves on Gor" I'd like to push the dancing in GS harder. I recently suggested that we schedule a dance night may be once a month to the Council.


 Laroona   20:07:52 pm CDT

I suggest dancing is done in the kennels rather than any other room

another thing is a girl could be putting her make up on in the kennels

this is of course if there are NO free to be served


  Jarl Thorrn   20:08:53 pm CDT

no chores anymore to do

wonders who will do all the necessary cleaning up in the GS rooms and refill all the stuff in the tavern

shall that become chores for the Free?



  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:09:00 pm CDT

don't think all girls are dancers, no, shadow don't believe all slaves on Gor were not dancers, in fact she knows they weren't.. you can make them dance sure and their hearts wanting to please would give the effort but if you have two left feet.. *shrugs*

  nasreen{TH}   20:09:02 pm CDT

the Kennels are dark and dank..small place ...not much room for dancing...could we not use the Training yard for practice dancing or as this girl does her Master's holdings..


  jessenia {KR}   20:09:35 pm CDT

not to be bitchy and whip the already dead for years horse...



why isn't it necessary?? the vessels dont wash themselves... the food doesn't jump on the spit itself... and so on and so on and so on... a girl can practice movements and being descriptive doing chores just as good as she can doing dances....

when a girl submits to slavery... to jesse.. she submits to it all.. it's not.. "a girl sumbits.. but not to do chores".... and.. jesse also doesnt understand why it's such a big deal.. when there are girls that come in and sit for a very long time doing nothing.. when they could at least be moving... doing something....

how does it look to Free coming in and seeing that nothing is ever done?? in fact.. years ago.. that was the very argument put forth when the rule was made to do one a month


 lavender   20:09:43 pm CDT

she returns with a name. she was formally the observer :)


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:10:08 pm CDT


you saying there is a choice either dancing or chores?


  Laroona   20:10:52 pm CDT

why not have dancers and have kettle and mat slaves


 stormy{Xg~L}  20:11:11 pm CDT

dancing isnt about "dancing", its about the belly and what lives in side , its showing through movement a story it is the emotions that sometimes cannot be expressed


  jessenia {KR}   20:11:12 pm CDT

what's wrong with pushing both?

there are sites all over that jesse knows girls are required to do weekly chores.... some 3 a week.. and no whining and fussing ever gets done there because the slaves know if it's not done their ass is in trouble... what ever happened to that Gor here?


  Kringe GS Advisor   20:12:11 pm CDT

thats what I was going to say why not combine the two ,then if a Free happens in they get a glimpse of both ,the chores being done by a dancing slave ....


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:12:26 pm CDT

think shadow will zip her lips now because she don't understand the "choice" in this and where the 'choice' came from?


  Xertog   20:12:32 pm CDT

I don't think it is an either or thing.


 snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:12:59 pm CDT

This one actually dances while she does chores in Master's quarters sometimes


  Laroona   20:13:11 pm CDT

I will go back to when GS was first formed

we always said the was little slaves who came in and cleaned up like magic LOL

But we did often make blackwine, and kalda.... or put roasts on spits,,, often the roast were helped by males due to size and heavy


chores were never mandatory, but we made them fun, like dancing with a broom as we swept ....


  Jarl Thorrn   20:13:35 pm CDT

nods the jessenia words

both can be done, dancing and doing chores

and both has to be done


  Ulrich   20:13:46 pm CDT

I see the chores as more than just "washing dishes".

It gives a girl practice in descriptive writing. If a girl can show her beauty washing dishes, surely she can translate that ability into a dance.

As far as practicing dancing, I think a girl should work more privately with her dance trainer or own time.

I personally want to see a dance for the first time after it has been honed, rather than know what is coming because I have seen a girl practice.


  Laroona   20:14:29 pm CDT

and Yes I believe the training yard was also described and made for slaves to practice daning in


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:15:06 pm CDT

dancing is an expression of words, not every slave is a talented writer, doesn't make them "less" slave.. where some the words flow like a song.. my chain can dance and take shadows breath away, shadow dances her chain tells her to sit back down.. laughs


 stormy{Xg~L}  20:15:22 pm CDT

stormy was never allowed prewritten dances , she was made to dance off the cuff every time it was to show her emotion at that moment in time.

