FORUM NOTES - MAY 16th 2010







  Laroona   19:17:59 pm CDT

not sure if should wait for a Captain...

shadow is your Master coming soon this eve?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:19:30 pm CDT

yes Mistress Laroona, He don't usually get here till 7:30 tho..


  Laroona   19:20:35 pm CDT

thanks shadow in meantime people maybe put on their thinking caps *S*


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:20:50 pm CDT

~ blows nas two kisses just cause.. ~

greetings sweet beauty!


  nasreen{TH}t   19:21:19 pm CDT

catching both kisses from mistress....


Lady Lita 19:21:29 pm CDT

We have to THINK here???? Nobody TOLD me that!!!!


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:23:25 pm CDT

~ laughing.. ~

You sure Mistress Laroona, shadow gets REAL dangerous if given too much thinking time.. hehe


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:24:11 pm CDT

~ whew.. ~

glancing to the door seeing the mighty Master fill it

so much for thinking! yeaaaaa...


  Laroona   19:25:41 pm CDT

LOL well I am all worn out thinking LOL


  Loki   19:25:42 pm CDT

greetings nasreen, tis nice to see you as well...

Ulrich should be here in a few ehn, So we'll wait for Him to arrive to start forum.

do we have a scribe available for when He gets here?


  nasreen{TH}t   19:26:40 pm CDT

this girl had to use her mind all day at her rt work....

she has nothing left to think with for tonight...

thank You Master Loki..*smiles*



  pazia{GS}   19:26:49 pm CDT

*peeks up througher her long lashes seeing nassreen and mistress shadow she smiles softly, she need to face up to what she had done, hanging about behind everyone ashamed wouldnt get her any where but more trouble, she moves next to shadow and whispers to her of what she had done*


  Laroona   19:26:52 pm CDT

I have a RT coming up in 30 mins Loki

I hope another can scribe *S*


  Loki   19:27:55 pm CDT

Aye Laroona, no worries...

any volunteers?


  nasreen{TH}t   19:28:02 pm CDT

looks over to pazia with concern...


  snowrose{JTr}   19:28:30 pm CDT

snow is scribing anyway Master, so she will do it


  Loki   19:28:32 pm CDT

Tal DoUrden, welcome to the Shores and congates on Your pledge~firm nod~


  pazia{GS}   19:28:34 pm CDT

*after finshing her whispered confession she looks up and greets*

Greetings Master Loki

Greetings Mistress Laroona girl is sorry she acted rash running out and shouldnt have


  Loki   19:29:28 pm CDT

aye snowrose, well done, now we just need Ulrich to get here


 DoUrden  19:29:32 pm CDT

Aye One thanks you..~nods in return~


  Laroona   19:30:06 pm CDT

looks to pazia and speaks

it is not in my hands any more... I am sorry but slave of your calibre should have known better


  nasreen{TH}t   19:30:52 pm CDT

a shudder goes down her spine hearing the tone of Mistress Laroona's voice....


kadife*{GS}  19:31:30 pm CDT

kadife lowers her eyes


  pazia{GS}   19:32:52 pm CDT

*lowers her head* Yes Mistress Laroona, pazia knew what she had done was wrong but she was so mortified that she couldnt bare to beg realise she understands that she deserves punishment and just hopes for Mistress's forgiveness



  Loki   19:33:55 pm CDT

~glances to the waterclock~

Ok lets start this thing, Ill hand it over to Ulrich once He arrives, same rules as always, please mind them....

any topics? concerns? whispers them or voice them, either way...


  Laroona   19:35:02 pm CDT

pazia I was not the only one who noticed


  nasreen{TH}t   19:35:52 pm CDT

girl was wondering if there is going to be more scheduled events for A night at the Shores on Thursday evenings?


