TOPIC:- Night at the Shores Itinery

Xertog 19:18:35 pm CDT
The regular rules apply. Keep the greetings and RP to whispers. Send me topic suggestions but I have a few things I'd like to start off with.

Laroona 19:20:48 pm CDT
((I need a take over scribe in 1.30 hours approx thanks))

Xertog 19:21:48 pm CDT
I made this post on the message board earlier today:
The Council has decided to schedule Thursday nights for rotating events and activities. They will start at 7:00PM GS time (Central Time US/Canada)
Here are the first three:
April 22nd Gorean Jeopardy in the Forum room
April 29th Games Night. Meat toss and various other games will be played. In the Tavern.
May 6th Role play in Pork Kar. What will transpire? Well a lot can happen in a city like Port Kar.
I am looking for suggestion for other things that can be done on Thursdays.. Also a name for it too.

Xertog 19:25:17 pm CDT
Earlier today these were suggested to me.. A Night at the Shores and Gorean Shores Gering Night

nasreen{TH} 19:25:45 pm CDT
girl likes A Night at the Shores....


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:29:06 pm CDT
shadow likes "A Night at the Shores" too


Xertog 19:33:03 pm CDT
Well I guess we'll go with 'Night at the Shores' I won't start this coming Thursday but the following Thursday.



Xertog 19:30:01 pm CDT
This was also posted on the boards. shadow posted it on the slave boards and I posted it on the general board. But I'll post it here too. It seems this comes up every couple of years.

7. In Gorean Shores, one kisses the side or the base of the vessel when serving a Free (supported in the books) one doesn't taste or offer to taste the drink unless a Free orders one to do so. The Gorean Shores Council has officially banned the practice of "rim sweetening" — this will not be done in Gorean Shores by any slave. The practice is not supported by the books and if a Free wishes to taste a slave He can always go directly to the source.


Laroona 19:32:36 pm CDT
Xertog I will raise a query here if a FW sees this practice by any slave can she cuff/cage/post or inform the Free it is NO no?
I have seen this twice and raised an eyebrow both times
Last night I politley raised it in whispers and got reamed back by the FM.


shaina {KR} 19:33:34 pm CDT
can shaina ask...
it is okay for a girl to test the rim on her inner thigh right?


Laroona 19:35:15 pm CDT
I believe it was sweetening not testing
sweetening is applying slave sexual juices to a rim For those who may not know


shaina {KR} 19:36:22 pm CDT
just double checking...
rather be safe than sorry...
although.. a note for those of you girls who dont know... if Jarl Skullsplitter ever visits.. dont test it on your inner thigh for Him.. *laughs*


Xertog 19:37:06 pm CDT
This rules goes back over 5 years in GS it is not new.


nasreen{TH} 19:37:22 pm CDT
girl tests in various ways....for some she simply runs her finger over the rim....that includes Jarl Skullsplitter....


Ramses 19:38:02 pm CDT
*chuckling about Skullsplitter


Laroona 19:39:09 pm CDT
Xertog and if in front and before the FM?
I am asking to clarify this situation that arose and may arose again
both times the FM enjoyed and ignored me not that a FW has much say in a tavern....


Laroona 19:43:02 pm CDT
and yes JT would have slit a slaves throat if she did either


Xertog 19:43:06 pm CDT
As I understand it Laroona you let him know in a whisper that GS had a rule and even showed it to him. There isn't much more you can do other then save the posts and have the Council address it.


Xertog 19:44:11 pm CDT
Any other topic suggestions?


shaina {KR} 19:44:22 pm CDT
in all fairness.. He usually gave one warning if a girl did it...
if He was in a good mood... *giggles*


Laroona 19:45:31 pm CDT
all I could do was inform why I showed disgust as any FW playing her role would.... then get told to shove off sure I was even more impressed then


vina{Rm} 19:46:22 pm CDT
may this girl know the name of that Master?


