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Xertog 19:12:49 pm CDT
Lets get the forum started.

Xertog 19:16:16 pm CDT
Our regular rules apply. Keep the greetings and rp to whispers.. Send you topic suggestions to me via whisper.

Xertog 19:19:02 pm CDT
I quick announcement in case you missed it on the message board.
Captive of Gor will be the next book for the Tuesday book discussion. We will take a week off and start Captive of Gor on April 6th. Look for the reading schedule on the book discussion board in the next hand.
Captive of Gor is book #7 in the series and the first of the books written in the slaves perspective.

nasreen{TH} 19:20:23 pm CDT
thank You Master Xertog...


Xertog 19:26:58 pm CDT
First topic:
If slaves are corrected for obeying incorrect procedures and rules as laid down by GS Council should that free who gave the incorrect order be also mentored/informed/corrected of the correct procedures.

Kringe GS Advisor 19:28:27 pm CDT
aye They should be corrected and informed before they cause another slave to be punished ...shrugs

Laroona 19:29:11 pm CDT
IMO if the slave is incorrectly advised or ordered by open posts or whispers (which has occurred several times of late) then my answer is YES the Free should be censored also so he/she does not distract from the expectations of the Council and of a GS slave

Jarl Thorrn 19:30:03 pm CDT
will the slaves do that correction?

Laroona 19:30:05 pm CDT
looks to Kringe and makes another mark LOL

nasreen{TH} 19:30:18 pm CDT
this one is guilty of posting correct information to a she saw that He was giving information out that wasn't correct and the white silk girl would have had problems later....had she remembered what was posted instead of what is correct...she did it with respect...

Kringe GS Advisor 19:30:37 pm CDT
shakes My head ...

Kringe GS Advisor 19:32:17 pm CDT
I dont see a problem with a girl doing as nasreen had as long as it was handled properly

Laroona 19:33:16 pm CDT
I know most Free have learnt more from slaves in GS than they have by reading the manuals
BUT once incorrect slave is misinformed she continues and then follows so does the next slave and so on.... until there is a bevy of slave either in the cages or at the post

Jarl Thorrn 19:33:53 pm CDT
Hasn´t it been always that way, that a correction done in the proper way has been accepted?

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:34:38 pm CDT
what sort of command are we talking about?

Laroona 19:34:50 pm CDT
nasreen I do not see any issue with you helping
I have had to correct one Free at least 3 times in less than a hand

Kringe GS Advisor 19:35:01 pm CDT
sure I would ...but then again there are some who would not accept a slave trying to correct them ...

nasreen{TH} 19:36:49 pm CDT
snowrose what this girl corrected was a position...wrong information was given, girl told the girl first in whispers the correct way....the Master posted a wrong description of the position...girl went to the slave manual and gave the correct description..

Laroona 19:37:19 pm CDT
Many a Captain will admit they learnt from being raw newbies to being very strong and respected Free and they learnt from the slaves

dina{GS} 19:38:19 pm CDT
having been the girl in question in this matter, this girl was at a loss, she knew she was being given incorrect information, but would never have known how to say it to the Master...she was very grateful for sister nasreens polite and respectful aide in the situation...

nasreen{TH} 19:38:43 pm CDT
if she were to run into One that would not accept her kind gentle ways of corrections....she would make sure she had c&p...and let her Master deal with she waited either in a cage or at the post....
she knows to be very careful in how one corrects a Free...

Laroona 19:39:07 pm CDT
IMO would not matter what the order was if it was incorrect and slave was punished the Free should be corrected also
I believe my first post indicated that

nasreen{TH} 19:39:41 pm CDT
the Master thanked the girl...and stated that He learns from the slaves..

Jarl Thorrn 19:40:02 pm CDT
I´m sure that nasreen made the correction in the proper way and i´m also sure that will be accepted by any Free who knows her cause she is known as an experienced and well beahving slave
*smiles at nassy*

nasreen{TH} 19:40:07 pm CDT
aye Mistress

nasreen{TH} 19:40:41 pm CDT
feeling the blush rise on her cheeks...thank You Jarl Thorrn..

Laroona 19:41:11 pm CDT
KINGS and that Free has been in Gor how many years and trains LOL

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:41:21 pm CDT
This one would ask to PM and give Him the correct info ...then leave it to Him to handle it with the slave.

Kringe GS Advisor 19:42:35 pm CDT
looks at Laroona ...puzzled

Jarl Thorrn 19:43:27 pm CDT
grins @ Kringe still being able to get puzzled by Laroona

Laroona 19:44:00 pm CDT
when I was a slave and helped a Free I would C&P it ... even if it was never needed at least I had CMY (covered my arse)
I would suggest slaves C&P anytime they do such in future, or anything odd

dina{GS} 19:44:36 pm CDT
thank You Mistress Laroona, that is very good advice..and this girl will take it to heart

Laroona 19:45:58 pm CDT
leans over to speak quietly to Kringe

Laroona 19:46:25 pm CDT
it is basic advice and I believe is on the slave manual

nasreen{TH} 19:47:33 pm CDT
aye Mistress...girl will remember to do that from now on...

