FORUM NOTES - MAY 2nd 2010



nasreen19:12:34 pm CDT

Master Xertog Master Xern did fill this slave with fear


nasreen{TH}t 19:13:10 pm CDT

ahh kadife it's not a bad thing for a girl to be filled with fear....we usually serve better....nodding..


Xertog 19:13:25 pm CDT

Did he kadife? Why did you fear



kadife{GS} 19:15:55 pm CDT

well she did not at first but then she got whispers Master Xertog and the whispers told this girl that He was a very very very strict Master indeed. and that He had even whipped his own slave with a this slave was very fearful Master Xertog


Laroona 19:17:52 pm CDT

Tal Kringe

Tal Ramses


kadife yes galah saw that event, I never, but know of it.. he was one who I feared.. and fear in a slave is good... makes her work harder to be pleasing


   Xertog   19:23:01 pm CDT

Tal Kringe.

Lets get the forum started


  galah{J}   19:23:23 pm CDT

oooooohh but gal felt most priveleged to clean his boots, one time in all the years, gal was called to his lap ONCE, was scared so bad that gal didn't even squirm around, just stayed motionless just in case any movement might have displeased him hehehehehee


  Laroona   19:23:33 pm CDT

I feel of late slaves have gotten away with a lot.. far too much


   Kringe GS Advisor   19:24:20 pm CDT

chuckles hearing Laroona as My girl gets into My lap ...greetings My shaina I see you were able to finnish your chores in time



 nasreen{TH}t   19:24:28 pm CDT

grows quieter now that Master Xertog has called for Forum to start..


  galah{J}   19:24:53 pm CDT

ooooohh yes Mistress, perhaps we could continue on that thought for the first topic Master?



   Xertog   19:25:41 pm CDT

The regular rules as always apply. Keep the greetings and RP to whispers.. Let me your topic suggestions..


  Xertog   19:30:36 pm CDT

Should non-pledge be setting assignments/chores for GS Owned slaves. Should this happen as it does interfere with the work set out by Council.


   Kringe GS Advisor   19:32:13 pm CDT

shaking My head ...I dont think so if They wish to interact like that then They can take the time to go about pledging


  Thadron   19:34:46 pm CDT

I agree with Kringe, that interaction implies they have a stake in the slaves doings.... I believe they only have a stake in what they pay for in the Tavern


  Laroona   19:34:49 pm CDT

I think they have no right at all, especially when they are also playing in other sites.. as one had done of late...

Also those who rarely enter GS doing the same thing

there are more ways to have interacting than setting that type of stuff IMO


kadife{GS} 19:35:49 pm CDT

as long as the slave does all her work for the home first.. what would it matter?


   Kringe GS Advisor   19:35:54 pm CDT

nods as I lsten to the Others


  nasreen{TH}t   19:36:43 pm CDT

girl believes that only Pledged and the Owners of the slaves here should be giving chores to the slaves.


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:36:56 pm CDT

shadow is uncertain what this refers to but if its a Master telling a slave to get fire wood and they are not Pledged, so?.. Is it not for the Free to keep slaves busy if they aren't doing it theirselves?


 Laroona   19:37:05 pm CDT

Unfortunately the slave has no say

he/she must obey

personally I would rather tell the Free to bugger off out of GS


  Ulrich   19:37:19 pm CDT

Nay. The first duty of the girls owned by GS is to do what we ask of them. the shouldn't be distracted from the tasks we have laid out for them by a non-pledged person.


Of course the GS owned slaves are obligated to provide service, but this is service that is paid for by coin.


 nasreen{TH}t   19:38:12 pm CDT

mistress shadow ...this girl thinks it has more to do with chores being posted on the slave corks then simple tasks in the Tavern...


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:38:39 pm CDT

* agrees with kadife *


there are two post on the corks of slaves doing a chore or assignment that was asked of them by someone other than their owners. Those two slaves do everything that is asked from them, as far as shadow knows, so why would it matter?


  Laroona   19:38:42 pm CDT

then why should the Free not become one of GS.. one Free has been hanging around for months.... and sets a GS slave chores

come on


   Kringe GS Advisor   19:38:56 pm CDT

I think Xertog was refering to assignments to be done away from just regular r/p in the tavern Laroona 19:38:42 pm CDT


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:39:41 pm CDT

this must be a personal attack on a certain person .. *bows out of the conversation*


  Laroona   19:40:40 pm CDT

slaves have enough to do now... assignments to be done and mailed in.. not spending time doing some menials chore set down by a non-pledge

   Xertog   19:40:56 pm CDT

Kringe I was reposting what was sent to me. I wasn't referring to anything my self.


  shaina {KR}   19:41:32 pm CDT

'specially when they dont even do menial chores for the home to begin with...