Laroona 19:47:00 pm CDT
shaina rather sternly though LOL


nasreen{TH} 19:47:01 pm CDT
girl was was uncomfortable....for she knew Mistress was correct..but couldn't offer any words ....


shaina {KR} 19:47:50 pm CDT
aye..... *remembers fondly*


Laroona 19:48:26 pm CDT
vina Council have it in hand
notice I am still here


Laroona 19:49:57 pm CDT
heee curiosity can have a kajira killed LOL


vina{Rm} 19:50:07 pm CDT
that's right!


nasreen{TH} 19:50:43 pm CDT
curiosity is unbecoming in a kajira...


nasreen{TH} 19:51:17 pm CDT
she believes that line is in the current book we are discussing...


Laroona 19:53:24 pm CDT
LOL but may I correct my words to mean
is a kajira interferes in the matters of a Free.. does that help any LOL


Thadron 19:53:31 pm CDT
*nods* it is, nasreen, and a line I thought was very important to the development of the main character


Xertog 19:53:58 pm CDT
It is in Captive of Gor nasreen. It was in the first weeks reading we covered on Tuesday.


nasreen{TH} 19:54:45 pm CDT
no Mistress it does not help the Free if a slave interfers..
aye Master girl agrees...


Laroona 19:57:03 pm CDT
I must comment the slaves present acted extraordinary well considering the Captive issue LOL
and well umm comments made were well in character... IMO


Xertog 19:59:38 pm CDT
I'm going to pause the forum for a moment to tend to some GS business.

Thadron 20:00:14 pm CDT
then Wwe can greet? *looks to one entering*



Xertog 20:03:28 pm CDT
Standing up and walking back to the wall behind the dais, taking from one of the shelves there a bundle. Walks back to the dais.
Ulrich would you stand and come here.


Thadron 20:05:15 pm CDT
*looks to the dais*


Ulrich 20:05:22 pm CDT
Standing and walking over to the dais
Aye Xertog


nasreen{TH} 20:05:32 pm CDT
her hazel orbs lift and watch...


najla{Xg-L} 20:06:23 pm CDT
~watching intently~


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:06:39 pm CDT
~ pretty green eyes following each step her Master makes, lips kissed in a smile.. ~


shaina {KR} 20:07:39 pm CDT
*blue orbs watching intently*


Kringe GS Advisor 20:11:16 pm CDT
runs My hand thru My beasts hair as I watch


Xertog 20:11:27 pm CDT
Unwrapping the bundle, I remove a helmet... one with sea sleen fur on its crest.

Ulrich you have returned to Gorean Shores and it pleases me to that you will once again be a Captain.

Ulrich 20:12:51 pm CDT
~grinning at Xertog~
Aye it's been a while. But I'm ready to take my seat back.


Xertog 20:13:15 pm CDT
Handing Ulrich the helmet. Where it with pride. Welcome back.


nasreen{TH} 20:13:19 pm CDT
claps her tiny hands.....welcome home Master Ulrich...


Ramses 20:13:25 pm CDT
*grins as I watch
welcome back Ulrich


Thadron 20:13:57 pm CDT
Sees the helmet and the sea sleen fur crest, hears the words of Xertog and the acceptance of Ulrich.... pounds right fist against left shoulder


Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:14:02 pm CDT
* tiny hands clapping bouncing on her upturned feet *


shaina {KR} 20:14:25 pm CDT
*clapping her hands happily*
welcome back Master Ulrich.... shaina is so very happy to see Your return..


vina{Rm} 20:14:18 pm CDT
~smiles deeply...

Kringe GS Advisor 20:14:37 pm CDT
Welcome back Captain...


Thadron 20:14:27 pm CDT
welcome back Ulrich, Captain


najla{Xg-L} 20:14:39 pm CDT
~smiles~ as she claps~
welcome back Master Ulrich


Laroona 20:17:56 pm CDT
Congratulations Ulrich
make sure that ship has not holes next time *S*


galah{RA} 20:17:43 pm CDT
welcome back Master...might be a good time to give us greeting order Master Xertog? which seats in which order purdy please


Kringe GS Advisor 20:17:09 pm CDT
chuckles as I hear His beast


Ulrich 20:16:56 pm CDT
Turning to the crowd. Thank you all for the warm welcome


stormy{Xg~L} 20:16:50 pm CDT
her eyes lift as the news spread and is whispered in her ear , hands clap loudly on her thighs in wlcome of the newest Captain


Xertog 20:15:41 pm CDT
Extends my arm Ulrich.


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:15:37 pm CDT
~ whistles LOUDly.. calling out ~
Welcome Back my Master!