Xertog 19:51:01 pm CDT
I am going to stop the forum briefly to take care of some GS business and then I am going to need to leave. Kringe will lead the forum after that, so send him any topic suggestions.

nasreen{TH} 19:51:30 pm CDT

Laroona 19:53:55 pm CDT
it does not specifically state C&P

Questions: Remember that before going to the Council of Captains GS slaves are to take problems or issues to the first girl, NOT to the Slave Master, If its something that the first girl can fix, then so be it, if not, it is either for her to pass the issue to the Slave Master, or tell the girl to go to the Slave Master. “
“Slave Problems
GS slaves are to take problems or issues to the first girl, NOT to the Slave Master, If its something that the first girl can fix, then so be it, if not, its either for her to pass the issue to the Slave Master, or to tell the girl to go to the Slave Master”

vina{Rm} 19:54:10 pm CDT
yes Master Xertog...

Kringe GS Advisor 19:54:19 pm CDT
runs a hand thru My girl's hair as I look around the room


Xertog 19:54:57 pm CDT
Steps in front of the dais with a plain wrapped package in my hands.
pazia come here girl

vina{Rm} 19:55:40 pm CDT
~the dimple in her left cheek deepens as she watches the beauty receive something very special...

shaina {KR} 19:55:47 pm CDT
*smiles softly at Him*

pazia{GS} 19:55:49 pm CDT
*standing up she moves quickly*

Jarl Thorrn 19:56:46 pm CDT
watches what is going to happen

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:58:26 pm CDT
~ watching the girl rise moving to Master Xertog, smiling softly to her .. ~

nasreen{TH} 19:59:24 pm CDT
watching Master Xertog and pazia...

Xertog 19:59:42 pm CDT
pazia you have done well in your training so far. Here are your new silks. This doesn't mean you get to slack off now. I expect you to continue to work hard. The learning never really ends

Kringe GS Advisor 20:00:35 pm CDT
grins as I watch her receive her new silks

 nasreen{TH} 20:00:55 pm CDT
claps her hands...for pazia...

dina{GS} 20:01:22 pm CDT
~claps her shoulder, a huge smile of joy for pazia~

Jarl Thorrn 20:01:28 pm CDT
so pretty new silks
they will beautiful on the beautiful girl
congrats pazia

Laroona 20:01:40 pm CDT
well done girl

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:01:44 pm CDT
~smiles as she watches pazia get her new silks~

Jarl Thorrn 20:01:53 pm CDT
... and how great she will look without them
*big grin*

Xertog 20:02:05 pm CDT
Kringe the forum is yours. May be try and figure out who takes the girl to an alcove after the forum too. 'chuckles'
I wish everyone well.

pazia{GS} 20:03:15 pm CDT

shaina {KR} 20:03:20 pm CDT
congratulations pazia... *s*

Kringe GS Advisor 20:03:22 pm CDT
stands and walks to the front ...dont leave that in My hands I know Who will win ...chuckles...

Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:03:36 pm CDT
yeaaaaaaa.. *clapping softly*
well earned pazia, hard work pays off
*giggles at Jarl Thorrns comment.. *
Congrats pazia!

nasreen{TH} 20:03:38 pm CDT

Kringe GS Advisor 20:04:38 pm CDT
reaching the dais...congratulations pazia I know you worked hard

nasreen{TH} 20:04:57 pm CDT
congratulations pazia...

najla{Xg-L} 20:05:46 pm CDT
congratulations pazia

Laroona 20:08:03 pm CDT
in 45 ehns if forum is still going can some one pick up scribing please as I will need to go RT

Kringe GS Advisor 20:08:19 pm CDT
Ok to get back to it now ....I think A/all were in agreement on the last topic...does anyone have something else they want to discuss send it to Me

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:08:50 pm CDT
snowrose will scribe Mistress

galah{RA} 20:09:36 pm CDT
snowrose ROCKS!!!!

Laroona 20:09:55 pm CDT
thanks snowrose *S*

Jarl Thorrn 20:11:22 pm CDT
pats her head and nods, good girl to help with scribing
*kisses her*

 Jarl Thorrn 20:14:18 pm CDT
raises, rt calls here too
Unfortunately this will probably be the last time for a while i´ve been in at the forum
so i wish all well

Jarl Thorrn 20:14:40 pm CDT
chuckles @ restless vina


Kringe GS Advisor 20:14:46 pm CDT
OK Next topic...To assist the (sometimes confusion over palms up or down some Free do not read the books or the boards) should GS slaves without icons have a w, y or r next to their names to help these Free know what silk colour a slave is.

shaina {KR} 20:16:13 pm CDT
shaina thinks that's a good idea.... to add it the collar as a tag.. like the "~t" is for trainers....

