FORUM NOTES - APRIL  18th 2010




Xertog 19:24:31 pm CDT
Lets get the forum started. Before we start with any topics I have some GS business to tend too.

Xertog 19:29:25 pm CDT
First a reminder
The Council has decided to schedule Thursday nights for rotating events and activities. They will start at 7:00PM GS time (Central Time US/Canada)
Here are the first three:
April 22nd Gorean Jeopardy in the Forum room
April 29th Games Night. Meat toss and various other games will be played. In the Tavern.
May 6th Role play in Pork Kar. What will transpire? Well a lot can happen in a city like Port Kar.
This coming Thursday will be Gorean Jeopardy.

Xertog 19:32:02 pm CDT
Standing up and walking back to the wall behind the dais, taking from one of the shelves a box and returning the dais.
Motions to Loki to come forward.

nasreen{TH}t 19:33:01 pm CDT
Master Xertog might this one suggest as we have done with book discussion night..the start time be moved back half an allow those on west coast or mountain time to join at the start?

Loki 19:33:22 pm CDT
~rises, and takes the familar walk to the dias, Standing tall before the Captain~

najla{Xg-L} 19:33:50 pm CDT
~watches intently~

shaina {KR} 19:34:28 pm CDT
*watching with bright blue orbs... smiling softly*

nasreen{TH}t 19:35:25 pm CDT
watching with hazel eyes sparkling as Master Loki goes the Dais..

 Xertog 19:36:44 pm CDT
Opening the box and removing the I remove a helmet. One with sea sleen fur on its crest. Speaking in a loud voice
Loki I am please to have you return to the Council. You are an added asset to Gorean Shores.

  Loki 19:38:14 pm CDT
Thank You Captain, tis good to be back on the Council, and a contributiong member of GS~hazels looking directly into His, nodding firmly~

nasreen{TH}t 19:38:42 pm CDT
a big smile parting her luscious lips...tiny hands clapping together...welcome home Master Loki...

 najla{Xg-L} 19:39:01 pm CDT
~claps loudly~ Cogratulations Master Loki ~smiles~ welcome home

NO NAME  - icon suggests DAK 19:39:12 pm CDT
W/B Loki

dina{GS} 19:39:21 pm CDT
~brings her palm to her shoulder, clapping with enthusiasm~
welcome home Master Loki

Xertog 19:40:07 pm CDT
Handing Loki the helmet once again. Let its weight always remind you of the burden of leadership that you take upon yourself.

snowrose{JTr} 19:40:16 pm CDT
Welcome home, Master Loki

Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:40:17 pm CDT
* tiny hands clapping while her pretty ass bounces on her heels.. *
~calling out cheerfully.. ~

yeaaaaa !!
Congrats Master Loki!
Welcome home tho, You never went too far shadow don't think!

shaina {KR} 19:40:31 pm CDT
*a gentle smile tugging her lips... curls shifting over bared shoulders as she nods her head.... hands softly clapping*
welcome home Master...

stormy{Xg~L} 19:40:38 pm CDT
~she had found a spot next to her sister and joins her in the applause ~
Welcome Home Master Loki

galah{RA} 19:41:06 pm CDT
**she claps flat palms against the top of her bare thighs and tries to whistle too, but alas, only a rush of hot air past circular lips** welcome back Master Loki

Loki 19:41:37 pm CDT
~turning My head, giving a glance behind,chuckling~
Thank You all for the warm welcome home~a smile forms~

kadife{GS} 19:41:39 pm CDT
~welcome home Master Loki~

Xertog 19:42:35 pm CDT
Turning to all those present.. As Senior Captain of Gorean Shores present to you all, Captain Loki of GS, with all rights, privileges, and duties that the position carries. Welcome back Loki!

Laroona 19:43:05 pm CDT
welcome back to Captaincy Loki

Loki 19:44:33 pm CDT
Aye Xertog, Its weight will not be forgotten this time, Not that it was last time, Perhaps things could have been handled a different way, true leadership must have failures as well as accomplishments, thats how we truly grow.
~taking the helmet, placing it in a cradle position on My left side, My right hand extended for His forarm to clasp~

 nasreen{TH}t 19:46:34 pm CDT
smiling even brighter...

Ramses 19:52:17 pm CDT
Congratulations Loki!


Xertog 19:50:11 pm CDT
Lets get discussion started send me any topic suggestions. nasreen you had something about the starting time?

nasreen{TH}t 19:52:50 pm CDT
aye Master Xertog..girl was remembering how we moved the book discussion back half an ehn to allow more to be able to make it on time...she was thinking it might be helpful on Thursdays also...