Ulrich 20:15:17 pm CDT
Taking the helmet, with a beaming smile.
Thanks brother. You've done some good work while I was away, hopefuly together we can continue.


snowrose{JTr} 20:15:07 pm CDT

Welcome back Master Ulrich


Ulrich 20:18:03 pm CDT
~grabbing Xertog's arm firmly~
Thanks for having me back


Xertog 20:19:22 pm CDT
galah that would be Me, Sandman, Ulrich. In that order.


galah{RA} 20:19:46 pm CDT
but then again, gal hasn't been around, maybe she's the only confused one?


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:19:33 pm CDT
* giggling at Mistress her eyes still glued to her handsome Master *


Thadron 20:20:12 pm CDT
thank you for the order, Xertog *nods*


Ulrich 20:21:22 pm CDT
lol Thanks Laroona. I'll keep it plugged up


nasreen{TH} 20:21:31 pm CDT
makes a note of the greeting order.....
Master Xertog,
Master Sandman,
Master Ulrich,
Master Kringe,
Captains Emeritus
then pledged Free Males..
FW next..
then slaves
would that be correct?


shaina {KR} 20:23:36 pm CDT
aside from non pleged Men and Women in there.. it's correct


nasreen{TH} 20:24:23 pm CDT
thank you shaina for fixing this girls post...


nasreen{TH} 20:24:43 pm CDT
she was forgetting the visitors....


Laroona 20:27:30 pm CDT
after Captains, Advisors, then CE's geesh

nasreen{TH} 20:26:59 pm CDT
no Master she does not...
thank You Mistress she has made that note in her feeble lil mind....


Laroona 20:26:05 pm CDT
slide Non pledged males in between Pledged FW and
non pledged FW before slaves


Thadron 20:25:45 pm CDT
*grins at Mine* you don't forget the visitors when you serve, though little one


nasreen{TH} 20:25:41 pm CDT
the Captain Emeritus brings a question to her feeble mind if she might?


nasreen{TH} 20:28:58 pm CDT
so it should look like this ....
Master Xertog,
Master Sandman,
Master Ulrich,
Master Kringe,
Captains Emeritus
then pledged Free Males..
pledged FW next..
then visiting Free Males
then visiting FW
then slaves


shaina {KR} 20:27:36 pm CDT
what about Emeritus' nass?


shaina {KR} 20:29:38 pm CDT
non pledged Males before pledged FW


shaina {KR} 20:30:35 pm CDT
in other words... greet all Men first... just in order
non pledged
pledged FW
non pledged FW


nasreen{TH} 20:31:17 pm CDT
the Captain Emeritus come after the Advisors or before?


shaina {KR} 20:31:24 pm CDT
shaina doesn't think there's a "ranking" with them... just try to keep it fresh in one's mind who they are.. because you never know when they'll show up


Laroona 20:31:52 pm CDT
**shakes my head at such basic lessons flying out the door**


Laroona 20:34:00 pm CDT
Owners always first
why it is Council always


najla{Xg-L} 20:33:59 pm CDT
yep ~nodding~ she knows...


vina{Rm} 20:33:50 pm CDT
~she listens quietly


galah{RA} 20:33:40 pm CDT
two captain emeritus at the same time? we wouldn't have to worry about it, for we would all fall over dead of shock if that happened hehehehehehehehe


shaina {KR} 20:33:29 pm CDT
if He's present.. yes naj.. then it goes in the order after that


Thadron 20:33:00 pm CDT
nasreen..... I will be whispering you....


najla{Xg-L} 20:32:58 pm CDT
~zipping her lips over such confusion~


najla{Xg-L} 20:32:31 pm CDT
BUT isnt a girls Master the first one she greets?


 shaina {KR} 20:32:00 pm CDT
after advisor shaina thinks....
lol.. she's gettting lost now...


nasreen{TH} 20:34:19 pm CDT
funny how this one can do it right in the Tavern.....yet when trying to put it down in her she is all screwed up....
gulps aye Master...her hazel eyes looking up....pleading...


Xertog 20:34:10 pm CDT
We can start the forum back up.. Send me any to


pic su nasreen{TH} 20:37:06 pm CDT
puts her fingers across her lips..aye Master...


