FORUM NOTES - MAY 9th 2010



snowrose{JTr} 19:10:53 pm CDT

Greetings Master Loki.

a girl hopes You are well this night


Loki 19:11:34 pm CDT

aye girl, well enough I imagine. Can you scribe if forum begins?


 snowrose{JTr} 19:11:57 pm CDT

Yes Master...she will be happy to scribe


Loki 19:12:55 pm CDT

Aye, thank you, we'll see if people start piling in, if not then no worries.

how is your Master these days?


Kringe GS Advisor 19:15:23 pm CDT

enters the forum ...Tal Loki

greetings snowrose


Loki 19:16:10 pm CDT

Tal Kringe, I hope the day has treated You well


shaina {KR} 19:16:20 pm CDT

*runs in giggling as she'd booted herself completely out of GS*

Master got her all flustered


kadife{GS} 19:17:35 pm CDT

enters the forum and waves and smiles to all she goes to the slave mats


Kringe GS Advisor 19:18:04 pm CDT

aye its a good day Loki ..nods and turns as I hear My giggling slut follow along ...I move to My spot in the back


Loki 19:18:43 pm CDT

Aye, tis good to hear Kringe~firm nod~


 Loki 19:21:50 pm CDT

shadow is your Master going to make forum tonight?


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:22:55 pm CDT

* bites her lip softly looking towards the door.. *

shadow believes He will be Master Loki, but He seldom gets here till after 7:30


  shaina {KR}   19:24:04 pm CDT

greetings mistress.. *winks with a blown kiss*


  Loki   19:24:30 pm CDT

thank you shadow for the information, Ill let forum wait till He arrives, its only a few more ehn to go....


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:29:10 pm CDT

* lets out the held breath *

~ whew ~


  Ulrich   19:30:12 pm CDT

Entering the forum moving to the dais

Tal Loki, Kringe and Dak

greetings girls


  Loki   19:30:42 pm CDT

Tal Captain Ulrich, forum is Yours, snowrose volunteered to scribe if You wish..


  Ulrich   19:32:01 pm CDT

~leaning down tasting shadows lips~

Looks like I was right on time.


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:33:27 pm CDT

* giggling licking at her lips snuggling against His thigh.. *

mmmmmmmmy Master, shadow thinks You are always right on time even when You are late


  Ulrich   19:33:28 pm CDT

Thanks Loki.

~nodding to snowrose with a wink~ and thank you too girl.

Ok since I'm a bit late, we'll go ahead and get things started.

If anyone has a topic suggestion, just whisper them to me.


  Ulrich   19:38:04 pm CDT

Nobody has anything on their mind?

That's unusual.. ~chuckling to myself~


   Dak   19:38:12 pm CDT

Tal Ulrich, have you heard if I'm allowed to pledge ?


 Kringe GS Advisor   19:38:23 pm CDT



shaina {KR}   19:39:24 pm CDT

*looks up to her Master... nibbling her lip... letting her eyes slowly roam over His body*

shaina's got something on her mind.... just not sure it's Forum material


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:45:01 pm CDT

is shadow still here?


  Ulrich   19:45:06 pm CDT

Ok while I deal with a dropped whisper, somebody come up with a topic for discussion.


  snowrose{JTr}   19:45:33 pm CDT

~pinches her, hears the yelp~ she seems to be



   Kringe GS Advisor   19:47:24 pm CDT

I would  like to appoligize for missing this Thursdays events I had planned something that would have been a

good time and I know shaina worked hard on it but My r/t jumped in the way at the last ihn


  shaina {KR}   19:47:40 pm CDT

*ponders something to discuss... her deep blue eyes wandering back to her Master*


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:48:15 pm CDT

shaina has something..

~ smiles pretty at her.. ~

go head, do share? *winks*


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:49:18 pm CDT

can't help RT Master Kringe, even when we want to.. ~smiles~


  shaina {KR}   19:49:52 pm CDT

*sticks her tongue out at mistress... with a few tip flicks*


  Ulrich   19:49:58 pm CDT

Kringe I know how that goes. I had planned to be there myself, but like you R/T jumped in the way.

Kringe GS Advisor   19:50:51 pm CDT

greetings girl


  shaina {KR}   19:51:09 pm CDT

greetings taj..