  galah{J}   19:41:33 pm CDT

if that is the case, would pledged patrons be able to assign such task? the girls belong to the council, not to every pledged patron, gal is confused about this one


  Kringe GS Advisor   19:41:52 pm CDT

I dont think it is I havent seen the chores posted that is being refered to but in general that is the way I feel about it


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:43:35 pm CDT

a Non Pledged Master in the Tavern and a slave of the chain there and He tells the slave to go get wood, build up the fire, am lost here.. why would that bother anyone?


  snowrose{JTr}   19:44:03 pm CDT

girl thinks that if it is a menial task, such as adding wood to the fire, or moving His furs away from the fire, done at the time, that is just part of the service for His comfort...but doing outside assignments, such as writing to Him, that's different


  Kringe GS Advisor   19:44:21 pm CDT

shaking My head ...


  nasreen{TH}t   19:44:45 pm CDT

hushes herself...


  Laroona   19:44:53 pm CDT

A question?

does this mean I can enter and say I want you to do this and you to do that and post it on the chore baord and leave?

or as a Pledge can I set chores?


  galah{J}   19:44:55 pm CDT

and then there is the why, why would they assign such chores anyways? for training purposes?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:45:14 pm CDT

* nods to snowrose *

now that shadow agrees with, but chores for Our Home, theres no harm there.. a girls thoughts


kadife{GS} 19:45:49 pm CDT

this slave was asked to write on the corks the names of all the brands.. she did so and got comments back from other slaves thanking her for doing that... as they did not know all the names of the brands.... was harm done?


  Laroona   19:46:21 pm CDT

oops first part should read can anyone enter


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:46:55 pm CDT

no kadife, no harm there, and you take care of what is asked of you so not sure how that hurt anything..


 snowrose{JTr}   19:47:16 pm CDT

it's not a question of harm done, it's a question of intruding


  nasreen{TH}t   19:48:21 pm CDT

Master Jondalar is still on the list of pledged shaina...


  najla{Xg-L}   19:48:40 pm CDT

~guessing she will be quiet as an owned slave she never posts chores.. so she should have NO say..


  shaina {KR}   19:48:52 pm CDT

thought so...


  nasreen{TH}t   19:49:00 pm CDT

unless that page is being updated also and this girl doesn't have a new link...


  Laroona   19:49:42 pm CDT

The other is not a pledge and has been around GS for months.. does not believe in slavery and sets chores **RME*


  bria{GS}   19:49:51 pm CDT

*slips in quietly, trying to read back on the conversations*


 kadife{GS}  19:51:20 pm CDT

if He does not believe in slavery... what is He doing on a Gor site? and who is this person,,, if this slave may be so bold to ask?


 Laroona   19:52:35 pm CDT

sighs even if updated the link remains the same


stormy{Xg~L}  19:53:05 pm CDT

stormy doesnt see many names on the chore board , she is embarrassed to say not even her name is there , but chores menial or not has no bearing on this , it is what is ordered by a free that MUST be obeyed .


   Xertog   19:53:47 pm CDT

Lets keep this a general discussion and not bring in any particular person.


  najla{Xg-L}   19:53:57 pm CDT

exactly sis ~winks~


  shaina {KR}   19:54:51 pm CDT

shaina agrees with you there stormy.. the slave isn't at fault at all...

she thinks the arguement is soley on whether or not the non-pledged Free had a right to tell the slave to do them


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   19:54:58 pm CDT

what happens to the slave who refuses to do menial chores

even by an Unpledged Free

what would her Owners say about that disobedience?

a Free could be testing a slave

to see if Pledging to our home might even be worth it

~just thinking thoughts outloud~


stormy{Xg~L} 19:55:30 pm CDT

are there names or people that should be avoided ? what if the Master is looking for a home or interested in a slave wouldnt he have a right to ask her to do something for him ?


  Laroona   19:56:20 pm CDT

Many never post chores

chores IMO are too mcuh to expect as many here have RT jobs and RT housewives and ddoi do chores in VT is the psits IMO


  najla{Xg-L}   19:57:25 pm CDT

but good thoughts aurora ~smiles~ naj was thinking the same thing


  Laroona   19:57:30 pm CDT

kadife there is a banned persons list


  Laroona   19:58:22 pm CDT

The original topic was about a non pledge handing GS slaves chores etc


 kadife{GS}  19:59:19 pm CDT

so this person is on a banned persons list.... then the real issue here is that slaves should read that list and put banned person on ignore and not even talk to them let alone do chores for them....


  Laroona   19:59:21 pm CDT

if slave disobeys and it is reported then slave is in deep..


slave is in a Catch 22 situation

unless Council rule on who sets chores


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   19:59:35 pm CDT

so the other perspective is

tell the slave she cannot be assigned chores by a Master

a Free?