  Laroona   19:36:40 pm CDT

nasreen good topic...

as Xertog cannot make it.. he does need others to step up to help


  snowrose{JTr}   19:36:50 pm CDT

yes, a girl particularly hopes there will be this week as her sister ruby will be able to attend...a rare treat for her


  Loki   19:37:36 pm CDT

Ah, good question nasreen. At the moment all I can say is the Captains are having some issues being around on Thursday nights to lead any scheduled activities, perhaps a Free could step up and run an event when the Captains are unavailable....just a thought.


  nasreen{TH}t   19:38:14 pm CDT

girl would enjoy a roleplay night in Port Kar again....her rt kept her away for the scheduled night of that...she does try her best to be at GS her free time...


  nasreen{TH}t   19:38:52 pm CDT

aye Master Loki, girl will speak with her Master about it...


  pazia{GS}   19:38:54 pm CDT

Mistress Laroona girl understands and will beg pardon to the others also and to Master Xertog for disgracing the tavern *a tear slips to the corner of her storm cloud orbs*


  Laroona   19:39:13 pm CDT

or another night?


  Loki   19:39:16 pm CDT

Aye, r/t seems to be heavy on a lot of peoples shoulders these days...


kadife*{GS} 19:39:39 pm CDT

oh kadife loves the RP nights


DoUrden  19:40:33 pm CDT

Loki I would enjoy stepping up to it if rt allows Me the time I would enjoy the position


  Loki   19:40:33 pm CDT

Perhaps Laroona, a different night is being discussed by the council.


  nasreen{TH}t   19:40:46 pm CDT

and hers will be getting busier at work and wearing her the season moves in on her...


  pazia{GS}   19:40:48 pm CDT

girl believes the rp of GS has fallen into a rut and belives that it does need a lil stirring up and thursday nights are a start but girl thinks it shouldnt just end there and the rest of the days being simply fillers with no add to the story


   Dak   19:40:58 pm CDT

quietly entering and taking a seat, listening


  Loki   19:42:03 pm CDT

Thank You for volunteering DoUrden, Ill pass Your name along when the subject is spoken of once more. the Senior Captain Xertog will be reading the notes of this forum Im sure and will see it also


  Laroona   19:42:26 pm CDT

Loki thanks

IMO it does not take much if people have the imagination and time

my RT has been odd of late... *mutters*


 DoUrden   19:42:36 pm CDT

~nods silently~


  nasreen{TH}t   19:43:22 pm CDT

pazia on sundays we have Forum...Tuesdays book discussion...Wednesdays slave class and Thursday's for role play...that doesn't mean that we can't go into Port Kar at another time and role play...

girl met up with Master DoUrden on the docks last night....and then we moved into the Tavern....girl enjoyed that...


  Loki   19:44:03 pm CDT

Aye piaza, that is true, r/p shouldnt need to be scheduled, in My opinion, thats why the PortKar room was created, just go and do it. The main issue is finding someone here to r/p with, and the lack of storylines from individuals.. I think thats why it became a scheduled event as well


  snowrose{JTr}   19:44:13 pm CDT

The roleplay room is always there and open...she hopes Thursday does not simply become a roleplay night...


 kadife*{GS}  19:45:18 pm CDT

yes snow is right.... but a slave cannot sit in the role play room if Masters wish to sit in the tavern



  pazia{GS}   19:45:31 pm CDT

that is what girl is saying sister that there is not really ever any rp but a few serves here and there and some conversation but it is the same thing everytime, true life is like that but it also has little ups and downs and climaxes so doenst a rp


  pazia{GS}   19:47:13 pm CDT

girl trys to shake thing up they dont just need to be in port kar they can be done in the tavern to


  Laroona   19:47:15 pm CDT

an idea maybe could be tossed around...

alternate one hand book discussion, the next hand role play

that way IMO stops people getting stale


  snowrose{JTr}   19:47:29 pm CDT

true, she should be in the tavern with is their call what we do, not ours


 DoUrden  19:47:35 pm CDT

I enjoy Port Kar and have taken to the room Myself...I would enjoy rping with Aany that enters while I am there wether it Thursday or any other day


  pazia{GS}   19:48:09 pm CDT

like kadife, i belive it was kadife, she found a mar in a vessel its a simple thing but it is something


  nasreen{TH}t   19:48:16 pm CDT

perhaps if the girls were all gathered in Port Kar, instead of the Tavern..the Master's and Mistress's would go to that room see what was this girl's opinion it does not need to be a Free to roleplay we can each one of us start something...