   Kringe GS Advisor   19:51:59 pm CDT

nods ,well I havent told anyone what I had planned so I will try it again sometime


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:52:10 pm CDT

* nods to shaina *

starting with the tongue usually is a great thing, shadow thinks and her Master's never complained


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:52:34 pm CDT

greetings taj and welcome to GS!


  shaina {KR}   19:53:09 pm CDT



tajnylia{GS~O}  19:54:31 pm CDT

thank You, Mistress (is it not customary to address the first girl as Mistress? Forgive this one if she has  made a mistake)


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:55:09 pm CDT

well yes, but just a wee little m, please.. hehe


  Ulrich   19:55:56 pm CDT

Thinking with this being Mothers Day it might have been a good day to cancel the forum.


tajnylia{GS~O} 19:56:07 pm CDT

oh, yes, mistress


   Kringe GS Advisor   19:57:11 pm CDT

aye I think you are right Ulrich and I would like to wish a happy mothers day to the girls here ...nods to them


shaina {KR}   19:58:59 pm CDT

thank You my Master.. *smiles*


Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:59:09 pm CDT

* winks at her *

thank you taj


   Kringe GS Advisor   20:00:48 pm CDT

looks to shaina ..well girl what did you have on your mind ...for a forum topic ..grins and narrows My eyes


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:01:29 pm CDT

oh good

~smiling to shaina waiting for her to share ~


  shaina {KR}   20:01:48 pm CDT

*grinning back* shaina doubts it's a Forum topic Master...

*the palm of her hand sliding over Your chest... as her eyes roam lower*


  shaina {KR}   20:02:23 pm CDT

*gives mistress a look*


  Ulrich   20:02:30 pm CDT

I'm back. I was hoping a topic for discussion would appear during my absense. lol


   Kringe GS Advisor   20:03:01 pm CDT

shrugs I tried Captain but for once the girls are quiet


  Ulrich   20:03:56 pm CDT

Maybe we should record this one for history Kringe


   Dak   20:04:21 pm CDT



  Kringe GS Advisor   20:05:00 pm CDT

chuckles ..aye I think so


  Ulrich   20:06:25 pm CDT

Ok we finally have something. A question for all you girls which may spark a bit of conversation.

What is the most precious thing your Master can give to you?


 kadife{GS}  20:08:03 pm CDT

girls collar


 tajnylia{GS~O}  20:09:01 pm CDT

is this one allowed to contribute?


  snowrose{JTr}   20:09:15 pm CDT

The gift of time, because she is most alive when she is in His presence...learning, giving


  Ulrich   20:09:28 pm CDT

aye tajnylia all are free to speak in forum


  shaina {KR}   20:10:01 pm CDT

shaina doesn't know if she could narrow it down to just


  shaina {KR}   20:10:09 pm CDT



  galah{J}   20:10:36 pm CDT

galah agrees with you snowrose, exactly what gal was going to say...his time is very precious when one is an online situation where time is an issue


 tajnylia{GS~O}  20:11:12 pm CDT

thank You, Master *heart pounding at the voice of the Captain*

well, this girl does not know much, but she feels it is the joy of slavery that is the most precious thing a Master can give a slave


   Kringe GS Advisor   20:11:16 pm CDT

pats her help her spit it out


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:12:00 pm CDT

freedom to be a slave, though time is good too.. hmmm


  galah{J}   20:12:04 pm CDT

but once you have a collar kadife, and especially being a tavern slave, what would be precious to you about  your Masters?


  shaina {KR}   20:12:26 pm CDT

.... just one thing...

His collar is precious because it means that He found her worthy... and desirable enought to want her in His steel...

His time is precious to her because it's time He wants to spend with her....

but shaina thinks every smile He gives her when she's done something to make Him happy... or every bit of laughter that tumbles from His lips when she's done something He finds amusing is just as precious too


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:12:44 pm CDT

shadow tends to agree with what shaina is having a hard time spitting out, to narrow it to just 1? that is hard...


  shaina {KR}   20:13:12 pm CDT

thank You Master... *grins*


kadife{GS} 20:14:09 pm CDT

this slave does not know


  Dak   20:15:09 pm CDT

may I add to this ?


  Ulrich   20:15:12 pm CDT

~chuckling~ as a Free man, I always see "freedom to be a slave" as a bit of a paradox, but I do understand what you're saying shadow. ~winking at her~


  Ulrich   20:15:44 pm CDT

aye Dak of course. It's forum. Everyone can and should participate if they have a thought.


  Dak   20:17:03 pm CDT

the most precious thing I know of to a slave is the attention of Masters, be it privately owned or a Tavern slave


  shaina {KR}   20:18:34 pm CDT

*giggles and slides a new sheet of rence under snowrose's writing stick*


  Ulrich   20:18:38 pm CDT

Aye Dak, I anticipated that to be the number one answer.