Thadron 20:36:31 pm CDT
leave the order for lessons, nasreen... *nods and returns attention to Forum*


stormy{Xg~L} 20:36:20 pm CDT
winks to najlaggestions.


nasreen{TH} 20:39:37 pm CDT
galah ya never know.....we might get lucky one night.....and have them return to visit....


galah{RA} 20:40:45 pm CDT
we could always talk about sex Master Xertog? galah always has something to say about that matter, or lack of it hehehehehehheeee


snowrose{JTr} 20:41:33 pm CDT
~perks up~


nasreen{TH} 20:41:16 pm CDT


Ulrich 20:43:39 pm CDT
Some things never change. ~chuckling at galah~


Xertog 20:43:08 pm CDT
Well we started off the forum talking about sweetening drinks galah. So we've been to that area, sort of already. Lol


galah{RA} 20:44:49 pm CDT
**frowns slightly** geeeeezz, cold and harsh against ones tender flesh is not the same as something warm and hard Master Xertog hehehehehehehee


 galah{RA} 20:45:42 pm CDT
**cocks a dark brow and tilts her head** and would you wish a girl to change Master Ulrich?

Xertog 20:46:06 pm CDT
That aspect of it didn't come up galah.

Thadron 20:46:39 pm CDT
I agree, we need more sex *nods*

Loki 20:47:59 pm CDT
hmm, not a topic question, but a statement, it was brought up to Me a while bck about sex in the tavern, being more along the lines of the books...if that makes sense

nasreen{TH} 20:49:05 pm CDT
sex by the books....knowing Master Loki means the Norman books...but the joy of sex popped in her mind...*laughing*

galah{RA} 20:49:52 pm CDT
please do clarify Master Loki, gal would like to know what that would be

Thadron 20:49:57 pm CDT
that there was sex in the Tavern in the books?... or the sex in the Tavern should be more in line with what was in the books? just trying to make sure I understand the statement

Loki 20:49:59 pm CDT
aye nasreen, as in the norman books, like a flow of a lovemaking story, without all the four letter words

Loki 20:51:09 pm CDT
hmm maybe Im confusing everyone. sex in the books was a erotic story, not i fuck you you fuck me...cave man style....

Thadron 20:52:06 pm CDT
there hasn't been alot of sex in the tavern at all lately, Loki that I have witnessed

nasreen{TH} 20:52:30 pm CDT
nodding girl understands Master Loki...

galah{RA} 20:52:31 pm CDT
depends on which book Master Loki, there was also slaves just grabbed and taken then discarded too?

Kringe GS Advisor 20:52:43 pm CDT
nods aye Loki I agree

Loki 20:54:20 pm CDT
I wouldnt know Thadron, I havnt been in the tavern in a while, its just somthing that was bugging a slut a few weeks ago. And I agreed. sex is r/p, the words must be carefully chosen *

Thadron 20:54:29 pm CDT
sex in the books was an erotic story, yes, at times... but sex in the Taverns always had a raw untamed aspect to it, no? Loki 20:54:20 pm CDT

Xertog 20:55:00 pm CDT
Were the girls used openly in the taverns in the books or taken to the alcoves? Both perhaps? I don't recall.

Thadron 20:55:26 pm CDT
both..... from what I have read

Loki 20:55:27 pm CDT
what are you laughing at stormy~chuckle~ feel free to share

stormy{Xg~L} 20:55:54 pm CDT
They were both Master Xertog , alcoves in some taverns provided for privacy but they were also taken harshly at times and cheered on

stormy{Xg~L} 20:56:33 pm CDT
stormy thinks you are correct in the sex part Master Loki , the way you put it made her laugh , the caveman part especially

Loki 20:56:41 pm CDT
Im more commenting on how its done, as norman didnt use the word fuck, he used much more discriptive words than that.

galah{RA} 20:56:47 pm CDT
often, if alcoves in a tavern was available, a girl would be dragged into there for privacy...after all, one doesn't want to come to tavern for dinner and have a Master and slave going at it right next to him? hehehehehehhee

Loki 20:57:08 pm CDT
aye, gotcha stormy~chuckle~

stormy{Xg~L} 20:57:43 pm CDT
it can be so very sensual , erotic without the nastiness and vulgarity to it

galah{RA} 20:57:48 pm CDT
well, maybe he would, entertainment while he eats **shrugs and giggles*

Kringe GS Advisor 20:57:59 pm CDT
I think what loki is getting at use a little imagination not just come here slut I wanna fuck or do you wanna fuck me ..

stormy{Xg~L} 20:58:11 pm CDT
oh god gal lmao

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:58:16 pm CDT
if shadow is reading this right its not really the 'where' but the words used

Thadron 20:58:33 pm CDT
if all we are saying, is that the words used for sexual play in public in the Tavern be more Normanesque than I agree....