Prewritten would be hard


  Laroona   20:15:50 pm CDT

so jessenia you are wanting slaves to do chores, when she may have an hour net time for example and then she has to post them on the board where they are rarely read


  jessenia {KR}   20:17:05 pm CDT

if she's sitting that hour in the Tavern by herself because no one's come in.. why not?

and it's not like cut and paste takes up a half hour itself.. it's not rocket science


  nasreen{TH}   20:17:19 pm CDT

dancing period is hard for this girl..prewritten or off the cuff....though she will do the best of her ability..

she agrees with mistress shadow...some girls are better at dancing then others...but all girls dance from the burning desire to be found pleasing.


  Laroona   20:17:46 pm CDT

LOL shadow, I am trying to say if a slave can do a beautiful serve she can write it well, why not be able to convert that writing into a dance

I hated dancing but when demanded of me I darn well danced


  jessenia {KR}   20:18:44 pm CDT

and it's not to say they all have to be posted either.. the echoes can just be there.. where perhaps if a new person comes in.. they can see something left behind that's been done.. to show more than a girl sitting and staring at the walls...

and before anyone says anything.. no.. jesse doesn't do it all the time.. but there are plenty of times she washes things.. or sweeps or keeps herself busy.. and there are times when she doesn't do anything but sit because she doesn't feel it's her place to do all the freaking work


   Kringe GS Advisor   20:18:47 pm CDT

I like the "off the cuff" style as well thats why I like to catch a slave when she ask if she may serve and have her tell Me a story and I'll give her a topic ...and I have yet to be disappointed


  Laroona   20:19:17 pm CDT

if slave is in tavern why is she there hanging off the rafters?

geesh.... there are tons of things slaves can do....

ever made kalda as a chore jessenia?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:19:50 pm CDT

Mistress chores give girls something to do when they are in a room alone waiting for someone else to enter. Chores also are lingering words that can be read by a stranger that passes through and sees there is life at Gorean Shores. They help girls practice writing skills and give a comfort zone till they reach the level of feeling more confident. Posted to the corks, nothing wrong with that, in fact think its a great thing.


 stormy{Xg~L}  20:19:53 pm CDT

~ smile at Master Kringe knowing exactly what He means ~


  Ulrich   20:19:54 pm CDT

I see no reason they can't do both.

A lot of a dance is thought and expression. It doesn't have to be written at the time the thought occurs. I have in the past worked on GS issues/problems that required thought while I was driving down the road.


  jessenia {KR}   20:20:35 pm CDT

jesse is sure at some point she has Mistress... does it matter what the chore is? there are plenty to be done.... the issue is not doing them at all


 kadife{GS}  20:20:47 pm CDT

this slave would love to dance and very much wants to learn.. but this slave has only ever seen one dance here in Gor


   Jarl Thorrn   20:20:48 pm CDT

i quickly checked the topic "chores" at the corks

they usually have 20, 30 and many more readings

so they are read


  nasreen{TH}   20:21:13 pm CDT

this girl has filled the oil lamps, washed...put bosk on the spit to roast...oils the tables and washes goblets and tankards and such..

she has seen the echos from jessenia..but jessenia is not the only one that does work....


  Laroona   20:21:22 pm CDT

bahh how often do we see slaves enter, look and leave or use the see-all and stay

out if there are no free to serve

I am still anti forced chores.... that is my personal opinion


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:21:31 pm CDT

If my Master said "shadow dance", shadow would dance but she might suggest the dancing be done in the furs.. hehe


  Jarl Thorrn   20:22:25 pm CDT

chuckles @ shadow

describing that could be a great dance


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:22:40 pm CDT

we are working on that Mistress, shadow only been fg ummm 2 days?