DAK 20:17:56 pm CDT
silk color only means level, not availability

Laroona 20:18:29 pm CDT
please keep greetings including bye byes to whispers the scribes job is hard enough without sorting those action posts too

Laroona 20:18:59 pm CDT
Dak please add your name on Tag for ease of scribing

Kringe GS Advisor 20:19:03 pm CDT
not true Dak a white is not available

shaina {KR} 20:19:13 pm CDT
white silks are not "available*

alika 20:19:19 pm CDT
never seen in the books where a slave was restricted

najla{Xg-L} 20:19:26 pm CDT
exactly Mistress Laroona
if a NEW Free were to come into GS with out knowing what
the letter next to the girls name is anyways, then it
would be useless to have it there...

DAK 20:20:00 pm CDT
aye, true, but not all yellows or reds are availabe either

dina{GS} 20:22:00 pm CDT
in this past book we read, Master Bosk was extremely angry, when He found one of His men with His favorite slave, and the guilt both showed in being caught, suggests that perhaps it was understood that she was restricted to Master Bosks personal use....

Laroona 20:22:25 pm CDT
There is a restriction board which is open for all and is for Personal slaves restrictions
other than that the slaves are kept as white silks and even held back for opening for special occasion by Council

vina{Rm} 20:23:23 pm CDT
what if girls were to place a non-restriction or restricted something or other next to their them to the corks... where every girl should have restrictions posted that are of GS ..?

dina{GS} 20:23:26 pm CDT
another example of a restricted slave, is the luck girl on a ship, it is stated that she was for the Captains use, but might be given to His Men, as punishment, so the books do support restricted slaves

Jarl Thorrn 20:23:36 pm CDT
the restrictions of a slave are what her Master will them to be
weather He will have her only for Him or wnats to share her, even when it is only occasionally

alika 20:24:01 pm CDT
so even if a girl has been in gor a long time but is new to your home she has to be opened as a white again?

najla{Xg-L} 20:24:08 pm CDT
In GS there are 3 different levels of silks: white (training), yellow (tavern slave) and red (pleasure slave). Each is indicative of the level of training. White silks are still learning how to be a kajira and as such do not lap, fur or otherwise serve Patrons or Guests in a sexual manner. All their attention should be on learning to serve during this time. The only exception to this is that Advisors and Consultants to the Council of Captains may discipline the Tavern's slaves and physically handle the girls to assist in their training. The Captains may, of course, use Their property as They see fit..

shaina {KR} 20:24:40 pm CDT
shaina thought we were only talking about putting the tag on GS girls.. perhaps she's confused..

vina{Rm} 20:24:51 pm CDT
good question alika..perhaps a test should be considered to evaluate new girls and their status?

Kringe GS Advisor 20:25:04 pm CDT
well it has always worked in the past that the slave respectfully informs the Free that she is restricted if that is the case be it food or furring

alika 20:25:10 pm CDT
i mean if she was to join here of course

Laroona 20:25:11 pm CDT
GS slaves with icons if people notice the GS is either white, yellow or red

shaina {KR} 20:25:57 pm CDT
alike.. maybe not necessarily "opened" but she at least starts out as a white silk.. until her level of knowledge can be found out

alika 20:26:07 pm CDT
i think perhaps it would get more to join

Kringe GS Advisor 20:26:08 pm CDT
aye it was stated GS slaves

Laroona 20:27:24 pm CDT
is she returns and is experienced she will be less than a hand or two depending on her training ethics

DAK 20:28:32 pm CDT
I realize the palms thing is in the books as it is, but not everything on line is as the books, I don't believe I've ever seen a slave serve in the books as they do online

alika 20:29:25 pm CDT
when i learned palms up meant she offered all .. down meant she didnt offer herself freely for sexual use

Laroona 20:30:29 pm CDT
Dak GS is attempting to get as close to the books as they can.. there have been minor changes to fit the books..

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:31:21 pm CDT
alika, there are sites that "open" a girl her first visit...and she is then considered red just being red silk does not define her as a pleasure slave...that has to be determined by the Council

Laroona 20:31:40 pm CDT
well the word restricted works too if people read the tag

shaina {KR} 20:32:01 pm CDT
there comes a point where there is obviously going to be a difference between online and book.... one being the serves.... no... serves were not written out and described in the books as we do here online... but.. if we didn't do it here online.. what would be the purpose? and what else would there be to do?