Kringe GS Advisor 20:58:56 pm CDT
sorry Loki

Loki 20:59:06 pm CDT
yes Kringe, thats it in a nutshell~nods lots~

Xertog 20:59:26 pm CDT
They are asked Kringe? LOL .. I get your point and Loki's too.

galah{RA} 21:00:21 pm CDT
okay, in all seriousness, many times in the books and not hardly ever seen in the tavern, was the Masters power to control the girl and put her in a state of euphoria or heighten desire without even touching her at times

Kringe GS Advisor 21:00:37 pm CDT
grins ...I am asked all the time Captain arent You

Loki 21:00:44 pm CDT
aye Thadron
aye shadow, not the where, but how its typed out, the desciptive words used

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 21:01:38 pm CDT
so no cock, eh? damn...
manhood just don't have the same ring to it

galah{RA} 21:02:21 pm CDT
same as when a girl dances a sexual dance for a Master, she is heightened and the Master enjoys seeing that upon a girl that he so holds the control of her and what he will allow or not allow her to do

snowrose{JTr} 21:02:34 pm CDT
Sometimes a Master. for whatever reason, training, discipline, to remind a girl strongly what she is, chooses to use her publicly in a coarse manner

galah{RA} 21:03:18 pm CDT
can't say in all these years on gor, gal ever heard it called a penis heheheheheheheee hehehehee ***

Kringe GS Advisor 21:04:00 pm CDT
Burst out Laughing

Xertog 21:04:28 pm CDT
We can schedule a creative writing fucking seminar. But I won't be leading that. lol

shaina {KR} 21:05:08 pm CDT
heard it called a "chack" a few times.. think that was it.. took shaina a few times to figure out what the Master was talking about... *laughs*

stormy{Xg~L} 21:05:09 pm CDT
~raises her hand and volunteers ~

Kringe GS Advisor 21:05:41 pm CDT
raises My hand I'll lead it Xertog

Loki 21:05:58 pm CDT
stormy I was just going to volunteer you to lead the seminar...

Xertog 21:06:10 pm CDT
I think chack is one of those made up online Gorean words.

stormy{Xg~L} 21:06:38 pm CDT
~laughs~ Master Loki , stormy would fight for the front of the line hehehe , just kidding really

galah{RA} 21:06:44 pm CDT
ooooooohhh or chaq...that was way back shaina, had a strange word for the girl part too, can't remember, that was back when some newbies tried creating a new gor language heheheheheh

stormy{Xg~L} 21:07:05 pm CDT
ohh chaq and fadu and rask , the old kassarian language long since dead

Xertog 21:07:15 pm CDT
Was it fadu galah?

shaina {KR} 21:07:25 pm CDT
that's it gal.. chaq.... .. it was weird..

galah{RA} 21:07:42 pm CDT
now i remember, a girls part was fadu

stormy{Xg~L} 21:08:05 pm CDT
stormy thought of fondue when she heard that

galah{RA} 21:08:22 pm CDT
now that goes a long long ways back heheheheheheee ooooooohh those was the days

shaina {KR} 21:08:44 pm CDT
shaina would have been confused if He'd fingered her fadu....

galah{RA} 21:08:55 pm CDT
fondue? heheheheheeee oooooooohh stormy, thats to funny, but then the word works better anyways

stormy{Xg~L} 21:09:30 pm CDT
laughs !!!! yeah stormy thought so too gal till she was told what it meant

najla{Xg-L} 21:11:09 pm CDT
shaina...naj had to re-read that also lol

Xertog 21:11:14 pm CDT
I'll call the forum to a close. Thank you all for coming.




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