  Laroona   20:23:15 pm CDT

*tosses my hands in the air as it is apparent some just do not get it**

doing chores does not make a slave whole


   Jarl Thorrn   20:24:10 pm CDT

and how often did i notice recently a slave enter and though there was a Free in she just left again without asking for permission to enter or to leave


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:24:20 pm CDT

who said it makes them whole? shadow thinks nothing of the sort Mistress but YES shadow believes slaves should do chores..


  jessenia {KR}   20:24:24 pm CDT

not doing them doesn't either....


  Kringe GS Advisor   20:24:50 pm CDT

but it is something to be posting or rp when they are in the tavern with no Free around


  Xertog   20:25:11 pm CDT

kadife there are dance examples on the GS web pages and also a page gives good suggestions on how to go about creating a dance. I can e mail you the links.


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:25:37 pm CDT

Please Jarl Thorrn, You see it again send the name to shadow she begs.


  Laroona   20:25:55 pm CDT

then it seems to me slaves do as they please


  Laroona   20:26:51 pm CDT

many do that Thorrn and some just enter, maybe go private room and their name drops off.. it is not new


   Xertog   20:27:03 pm CDT

That should not be happening Thorrn


 Jarl Thorrn   20:27:43 pm CDT

in that it seems to be so, Laroona

it happened several times and it was even twice by the same slave

i will do so in future times, shadow


kadife{GS} 20:27:17 pm CDT

thank you Master Xertog


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:27:45 pm CDT

snow comes in and does brief chores all the time...if they are just brief, 10-15 minute stay, she doesn't post it




 kadife{GS}  20:27:49 pm CDT

GS slaves now must beg to enter?


  Laroona   20:28:56 pm CDT

I have seen it often.... and I also saw something that disgusted me in a GS slave the other evening.. which the Snr Captain ended up handling


  nasreen{TH}   20:29:09 pm CDT

kadife the problem is that slaves GS or privately owned are entering not making any post what so ever and leaving...

and it's not just in the has happened in the Kennels during class also...


 kadife{GS}  20:29:25 pm CDT

if that is the case this girl is very guilty and is sorry she did not know the rule changed


  Laroona   20:29:39 pm CDT

kadife enter where?


   Jarl Thorrn   20:30:02 pm CDT

kadife, no

but they have to beg to leave and that didn´t happen

when a non-GS slaves enters and leaves without asking for permission she did both as i think



   Xertog   20:30:26 pm CDT

They don't beg to enter kadife


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:31:01 pm CDT

snow doesn't think the purpose of chores is to make us's to keep the room open, alive and vibrant when someone comes in...or even just looks to see if someone is here


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:31:35 pm CDT

GS slaves still post an entrance, always, just not from the front door of the Tavern but a small door in the back.


Laroona 20:32:28 pm CDT

then chores or dance does it matter... better to be in a room than not in a room....

people will come if there are people in the site


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:32:48 pm CDT

and that is even if the Tavern is empty.. *shadow adds*


Kringe GS Advisor 20:32:50 pm CDT

exactly snowrose ..and I Personaly like to come in and see a slave doing chores it gives a place to start the rp


Jarl Thorrn 20:33:08 pm CDT

when a slave enters the tavern and a while later it says that that person left chat it is a clear think of not asking for persmission to leave nor doing the manadatory 3 postings before leaving whether anybody is in or not

that happned a lot lately when I have been in the tavern


kadife{GS} 20:33:16 pm CDT

if this girl sees there are others in the tavern etc she posts an entrance but if there is no one there she does not.... know now there to read it... whats the point? and often if you look at who is where it will tell you someone is in a room and when you get to the room its empty...


Laroona 20:33:37 pm CDT

or be in the kennels putting on her makeup

do slaves even describe their makeup in their posts .. answer is no


kadife{GS} 20:34:16 pm CDT

so if no one is in a room slave must ask 3 times to the air if she may leave?