Laroona 20:33:26 pm CDT
good point shaina *S*
sit around and drink slave wine maybe.. look to galah and winks

vina{Rm} 20:33:29 pm CDT
with vina, when she first came to GS, she was thankful to be a white silks because she had forgotten a lot of gave her time to catch up and see how much she had forgotten and to get to the Home better

Laroona 20:35:15 pm CDT
another good point vina... and it took you no time to regain your recall of things *S*

dina{GS} 20:35:27 pm CDT
~smiles~ this girl agrees totally with you sister vina, if not for the time in white silks, this girl would have been so confused, learning this new site....this girl thinks of it, as a grace period to learn new customs and beliefs, like one would have to if she were sold to any new culture on Gor.....

vina{Rm} 20:35:29 pm CDT
no it didn't Mistress

pazia{GS} 20:35:50 pm CDT
the lessons in white dont teach basics really they teach GS standards like where things are the Greeting order your chain command and other expectancies

DAK 20:36:05 pm CDT
aye, so why not make things as simple as palms up and palms down a simple way to handle the situation and save confusion , I can just see everyone running to the boards to find out if a girl is restricted or not., *shrugs* JMO

Laroona 20:36:35 pm CDT
dina another good point

shaina {KR} 20:36:45 pm CDT
wasn't the question simply about adding a letter to a collar so white and yellows can be easily noticed?

najla{Xg-L} 20:37:01 pm CDT
not only what vina said, BUT there are some differences in
Gorean sites (if you are coming from another site)... so it also
gives a girl time to get used with her new home so to speak..

vina{Rm} 20:37:10 pm CDT
and also, girls can tell the Free if they are restricted or not, for instance, just recently, vina was asked to go private and she stated to the Person that she was restricted from doing so... He was not offended at all...

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:37:20 pm CDT
and those aren't basics?

Kringe GS Advisor 20:38:17 pm CDT
I think it has been fine the way it is and the girl can explain if need be ...shrugs

Laroona 20:38:18 pm CDT
Dak Council decreed the change.... in line with the books...
it is well declared on the boards and website

pazia{GS} 20:39:11 pm CDT
to girl basics is types of food entrances and other stuff they dont go into *giggles

Laroona 20:40:16 pm CDT
if a letter cannot be added then slave must politely and respectfully inform the free of her status.. so it is simple one way or the other

Kringe GS Advisor 20:41:22 pm CDT
Laroona You can add another mark....

Laroona 20:41:59 pm CDT
OK why does a warrior usually have red letters on their tag... to define their caste?
I would use blue but it conflicts with the background,

dina{GS} 20:42:09 pm CDT
this girl thinks the letter is redundant, since the GS slaves already color code their tags, yet, yet one possible thought, if the letter were there, it may cause a visiting Free person to inquire of it's meaning, and give the girl a chance to explain....that is this girls thoughts on it......

Kringe GS Advisor 20:42:34 pm CDT
OK OK ...LETS Move on ...does anybody have anything else ?

Laroona 20:42:34 pm CDT
Kringe woww I will need another piece of rence paper soon LOL

najla{Xg-L} 20:42:50 pm CDT
even if a letter IS added to a non members name, whats to say
everyone knows why they letter is there, or if it is a part of
her name?

Laroona 20:43:40 pm CDT
dina the question was for slaves without icons thus tags

shaina {KR} 20:43:57 pm CDT
dina.. the question was about girls without icons putting it on their names... since they cant color code their names

Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:44:06 pm CDT
one of shadow's favorite quotes says -
"Do you know, ultimately," I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?"
"No, Master," she said.
"You, yourself," I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become."

- Savages of Gor Page 210

the lessons lead you to the GS website, YOU are your best trainer and shouldn't have to be spoon fed information that is laid out before you. YOU must take the initiative to dig deeper in your knowledge. my gawd if someone tried to teach ALL of Gor you would be in white silks forever. shadow learns something new every day she studies the world of Gor..
Training teaches you how to conduct yourself in your new home and the rules of the home.

dina{GS} 20:44:11 pm CDT
yes Mistress...

vina{Rm} 20:44:55 pm CDT
~smiles ..nodding in agreement with mistress shadow

najla{Xg-L} 20:45:10 pm CDT
well said shadow!

 Laroona   20:47:08 pm CDT
well put shadow...
one can never cease learning and questioning the books meanings

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:49:29 pm CDT
mistress shadow that is

Kringe GS Advisor   20:51:53 pm CDT
OK ONE more time is there anything else...glances to the water clock if so send it to Me

  Kringe GS Advisor   20:55:44 pm CDT
OK then if there is nothing else I close this forum and thank everyone for coming out

 snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   20:56:11 pm CDT
Thank You Master...~smiles~

  pazia{GS}   20:56:40 pm CDT
Thank You Master Kringe

  ~xXx~Blade~   20:57:33 pm CDT
Well done Kringe


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