  Ulrich   20:19:39 pm CDT

Looks like you tore your paper snowrose. lol


   Dak   20:20:26 pm CDT

what else has a slave to live for , *smiles*


  galah{J}   20:21:45 pm CDT

time and attention is much the same thing? gal thinks a simple touch, doesn't have to be sex, although sex is good too heheheheee but just a pat or a caress is very very precious too


tajnylia{GS~O} 20:21:46 pm CDT

but Master Dak, is not the attention the Master gives to the slave the same as the joy of being slave to the Master. to this one, these things are inseparable. The Master attends to the slave, because she gives herself in all her full embrace as a mere slave girl *thinks she has confused herself*


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:23:57 pm CDT

shadow is sticking with her freedom..

~moans softly pressing harder against His thigh.. ~

thank You my Master for giving Yours the Freedom to be a slave.. hehe


  Ulrich   20:24:18 pm CDT

I'm back did I miss anything?


  shaina {KR}   20:25:01 pm CDT

*leans close.. pressing to Him as she whispers in His ear*


  Kringe GS Advisor   20:25:48 pm CDT



  Kringe GS Advisor   20:25:48 pm CDT



  Ulrich   20:26:06 pm CDT

~tracing my finger around shadow's steel, then giving her hair a little tug~ aye girl I'll keep giving you your freedom. hehe


 snowrose{JTr}   20:26:29 pm CDT

And time and attention doesn't really even require His actual her case, Master has so little time now...but an email telling her she is on is mind makes her sail through the day..Just that He thinks and cares


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:27:07 pm CDT

shadow can sure relate to that snowrose


  shaina {KR}   20:28:29 pm CDT

shaina agrees with that snowrose.... her text's from Master when He wakes up to say good morning.. always brings a smile to her face.. no matter the day she's having


   Kringe GS Advisor   20:29:00 pm CDT

I like to that as well snowrose drop a email a simple note telling her I am thinking of her


  shaina {KR}   20:29:23 pm CDT

*smiles up at Him*


   Dak   20:29:28 pm CDT

He is still giving you attrention , just speaking with you isn't He ?


  galah{J}   20:29:46 pm CDT

agrees with that completely also...just a few words in an email means the world to one


  Ulrich   20:30:01 pm CDT

tajnylia I think what they are saying is, if a Master doesn't give his slave any time or attention, then she begins to feel neglected, and she has no one to serve, no one to spark that fire.

Although it's the slaves duty to serve her Master, it is His duty to care for her, train her, work with her.  Without that, she just exists.


tajnylia{GS~O}  20:30:12 pm CDT

this girl can only imagine what that might feel like *sigh*


  galah{J}   20:31:07 pm CDT

but that goes back to time, because he gave enough of his time to write and email or text his


 tajnylia{GS~O}  20:32:54 pm CDT

*nods her head, listening to what is being said*


  shaina {KR}   20:33:44 pm CDT

shaina wishes everyone well *waves*


 tajnylia{GS~O}  20:34:19 pm CDT

tajnylia wishes You well, Master Kringe, and be well shaina


  snowrose{JTr}   20:35:53 pm CDT

Time is the most important commodity we have in we use it and share it makes our lives what they are


  Ulrich   20:36:37 pm CDT

Very well said snowrose


  galah{J}   20:39:15 pm CDT

**claps for snowrose** gal so agrees snowrose


  Ulrich   20:40:11 pm CDT

So when it comes down to it, the collar gives a girl freedom, and time gives a girl the fire.

At least that's pretty much what I got out of this.


 tajnylia{GS~O}  20:40:40 pm CDT

Sees the Master who gave her the Observer collar, and her heat pounds greater still*

greetings Master Xertog, this girl hopes You are well


Ulrich   20:52:07 pm CDT

Ok it's gotten quiet, and time is about up. I'm going to call forum to an end.

Thank you all for coming and participating.

Thanks snowrose for scribing.

Same time same place next week. Bring a friend... or two.


  snowrose{JTr}   20:53:00 pm CDT

Thank You for leading the forum Master Ulrich ~smiles~


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:53:06 pm CDT

thank You my Master

and to you snowrose.. ~smiles~


  Dak   20:53:16 pm CDT

Thanks Ulrich, for running the forum, tonite, *smiles*


 tajnylia{GS~O}  20:54:10 pm CDT

Master Ulrich, may this girl approach You?


  Ulrich   20:54:45 pm CDT

~looking to tajnylia~ aye girl you may


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:56:02 pm CDT

~ scoots over to the His side flashing a soft smile at the girl ~


   Xertog   20:56:18 pm CDT

Thanks for leading the forum Ulrich and snowrose for scribing..

I need to be going.. I wish everyone well.


   Dak   20:56:39 pm CDT

Winds Captain


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:56:42 pm CDT

night Master Xertog! dream naughty.. hehe


  snowrose{JTr}   20:56:56 pm CDT

Goodnight Master Xertog...


kadife{GS} 20:57:12 pm CDT

this girl wishess You well Master

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