  Laroona   20:00:06 pm CDT

kadife not on the list


   Xertog   20:00:24 pm CDT

Slaves should do as they are told such as was mentioned by snowrose, "menial task, such as adding wood to the fire" and such.

If somebody gets out of hand with running GS slaves with chores or other assignment somebody from the Council will step in and put an end to it. If somebody knows of somebody that is out of hand save the posts and send it to the GS Council. We don't see everything that happens in GS.


  Thadron   20:00:26 pm CDT

some very good examples are being raised... and I believe that the slaves opinions tonight show that in general they know how to act around Free and know their need to obey... I do believe that the general topic of setting chores, that need to be posted to the cork should be done by order or consent of the owners.. with a GS slave, that means the Council.... Slave Master, fg... or whoever the Council delegates....


  Thadron   20:01:16 pm CDT

aye, Captain, exactly what I was thinking.... if there are Free's who are out of bounds, the Council should deal with them *nods*


  shaina {KR}   20:01:40 pm CDT

well shaina knows most dont ever like her opinion.. but since this is Forum...


really what is the big deal? if we freaking nit pick on everything a non pledged does.... mainly because the person "isnt' Gorean enough" to please everybody.. then we're never going to build the place up....

did it kill anybody for the slave to do the chore?


  nasreen{TH}t   20:01:51 pm CDT

in this girls mind....

if the task or chore is something that can be while the said Free is in the home...with out a need for further research and posting on the corks....

something that will add to His/Her comfort while in GS seeing if they wish to pledge ....

there wouldn't be a problem is that a correct thought?


  Thadron   20:02:45 pm CDT

aye nasreen, I agree with that thought


  Laroona   20:02:48 pm CDT

shaina you have questioned this persons reason for being on Gor with his equality beliefs


  Laroona   20:04:04 pm CDT

and IMO it does detract from other assignments set down for slaves to do rather than sit alone and do a chore ofr a non-pledge


  shaina {KR}   20:04:11 pm CDT

shaina prolly has Mistress... but if He's still coming around there's a chance.. maybe a small chance that He's giving it a shot to learn.. and maybe Him making a slave do a chore was part of that for Him.... so why brow beat Him over something so petty?

   Xertog   20:05:32 pm CDT

I'll repost this one more time:


Xertog 19:53:47 pm CDT

Lets keep this a general discussion and not bring in any particular person.


 stormy{Xg~L}  20:05:56 pm CDT

stormy believes this is brought up to protect the slaves from insincere people. What if kadife really likes him and he is just here to waste time or to play a game ? its sad really because a slave is property but under all that are real emotions and stormy believes that is what they are trying to protect


  Ulrich   20:06:09 pm CDT

When I think of asking a slave to do chores, I immediately thought of cases where we have directed them to do chores for various reasons, as part of their training, or to show some life in the empty Tavern or any other reasons we may have as their owners.

Someone having a slave do a menial task as part of active rp, is a different story. I have no problem with that.

If a non-pledged is trying to interfere with one of our girls training, that's where I take issue.


  snowrose{JTr}   20:07:25 pm CDT

a girl is curious...if a Master told a girl to write Him an essay, stating why she is a slave...why she chooses to submit herself to that treatment, would anyone think that was no big thing...and email it to Him this one felt she was being asked to justify her existance and didn't want to do it


 kadife{GS}  20:07:26 pm CDT

shaina this slave has come across blogs written by people that hate Gor... maybe this person was here or comes her to do research for that blog and the slaves of GS and the owners of GS or just fodder for his blogs... thats insulting if that is in fact the case


  shaina {KR}   20:07:30 pm CDT

probably because He constantly has to put up with alot of crap


 stormy{Xg~L}  20:08:02 pm CDT

alot of crap ? by whom ?


 Laroona   20:08:33 pm CDT

I will ask my question again

Can a Pledge hand out chores and have it posted on the corks?

and not a menial tasks undertaken during r/p


   Xertog   20:08:36 pm CDT

OK This conversation ends now!!


  shaina {KR}   20:08:37 pm CDT

if it's found out to be a fact kadife.. then that's a different story....


  Ulrich   20:09:55 pm CDT

But as several have mentioned, it's the slave's job to do as she's told. Iwit's MY job as Slave Master or the Council's to determine if the Free is out of line, and we can handle it from there with the person in question, if it is determined as such.


   Xertog   20:10:19 pm CDT

I don't think anybody name was mentioned so I don't think anything needs to be removed.

The forum is NOT going to used in this manner.