Laroona 19:55:42 pm CDT
IMO people will be late no matter what time is set
NOR will times set suit all people never has and never will

Xertog 19:55:58 pm CDT
I'm ok with it being 30 minutes later. I'd to hear feed back from people.

Ramses 19:56:36 pm CDT
agrees with Laroona ... AGAIN

Laroona 19:57:19 pm CDT
looks to Ramses and makes a mark LOL

dina{GS} 19:57:20 pm CDT
dina is fine with a change if it suits everyone else Master Xertog

Xertog 19:58:53 pm CDT

nasreen{TH}t 19:58:59 pm CDT
girl realizes that not everyone will pleased no matter what the time is...and that some will always be late....
she will do her best to make it at what ever the starting time is...

Xertog 20:01:58 pm CDT
Ok not a lot of feed back on the starting time for Thursday.. I guess we'll move on.

Jake 20:03:09 pm CDT
settles some with a nod to all during the quiet moments


Xertog 20:04:06 pm CDT
subject matter: would like to have a look at the rule about not greeting when someone first comes in...when its someone new, i think it makes us come up as if ignoring and being rude and not very welcoming...maybe there is a good answer without changing rules? like telling the girls to at least make a statement of knowing someones at the door IF the girls aren't busy serving.

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:04:20 pm CDT
*cusses quietly and kicks her pc*
aurora will not be able to participate
or return whispers...keeps timing out
*looks to Master Loki with a plea*

Loki 20:05:27 pm CDT
This was brought up before, months ago I believe, by kadife, it should be in the forum notes. It was passed up to the council to be discussed.

Xertog 20:06:41 pm CDT
This protocol came up last night in the tavern. I think we discussed this last year too.
From the books, Port Kar is the only city on Gor that welcomes strangers. GS should also

Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:06:41 pm CDT
why can't a post be made in acknowlegement of the person there?
~ glancing to door with a smile.. ~
why would you greet a person before they actually enter?
you would be clueless what their first post would be..
~takes a stance drawing His sword.. ~
and you just rang out cheerfully. "Greetings Master!"

nasreen{TH}t 20:07:54 pm CDT
girl tries to make a post about looking to the door as she hears it opening....or eyeing the handsome Master...or watching...something..

Laroona 20:08:00 pm CDT
A newcomer we should welcome
if they sit and refresh then good on them watching, maybe they may learn something about GS
The norm set down for entry is towait until that person has posted..then greet
a slave or Free can notice someone .. depends as they could be in the doorway.. but how about opening the doors.. never happens any more

kadife{GS} 20:08:15 pm CDT
Thank You Master Loki... yes this girl did bring that up.... this girl always feel bad when she sees a new face and can't say hello or be welcoming

 stormy{Xg~L} 20:08:59 pm CDT
what if they dont stay ? some come in and leave without word .

 nasreen{TH}t 20:09:45 pm CDT
or like Master Connor...He enters a private room near as this girl can tell....spends ahns on the list...but never a word...

Laroona 20:09:57 pm CDT
and are those present to know it could be a capture, assassin or raid intended?

 kadife{GS} 20:10:19 pm CDT
when kadife came into the room for the very first time... if someone said "glancing at the door" she would not have known what they meant

Jake 20:10:20 pm CDT
I think the point was about folks entering as if seemingly looking to see who is in the rooms or what is being said..a few entered lastnight and never do you greet or wait for them?

Loki 20:10:23 pm CDT
aye kadife, I believe we spoke about if it was a newbie, an actually nuwbie and not some idiot playing games, it would be ok to greet them before they posted an entrance post, as theyre silence might only be because on not knowing protocols

Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:10:44 pm CDT
and how would you even know their name? to greet them?
shadow knows you can *see* the name but for RP purposes, would they not be a stranger until they did enter?

Xertog 20:11:31 pm CDT
I know last night I sent one of the people that entered and said nothing a whisper greeted them

dina{GS} 20:11:45 pm CDT
~listens nodding slightly at mistress shadows words, having shared those thoughts herself~

 Laroona 20:14:10 pm CDT
some of late are ""visiting"" to check us out and just gaming around

 kadife{GS} 20:14:27 pm CDT
well then as far as roll play goes should a slave say to a new comer that does post an entrance " greetings Master this slaves name is kadife?

kadife{GS} 20:15:12 pm CDT
or they call this slave kadife?