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:48:32 pm CDT

thats actually a great idea Mistress, shadow thinks..

but still leaves it all on Master Xertog and He shouldn't have to carry all the load... a girls thoughts of course


  Laroona   19:48:41 pm CDT

nasreen true


 kadife*{GS}  19:48:52 pm CDT

well the Masters here can see the slaves are begging more RP.. maybe there wish will be granted?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:48:54 pm CDT

that was Mistress Laroona, sorry


  Loki   19:50:42 pm CDT

Aye, I see nothing wrong with hanging out in the PortKar room, just make sure your r/ping where someone can see hear you and join in...


  nasreen{TH}t   19:50:51 pm CDT

thank You Mistress Laroona...*smiles*



  galah{RA}   19:51:14 pm CDT

maybe even a reminder for everyone to know that you can be a different character in that room, but only in that room...the character can't leave PK...yesterday, there was a 'sneaky urt' in Port Kar


  Laroona   19:51:27 pm CDT

no the role play weeks can be conducted by others .. should have said that...


  nasreen{TH}t   19:51:55 pm CDT

aye Master Loki...girl often goes into Port Kar..she is usually on the docks looking out at the Thassa...watching for her Master's ship...


  Laroona   19:52:00 pm CDT

and Canta



 Loki   19:52:36 pm CDT

Role Play shouldnt really be under control of the council anyways~chuckle~ you guys go do what you want. within reason of course. It must be as realistic as possible, and within the rules of GS.


  galah{RA}   19:53:02 pm CDT

so for those that need something different, a could add to some fun and interest


  pazia{GS}   19:53:50 pm CDT

uggggg that whole post sucked it can be done any where even the tavern such as more dances and maybe a misbehaving slave or a flaw in serving



  galah{RA}   19:54:41 pm CDT

yes Mistress, exactly....seems canta disappeared into the woodwork but she lived for along time, and there was a long running story to go with it all


 DoUrden  19:54:45 pm CDT

Nay rules in Port Kar should still be the same as in the Tavern for then girls could go in just to act up when in all honesty in Gor they would be punished as well no matter where they were



   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:55:03 pm CDT

Question and maybe a dumb one..

say a slave is in Port Kar, Rping, it would be unrealistic of them to race into the Tavern if a Free comes in, yes? and really unrealistic for them to whisper the slave to come serve Them. shadow would think they would have to go in the Port Kar room and gather the slave.

sorry asking this cause it would come up just as it has in other rooms..


  Loki   19:56:46 pm CDT

Aye shadow, they would have to go interact. Not just use the whisper button and summon them. Just My opinion.


  nasreen{TH}t   19:56:47 pm CDT

mistress shadow no such thing as a dumb question...

and this one thiks that if the girl is in Port Kar r/p and a Free wants her....that Free should enter Port Kar and gather the girl...cart her off over His shoulder or what not...


  pazia{GS}   19:57:07 pm CDT

that is true but if it can be done in charactor though take for example today girl was danceing in the tavern and Mistress Laroona said something girl ran from the room blushing without permission to leave, a simple thing that stayed in charactor for pazia and it sparks some rp


 kadife*{GS}  19:57:28 pm CDT

this girl says with respect... somedays she would welcome punishment over yet another long serve of kalana wine..or just sitting and watching a Master with his personaly owned slave make uot in the tavern for an hour... again no didprespect intended


  nasreen{TH}t   19:57:30 pm CDT

well ok if a question is in one's mind and not asked...then it is a dumb question..*grins*


  galah{RA}   19:57:59 pm CDT

for the rp that gal has seen in PK, its mostly taken place on the docks? a fair walk to the tavern from there? so gal would think a Master would need go fetch a girl from down there and bring her back to the tavern if that be his wish?