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:34:21 pm CDT

truly Mistress shadow does believe all slaves should learn to dance but not sure at this point if any are really ready for that on the chain. Most are still at the stage of learning the rules of the home and basic knowledge.


nasreen{TH} 20:35:12 pm CDT

girl thought if no Free were present that begging to leave would not be required Jarl Thorrn...though she does post that she is leaving...


kadife because you entered the room and others that enter behind you enjoy reading your echos...


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:35:35 pm CDT

no but do need to post an exit kadife


Laroona 20:35:36 pm CDT

Thorrn it could also be out of that persons control such as a bad internet connection which does happen

so assuming a slave has deliberately failed to enter or post and leaves could be a wrong assumption


Jarl Thorrn 20:37:03 pm CDT


i all the time talking about things i SAW when being in the Tavern and posted there cause i was talking already with a slave, so someone HAS been IN the tavern

i´m not remarking about some theoretical duty but about of neglecting clear duties of a slave



  Jarl Thorrn   20:38:48 pm CDT


it said ... the xxxx-person has left the chat

that doesn´t happen when someone times out

Once again ... i´m talking about events which happened while being in the tavern and posted so it was clear a Free was in.

enough repetition of this simple matter now, i meant and saw what i wrote here


  nasreen{TH}   20:38:48 pm CDT

nodding girl understands that Jarl Thorrn that You are saying what You have seen....

and she was asking if as slaves we now have to beg to leave even if No Free are in the Tavern..or what ever public room the girl happens to be in...


  nasreen{TH}   20:39:30 pm CDT

she rarely unless beyond her control leaves without begging when Free are about...



Laroona 20:39:44 pm CDT

Thorrn if oyu whispered as you said that is the chat system message one gets


Laroona 20:40:24 pm CDT

and how often do we see a Free enter and say nothing at all?


stormy{Xg~L} 20:41:12 pm CDT

stormy see's the same names in limbo they are listed but never in a room . The who chat has them but no room is occupied


nasreen{TH} 20:41:47 pm CDT

nasreen has seen that also stormy...


Jarl Thorrn 20:41:55 pm CDT

i did NOT whisper, Laroona

i talked with another slave, so there where postings in the Tavern, clearly showing that there are persons in

and then the system message came ... The person left chat like the one you get when you log out, not like the one you get when you whispered and a person is gone

Is it so unbelievable that i know what i saw several times and what i talk about now ???


galah{RA} 20:42:09 pm CDT

gal agrees with kadife, it does get old and when postings don't last, its heaps of typing and NO ONE sees it


Ulrich 20:42:51 pm CDT

nasreen if no free are around, then no need to beg to exit, but you should post that you are leaving so if a Free comes in behind you, they know you have left


Jarl Thorrn 20:43:10 pm CDT

a Free has no duty to post or beg to leave


nasreen{TH} 20:43:32 pm CDT

girl does post she is leaving Master Ulrich...she just doesn't beg ..unless of course a Free is present..



 Laroona 20:43:40 pm CDT

exactly how often do the posts last?


jessenia {KR} 20:43:40 pm CDT

jesse recently had issues where as soon as she signed in.. her laptop would freeze.. hopefully that's fixed now...


galah{RA} 20:44:10 pm CDT

gal thinks there are better ways of expressing oneself than to do chores, i do enough of those in rt without coming in here and doing bout some imagination and stare out the window at the three moons and express ones thoughts? how bout hearing a strange noise and showing some fear at what it might be?


Laroona 20:44:22 pm CDT

I disagree a Free who enters does greet other Free


Jarl Thorrn 20:44:46 pm CDT


when a Free is in the Tavern a slave has to ask for allownace to leave

when none is in a slave has to post that she will leave.

she isn´t allowed just to leave


nasreen{TH} 20:44:59 pm CDT

girl has seen posts up to 2 ahns after they were originally posted if it has been a slow day...

and part of the reason she is slow to post her begging to she reads back to see what is happening...


kadife{GS} 20:45:10 pm CDT

well this slave is guilty of jumping out of a room when someone she does not want to see what she is doing shows up suddenly.. this slave trys only to come in when she knows she has time to spend and privacy but the truth is bosk poop happens