  Thadron   20:11:46 pm CDT

*nods agreement with the Captains*


  nasreen{TH}t   20:12:04 pm CDT

one was Master Xertog...but He is a pledged...


  Ulrich   20:13:32 pm CDT

Laroona, by definition a Free can do as they wish, and ask for what they wish.


If they get out of line, we will deal with it. It all comes down to a case by case basis.


  najla{Xg-L}   20:13:38 pm CDT

so naj is confuggled Master, have we decided what a girl should do in that situation?


  shaina {KR}   20:14:45 pm CDT

((Master asked shaina via text to explain He's lost service and wont be able to return tonight))


  Ulrich   20:14:46 pm CDT

And I agree with Xertog. Forum is for GENERAL discussions, not personal attacks.

If it can't be kept general, it's best to keep quiet.


  Laroona   20:15:07 pm CDT

Thank you Ulrich...

I was attempting to get a differential between a pledge and non-pledge *S*


   Xertog   20:15:41 pm CDT

najla a girl should do what she is told to do. Anything questionable should be saved for the Council to handle.


  najla{Xg-L}   20:16:48 pm CDT

yes Master ~smiles~


   Xertog   20:17:19 pm CDT

I have some quick announcements / reminders.


  Laroona   20:17:41 pm CDT

or personally owned to Owner *S


  galah{J}   20:18:41 pm CDT

there would be exceptions to that Master Xertog? as in if the Master wants sexual favors from say a white silk, the girl isn't to do so and then notify council? she needs to wiggle out of it, or run away and then let council know?


  Ulrich   20:19:06 pm CDT

Aye Laroona. When it comes down to it, in the spirit of r/p, as long as they stay within the rules, and don't interfere with our training, there is no difference between pledged and non-pledged in that sense.

If that grey line is crossed, we will deal with it as the issues arise.


  Ulrich   20:20:09 pm CDT

aye galah, and she should remain respectful at all times should that occur.


   Xertog   20:21:04 pm CDT

Yes galah white silks should do that. Also GS slaves should follow the chain of command and take these issues to the FG.


  galah{J}   20:22:37 pm CDT

same thing applies to a Master wishing rt information, there are rules set forth to protect girls from that and so they need not just do as told by a free in just a couple of circumstances


  galah{J}   20:23:44 pm CDT

gal just wanted to clearify that statement about girls just doing as they are told, to newer girls, that could be somewhat confusing Master


   Xertog   20:23:54 pm CDT

Thursday Night at the Shores continues again this week with RP in the room Port Kar.

My work schedule is such that I won't getting home till late on Thursday from now on.


 kadife{GS}  20:25:32 pm CDT

we will missing seeing You on thursday nights Master Xertog


  Laroona   20:25:38 pm CDT

I would have thought that would be the first basic lesson.. *shrugs*


  Ulrich   20:26:40 pm CDT

It's covered in their training. They know their restrictions, and the chain of command.


   Xertog   20:27:24 pm CDT

The context was in regards to slaves being ordered to do chores. I hope that did not get lost.


  Laroona   20:28:54 pm CDT

Xertog so people would need to use their imagination on those days

I believed that was what was the event and there would be no need for you to be there for everything


  Thadron   20:29:58 pm CDT

just show up in Port Kar for RP? is there a circumstance pre-arranged to start from?


   Xertog   20:31:58 pm CDT

You are right Laroona I don't need to be here. There are other people on the Council. I know Kringe will be there. But people don't need any of us to RP in Port Kar.

Use your 'imagination' is what it is all about. Nobody needs me for that.


  Laroona   20:32:02 pm CDT

LOL that is when interactive creativity comes form ..something different from serving

I believe that was wht Port Kar room was establsihed for... to be gorean and be a little different


  najla{Xg-L}   20:32:32 pm CDT

Master Thadron... going with the flow of things is always fun ~winks~ someone just start and everyone else feeds off that...


  Ulrich   20:33:03 pm CDT

I'll try to make it Xertog. Thursdays are kind of hit or miss as far as my availability goes. I'll be here if/when I can.


  Thadron   20:33:27 pm CDT

so it is, najla *smiles*


   Xertog   20:38:54 pm CDT

Any other topic suggestions?


  aura{Hunter}   20:42:27 pm CDT

Master has been booted... aura wishes all well and leaves quietly to go to Him......


  Laroona   20:49:48 pm CDT

Xertog what about what galah was alluding too before forum?


 Xertog   20:50:29 pm CDT

No topics?? I'll call the forum to a close then. Here is another reminder.

The next book for the Tuesday book discussion is Nomads of Gor.

We will take a week off after finishing Captive of Gor and start Nomads of Gor on May 25th


   Xertog   20:52:41 pm CDT

Thanks for coming folks. Thanks you snowrose for scribing

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