  galah{RA}   19:57:59 pm CDT

for the rp that gal has seen in PK, its mostly taken place on the docks? a fair walk to the tavern from there? so gal would think a Master would need go fetch a girl from down there and bring her back to the tavern if that be his wish?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:58:48 pm CDT

shadow can just seeing it as an issue if its not a rule as it has been in the past in other rooms.


 kadife*{GS}  19:58:49 pm CDT

the mistress makes a good point


  pazia{GS}   20:01:31 pm CDT

but it shouldnt be that only one room is rp there should be transitions from room to room if a slave is on the docks they will not know if a Free entered the tavern it breaks the rp if she just ups and leaves to go serve there has to be a transition


  nasreen{TH}t   20:01:50 pm CDT

to take it away from the docks for an ehn...say the girl was at the market...gathering items for the Tavern....she wouldn't just stop her chore to run to the Tavern snowrose..she wouldn't know that a Free was there....same as when on the docks...too far from the Tavern...


  Loki   20:01:55 pm CDT

snowrose, if your on the dock watching the ships, how do you know theres a Master in the tavern?


  snowrose{JTr}   20:04:13 pm CDT

exactly...He wouldn't know she was roleplaying on the docks...The tavern is real and our duty there comes first...Just because a slave was on site first and in PK doesn't mean the Master should be obliged to go hunting up a slave to serve Him...PK is fantasy...within a fantasy


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:05:10 pm CDT

yes it sounds good and right and more realistic but if its not in wroting some Free at some point will not be happy when a girl didn't rush in to serve. This has been issues in all other rooms.

very true gal, realistcally speaking from the docks there is no way to see who is in any room, but well.. not all stop to think of that?


 Lady Lita  20:05:43 pm CDT

snowrose, I think it would depend how realistic we want our roleplay. Realistically, slaves wouldn't be sitting around idle in a Tavern just waiting for some Free to stroll in. Nor, if they were out doing errands or visiting the docks, would they telepathically know someone entered the Tavern, and drop everything and rush back. For example, in one of the books, the slaves of a particular tavern wore black silks, and on the back of those silks in yellow was the slave's name and the information that the use of that slave could be obtained at such-and-such Tavern. These girls were then sent to the docks to watch for the incoming ships, and drum up trade for the Tavern. There are many ways to realistically role-play being in other places but the Tavern, and in realistic role-play, the Free would know where the slaves hung out drumming up trade, and would know to go there and grab one and bring her back.


 DoUrden  20:06:35 pm CDT

Then I think it should be up to the Oone in PK as if a slave was gathering items for the tavern to hurry about her way to return quickly to the Tavern and make sure a Master isnt in need of service...just not drop the rp and leave


  Loki   20:06:55 pm CDT

hmm interesting point snowrose, be aware the tavern is in all actuality, a r/p room also. If you wish to do it that way then thats fine too.

But I agree with the others points on the subject. It builds on the r/p doing it the other way.




  pazia{GS}   20:07:22 pm CDT

the Pk isnt a seperate room it is like the kennels to the tavern of the piazza or the baths


  pazia{GS}   20:07:34 pm CDT



  snowrose{JTr}   20:09:28 pm CDT

yes Master


  Loki   20:09:52 pm CDT

Tal Ulrich, the forum is Yours to take control, as You can see there are different views on r/p. It was brought up about how to get things going again as in The Port Kar room scheduled events, and Thursday night activities....


  Ulrich   20:11:59 pm CDT

Loki you're welcome to continue leading the forum. Looks like you're doing a fine job.

Sorry I was late.