  Laroona   20:46:08 pm CDT

and if the Free does not answer she asks in 3 posts a minute apart to leave

after no answer she can leave


  nasreen{TH}   20:46:11 pm CDT

aye Jarl Thorrn girl totally understands that.


  galah{RA}   20:46:16 pm CDT

although on the rare occasion, gal can find it fun to do dishes **looks to Master Xertog and giggles** heheheheheheee heheheheheee this is suppose to be fun, and thought provoking...just doing chores is neither of those things


kadife{GS} 20:46:21 pm CDT

this girl also wants to read what is going on in the room before she enters that way she can join the rp as soon as she does post an entrance


  Laroona   20:46:23 pm CDT

well put galah *S*


   Kringe GS Advisor   20:46:28 pm CDT

those are good ideas galah but maybe some girls dont have that train of thought at the time and just do what is natural to them and be a slave ..


   Jarl Thorrn   20:46:31 pm CDT


a Free does greet, but it is no duty

A Free could peek in and just leave again,. That is not good manners IMO but it could be done cause a Free doesn´t have duties in this

a slave HAS duties so she can´t just come in and then leave again


 stormy{Xg~L}  20:46:45 pm CDT

gal stormy agrees with you, however its called RP and not many want to do it . When stormy comes on and there is a free in the tavern alone she goes there , first priority is to serve , if he is with a slave which happens 99.9 % she goes to port kar and rp's there . she hopes whoever wishes to interact comes in or if not she simply creates her own story


  jessenia {KR}   20:46:52 pm CDT

how about the girls who want to do chores do them.. post them.. or leave them laying about.. it doesn't matter..

what it all REALLY boils down to is what a girl feels inside.. if she feels she's complete without having to do chores for the home she serves.. that's her.... it doesn't mean the same holds true for the next girl through the door..

that way nobody's nose gets out of joint over doing them or not doing them...


  nasreen{TH}   20:46:53 pm CDT

giggling at bubbles words.


Laroona 20:49:33 pm CDT

If I failed to greet a free I bet my robes that free would be peeved off at me...

I always post an entry, and greetings much as a slave does

I just do not enter and say nothing


kadife{GS} 20:49:47 pm CDT

this girl wants to do chores and dance and serve the free... happy to do it all.... it just would be nice if people where around more to do these things for


Laroona 20:50:25 pm CDT

and yes glaah I think you and dish washing is on a lsit of no no's LOL


Xertog 20:50:45 pm CDT

Laughs - Well galah I've been wanting to talk to Rollo about changing your name to bubbles..


Kringe GS Advisor 20:50:56 pm CDT

chuckles ...nope Laroona Ive never seen You say nothing


snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:51:24 pm CDT

let's face it, in any group Earth or gor, no matter how large the group, a few people do all the work... it was ever thus.


But the question it right on Gor for slave to choose these things


 Laroona 20:51:47 pm CDT

kadife you or any slave can always email me a dance or ask for help anytime I have always had that offer open

I know it is a fg work but sometimes she may want to surprise the fg...


Thorrn 20:51:54 pm CDT

Laroona saying nothing

that could be something new



Laroona 20:52:14 pm CDT

heeee Kringe I am mouthy huh LOL  


  galah{RA}   20:53:00 pm CDT

at times, chores have a place, like when another slave is serving the only free in the room, then a slave needs to be doing something and not just being quiet and idle, but to require every slave to do chores so many times each week, that is just impossible for some that have limited time and with that time, want to do something here much more constructive than to type out chores **shrugs**


  Laroona   20:53:04 pm CDT

heee or washing the pans LOL


  Kringe GS Advisor   20:53:20 pm CDT

rolling My eyes ...Nah


kadife{GS} 20:54:28 pm CDT

the point is..... please excuse this girl.. but the point is... this slave wants to be pleasing to the Masters and mistresses... when none are about... it gets boring do the chores and such.. sorry if that sounded rude


  Laroona   20:56:05 pm CDT

kadife I know your desires and you are to be commended in the time you spend in GS often alone but you stil enter *S*