 Loki 20:16:06 pm CDT
kadife, when a newcomer comes in I always introduce myself and ask for there name, I think when I met dina for the first time I asked for her name~chuckle~ its part of r/p

Laroona 20:16:10 pm CDT
some of you had to be around when Kyoto was here, he would soon advise you not to greet him until he had posted an entry
I also think most of the current slaves and Free know who is who

Xertog 20:16:20 pm CDT
Some do that Laroona. They peak in and never post or refresh. There is nothing we can do to stop that. I think some people don't have the Whos Where page book marked so they pop in to take a peak.

kadife{GS} 20:16:25 pm CDT
and this slave has come to recognise people that come in and never say anything and just pays them no mind... as they seem not to want to be minded...

galah{RA} 20:16:48 pm CDT
galah just thinks that slaves not yet serving should at least look to the door with a welcoming smile, we know many are just gamers or just having a look, but if we come off looking like snobs, then they certainly aren't going to be willing to learn more about us?

kadife{GS} 20:17:39 pm CDT
could one just say... after waiting a lil bit hello to the one that has entered?

 dina{GS} 20:17:23 pm CDT
yes Master Loki, this girl remembers that You did..and she enjoyed that, the made meeting You a memorable thing for her Master

galah{RA} 20:18:54 pm CDT
but the one yesterday carried a name that could of well been a gorean, perhaps a gorean from elsewhere, but it wasn't one of those silly earthen names...and we all waited for at least a word from him so we could speak, greet and welcome, but that never happened

nasreen{TH}t 20:19:01 pm CDT

Jake 20:19:16 pm CDT
I see little wrong with a simple acknowledgement to the door..a smile a quirk of a brow..something that let's folks from here or not life is in the some do sit waiting to be joined and no way to know if the icon is still active..

 Loki 20:19:31 pm CDT
aye dina, it makes the r/p real and fun~nods and smiles~

 Laroona 20:20:40 pm CDT
carly likes to enter
IMO if they can refresh they can post

 kadife{GS} 20:20:25 pm CDT
silly earth names ~smiles at gal~

 omi{GS} 20:19:50 pm CDT
in the instance that the door is closed could not a person at least hear footfalls...and say "turns head in the direction of the door hearing footsteps" this way if they choice to open the door they still can right?

nasreen{TH}t 20:21:34 pm CDT
thinks her old name nassy might have been one of those silly earthern names....tickles galah...

Jake 20:22:16 pm CDT
wait..silly Earthen names...don't make Me take out oddly placed steel and show up as I used to do galah

Xertog 20:22:16 pm CDT
You are referring to Razik Duskwood galah? He has come in before. He stays for a short time, never posts and leaves.

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:22:33 pm CDT
aurora agrees with You Master Jake
one does not know if the person entering is a Master or a Mistress
or a Panther, a Assassin

galah{RA} 20:23:53 pm CDT
gals not talkin about those kindda normal earthen names, she is talking of those that come in with names like horny tom or sexy tim...any of those kind of tom, dick and harry kindda names hehehehehehe

 kadife{GS} 20:23:47 pm CDT
Razik duskwood?

nasreen{TH}t 20:24:43 pm CDT
laughing...oohhh those names....the ones that make them out as hng...

Jake 20:25:12 pm CDT
well there goes My new name change..was looking at Hung and Sexy..laughs...

dina{GS} 20:25:42 pm CDT
~laughs~ oh my Master Jake!

Jake 20:26:08 pm CDT
it's all a lie dina..I promise you

Xertog 20:27:02 pm CDT
I think those names were more common when GS was over at poolsidechat.

galah{RA} 20:27:55 pm CDT
yes Master Xertog, that name could be a gorean name...from elsewhere, its sure not an earhen name....but perhaps he doesn't speak for he feels a stranger and doesn't quite know what to make of us

Jake 20:28:41 pm CDT
Maybe He's Kur galah and lost His speaking vessel???
I know..not that again.

Laroona 20:28:45 pm CDT
I think we are all adult enough to know how to greet a newcomer or post seeing a shadow fall across the doorway... as example
so people do know one has been recognised as being sort of here

galah{RA} 20:29:19 pm CDT
and there was a drop in the other day too, had an odd name and wasn't sure if it was Master or a Mistress, so that makes it rather rough for a slave to make them feel welcome too

Xertog 20:29:36 pm CDT
I think we can all agree to try and make a new person entering feel more welcome bu the suggestions made by everyone.

galah{RA} 20:30:49 pm CDT
gal knows when its an unknown, she is quickly whispering the other girls to see if they know, and gal suspects that the other girls do the same, cause sure do make one feel dumb if she addresses the person wrong heheheheheee

snowrose{JTr} 20:31:41 pm CDT
girl is sorry, but her computer crashed and she lost everything she scribed...she had saved it along the way, but it's all gone.