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:56:30 pm CDT

that's not really the point kadife...we're slaves..nobody cares if we're bored


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:58:20 pm CDT

what a girl means it's not the place of the home to entertain us...we have to make things interesting ourselves...try to be a little creative


  Laroona   20:58:54 pm CDT

then it is up to the free to ensure slaves are not bored

'after all are slaves not here to be pleasing


   Xertog   20:59:20 pm CDT

Thorrn also we can't make anybody come here. Bored people free or slave are less likely to return. There are other things they can do.


  galah{RA}   20:59:52 pm CDT

now that is a point snowrose, and i would never want to hear a slave in the tavern say that openly, that they are bored, but this is the forum, and i think this is the place for that sort of stuff, and its always good to remember, that we may be slaves of gor, but we still have feelings of lonliness or boredom in rt while sitting behind a keyboard and typing when there is NO ONE responding to you


 Jarl Thorrn 21:00:22 pm CDT

Holds up the sign "Irony" for Laroona

puts it down again

*sweet smile*


Laroona 21:00:51 pm CDT

I have at times had a slave serve me, and another washing herself in the fountain

why because it pleases me as a free and keeps slaves busy

or I could have one slave bring food another drink...


Jarl Thorrn 21:01:21 pm CDT

nods to Xertog

that is another point why We care not to bore people, whether slaves or Free


kadife{GS} 21:02:19 pm CDT

thank you galah


stormy{Xg~L} 21:02:42 pm CDT

it is also nice to know that slaves are looked upon as exciting and beautiful to name a few , without the Free to support that or to encourage that , ones belly dies . She may know she is a slave but those fires need to be stoked , fed and in turn you get a beautiful blossoming flower otherwise she become bitter , cranky and mean then it no longer matters


snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 21:03:00 pm CDT

~smiles~ those are the times that try us galah...builds character...seriously though, i just don't see the big deal about doing's not like an onerous burden put on us...we're here already...why just sit there? that's boring


galah{RA} 21:03:47 pm CDT

and bitter, cranky and mean can be death to a slave **shudders**


Laroona 21:03:48 pm CDT

Xertog exactly my point

if a slave is alone she can do many things other than chores after all gor is an escapism for most form RT

and same for a Free, heck never see a Free practicing his swordsmanship

many times I have read over scrolls, made notes while alone.. showing I was acting my role as scribe and not sitting idle and just refreshing


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 21:04:05 pm CDT

so true stormy..


stormy{Xg~L} 21:04:26 pm CDT

nods sadly




Jarl Thorrn 21:04:36 pm CDT

strokes the shoulders and head of My beuaty at My feet

that is what brings things ahead .... taking chances in everything instead of just sitting aorund and complaining


Laroona 21:04:38 pm CDT

well said stormy


nasreen{TH} 21:04:47 pm CDT

shuddering at the thought of death to a slave..


snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 21:05:33 pm CDT

yes a girl agrees...she even feels possibly more attention should be paid to the GS slaves...let them serve more, whatever...everyone wants to be appreciated...but we are slaves...not equals


Xertog 21:05:50 pm CDT

Leave the being bitter, cranky and mean for me stormy 'winks'


Laroona 21:06:00 pm CDT

bahhh I just whispered and got that person had left chat yet had not)))


snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 21:06:02 pm CDT

worded wrong...she feels even more attention etc


stormy{Xg~L} 21:06:19 pm CDT

but not the physical death for that is easy in many ways, the emotional death it ends in a question. what happened ......?


   Jarl Thorrn   21:06:28 pm CDT

that is one point i was going to propose, Laroona

I´m sevral years already in GS but NEVER ever saw practising of weapons, never ever

I´d enjoy to see how it is done in the chat and learn from it


stormy{Xg~L}  21:07:17 pm CDT

hehe oh Master Xertog , stormy could never feel that around you ~winks~


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   21:07:55 pm CDT

think the emotional death is far worse


 stormy{Xg~L}  21:08:53 pm CDT

that it is , stormy can testify to that, she has first hand knowledge it is far worse then anything she ever endured


  Laroona   21:08:55 pm CDT

a couple have at times Thorrn,, but it is a point I am also trying to make if there are people in the site others will come *S*


  galah{RA}   21:08:57 pm CDT

so true stormy, so true....been there and done that more times than i care to remember, and its the task of the free to keep slaves alive and burning to serve otherwise, what have they, a broken down servant but not a true slave


  Laroona   21:09:24 pm CDT

Xertog hey I am supposed to be the bitchy one LOL


  Jarl Thorrn   21:09:49 pm CDT


I didn´t say it never happened

I said I never saw it.


stormy{Xg~L} 21:09:58 pm CDT

thats its gal ! a servant but not a true slave well said and thank you


   Xertog   21:10:58 pm CDT

You know Laroona I thought about going there.. LOL


galah{RA} 21:12:35 pm CDT

and in the books, it states many times over that Masters need to know their slaves inside and out, her feelings, her needs and everything else that comes with it, so how does serving a fake drink cover any of that? **deep sigh**


  Ulrich   21:13:06 pm CDT

Thorrn I have seen and even participated in the practicing of weapons, though I will admit, it was long ago.


   Jarl Thorrn   21:14:30 pm CDT


serving is something done in GS in public rooms

to get to know about one´s slave feelings, her thoughts, needs, wishes and all that should be done in the personal contact between Master & slave, like emails, Messenger or other 1 to 1 talkings


  galah{RA}   21:14:55 pm CDT

anyways, to me....doing chores even does less to make a slave burn to serve than serving a drink when long drawn postings taking every care of perfection is met with, ""yes girl, your serve was good now go back to the furs""


  Ulrich   21:15:04 pm CDT

It was good to see you all, but it's time for me to go.

Thanks for running forum Xertog

And thanks for your hard work scribes.

~tossing shadow over my shoulder~

Come girl, I need to see that fur dance. ~smacking her ass grinning.


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   21:15:16 pm CDT

yes, gal..and that too would be an interesting topic


 stormy{Xg~L}  21:15:51 pm CDT

stormy use to live on a HTML chat where they had fighting and contest and death spars , practice spars and competition almost daily , for some strange reason the Masters were much happier when they were being practiced


   Jarl Thorrn   21:16:07 pm CDT

e.g, my slaves have to write weekly reports to their Master and i talk with about what they write

i learned a lot about them by those reports and in the many talkings we do outside of GS cause not all such personal things can be discussed in the Tavern or another public room


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   21:17:01 pm CDT

* laughing settling across His shoulder with a wiggle to her fine ass *

thats a dance shadow knows well.. hehe

thank You Master Xertog for the forum

thank You lil scribe

shadow wishes all well


  nasreen{TH}   21:17:26 pm CDT

girl talks daily with her Master in either His holdings here which are private...or on msn....

He knows her better then she knows herself at times...


  Xertog   21:19:48 pm CDT

The forum ran late tonight. I am calling it to a close.


   Jarl Thorrn   21:20:13 pm CDT

nods to nasreen

that is like i think it happens that a Master gets to know about His slave and the slave about His Master

of course a lot can also be talked during and after a serve, galah

But to get into the thoughts of someone is not always easy to do in public


snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 21:21:40 pm CDT

Thank You for another interesting forum Master Xertog


Jarl Thorrn 21:21:36 pm CDT

Thank you Captain for guiding the forum

thank you My girl for scribing



Xertog 21:20:34 pm CDT

Thank you all for coming .. Thank you snowrose for scribing.


nasreen{TH} 21:20:22 pm CDT

thank You Master Xertog

thank you snowrose...

girl wishes all well...her rt is calling..


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   21:21:40 pm CDT

Thank You for another interesting forum Master Xertog


lavender- 21:22:10 pm CDT

thank You all for the heartfelt welcomes! she wishes those who are leaving~ a good night.

Thanks to snowrose for scribing

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