 Xertog 20:31:46 pm CDT
If you are going to assume better to assume it is

a Mas nasreen{TH}t 20:31:48 pm CDT
nodding so true galah...

snowrose{JTr} 20:32:29 pm CDT
All she has is up to where Master Xertog hands Master Loki the helmet...

 a galah{RA} 20:32:51 pm CDT
gal thinkin a Kurr couldn't just come in silently and NOT be noticed Master Jake heheheheheee heheheheee gal is just sure GS always has a big furry moving mat back in the corner heheheheheee

Laroona 20:33:53 pm CDT
Xertog have names that could be either and a slave is and could be in deep

Jake 20:34:00 pm CDT
it's the Urt I feed when around galah...He has an odd Earthen name..Charlie

Xertog 20:34:14 pm CDT
It happens snowrose. PCs do that. Nothing do about it. 

 dina{GS} 20:35:13 pm CDT
dina just scribed everything till now snowrose, she can send it to you?

Xertog 20:35:40 pm CDT
That they could Laroona

snowrose{JTr} 20:36:57 pm CDT
yes please're a lifesaver

Xertog 20:37:21 pm CDT
send it here dina ->

galah{RA} 20:37:36 pm CDT
**looking to snowrose and dina and giving them a thumbs up** wow, gs has the most efficient slaves around, good on ya girls!!!

dina{GS} 20:38:14 pm CDT
yes Master Xertog

Jake 20:38:18 pm CDT
saved by the slave..who knew?

nasreen{TH}t 20:38:34 pm CDT
smiling at both snowrose and dina...

Jake 20:41:11 pm CDT
we covered sex last week? looks for My notes...

 galah{RA} 20:40:43 pm CDT
sex is always a good topic? heheheheheee oooooohhh, never mind, we covered that last week? Heheheheheheheeee

Dak 20:42:30 pm CDT
what was the conclusion, I missed that one, was it in or out ?

nasreen{TH}t 20:43:02 pm CDT
sex can only be covered one week?
this one likes sex on a daily basis.....

Jake 20:45:03 pm CDT
When do We take on Cos in football and kick their worthless arses?

omi-{GS} 20:45:01 pm CDT
*just watches and listens*

 Xertog 20:43:51 pm CDT
We have 20 people here andno one has
a topic?

Jake 20:46:31 pm CDT
a ball...feet..kicking arses...or balls..nevermind

Dak 20:45:55 pm CDT
they have footballs on GOR??  you has a topic su

ggestion? Laroona 20:47:39 pm CDT
Before I need to depart to RT I do have an issue

shaina {KR} 20:47:07 pm CDT
shaina is good at tackling... *nods*

Dak 20:46:53 pm CDT

kadife{GS} 20:48:25 pm CDT
pazia could just tickle them to death

 nasreen{TH}t 20:47:40 pm CDT
nasreen makes a good ermmm cheerleader....

nasreen{TH}t 20:49:11 pm CDT
laughing..that is true kadife....

 Jake 20:48:33 pm CDT

galah{RA} 20:50:17 pm CDT
way back in the early gor, one room played naked ice hockey heheheheheheee heheheee ohhh, nuthin like the memories!!!

Thadron 20:50:34 pm CDT
there are many games to play with the Men of Cos.... not all have to do with balls *laughs

 Laroona 20:51:52 pm CDT

nasreen{TH}t 20:51:04 pm CDT
ouucchhhhh as girl has the hockey game on the tv..for background noise...

nasreen{TH}t 20:52:36 pm CDT
quiets down..

Loki 20:53:01 pm CDT
wait are You waiting for Laroona, spit it out~nods~

Laroona 20:55:13 pm CDT
Thank You Loki

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Xertog 20:53:42 pm CDT
Laroona has something she wants to post regarding scribing..
Then we will end the forum and head to the tavern or the room Port Kar.

Jake 20:53:57 pm CDT
for how I feel about Cos...We could play the game of favors with all their women..then chuckles...allows the Lady to speak

  Thadron 20:54:42 pm CDT

snowrose{JTr} 20:57:27 pm CDT
yes Mistress

 kadife{GS} 20:57:24 pm CDT
this slave thanks Mistress Laroona for all her hard work

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:57:50 pm CDT
there is no need to the added details?
so no *t* GS fg?
sorry...what does no need to add details to names mean?

Laroona 20:58:45 pm CDT
if others like the scribes do have to sit and C&P stuff...
try it some time
then edit out greetings and leavings when a hot topic is being discussed
it is unfair on them
and I am not speaking about myself here but the other helpers

dina{GS} 20:57:59 pm CDT
~notes the address, saves it, and smiles~ thank You Mistress Laroona...dina will remember those instructions

 Laroona 20:59:50 pm CDT
fg (t) are part of collar as I understand it

Thadron 21:00:36 pm CDT
thank you, Laroona *nods

Forum Closed

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