 Lady Lita  20:13:03 pm CDT

If the girls are worried about being elsewhere and the Free not being served, she can periodically check the "Whos Where" button, and if Someone has entered, she can roleplay finishing up he erand, or some other reason for going back to the Tavern.


  Loki   20:13:06 pm CDT

nay no Worries My Friend, tis good that You made it. Forums is Yours~grins~


  pazia{GS}   20:13:13 pm CDT

*laughs, and says jokingly* Free can add to the rp by breeding slaves with sameer or ncc


  snowrose{JTr}   20:14:42 pm CDT

yes Mistress Lita, that is all a girl really meant..We are supposed to make an opening post when entering the tavern anyway


  Ulrich   20:15:44 pm CDT

~chuckling~ Very well Loki.

Looks like a lively discussion going on. (still trying to catch up)


pazia{GS} 20:23:40 pm CDT

we can rp a raid and have slaves carted off, or simply having slaves run errons


DoUrden 20:25:48 pm CDT

As I said before I am usually in PK and in rp and would enjoy if Oothers came in I dont mind carrying on that task if thats the case


Loki 20:26:00 pm CDT

interesting idea pazia, that would require many npc's. getting an actual raid planned and scheduled is a difficult task. Ive tried once, it didnt get anywhere.


pazia{GS} 20:27:26 pm CDT

girl will gladly do it she has tried to get sisters to rp with her by dragging them out to bathe in the Thassa, she evan got caught naked batheing out there with maerian when she was still a white silk by a Master


Ulrich 20:27:55 pm CDT

When it comes down to it, R/P is only limited by the participant's imagination.


 kadife*{GS}  20:28:20 pm CDT

this slave really wants to r/p more too and will make a point of going to the pk room


  pazia{GS}   20:29:14 pm CDT

girl could try to get friends to come on here and rp a raid she knows a bunch of pple that love to, and that replace a few ncz


 Lady Lita  20:29:28 pm CDT

*nodding in agreement with Ulrich, though as a Guest, Her opinion matters not*


  nasreen{TH}t   20:29:58 pm CDT

girl understands what Your saying Master Ulrich..


  pazia{GS}   20:30:42 pm CDT

girl does to


  nasreen{TH}t   20:30:52 pm CDT

this one will start making more of her time in Port Kar....

instead of like she does some times...going to the Kennel or just to Master's Holdings...


  pazia{GS}   20:31:49 pm CDT

and girl will do the same gladly, instead of just getting off


DoUrden 20:33:47 pm CDT

Excuse Me I need some air right now...~bows low to Aall silently~...


  pazia{GS}   20:33:58 pm CDT

girl is itching for some rp now *laughs*


kadife*{GS} 20:34:40 pm CDT

this one tooo


  Thadron   20:37:27 pm CDT

that is good, nasreen, spend more time in rp while you are in GS


  nasreen{TH}t   20:37:57 pm CDT

aye Master girl will do so...




  Ulrich   20:39:47 pm CDT

Looks like this topic is winding down. If anyone has any other topics,

whisper them to me


((New topic from Master Ulrich.  should slaves be permitted to dance and serve with heat if a FW is in the tavern and even if a male has not requested the dance?))


pazia{GS}   20:45:44 pm CDT

yes they are for a slave in a tavern is there to please and entice men


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   20:45:57 pm CDT

its the Tavern aye

for a long time FW were not allowed in the Tavern

a FW can look away

but be damned if aurora is not going to dance and dance with heat, passion and show her sexuality because a FW is there


  snowrose{JTr}   20:45:57 pm CDT

In a word, yes. It's a paga tavern


  Ulrich   20:46:28 pm CDT

The short answer to that question is yes.

For a long time, FW were not allowed in the Tavern. When we decided to let them in, it is understood, it's a Tavern. The Tavern is a rough and sexual place. Things happen.

If a FW doesn't want to see what's going on, she can look the other way.


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:46:51 pm CDT

shadow would think yes, nice and naked too..

thinking its in the rules that if a FW is offended she could leave or look the other way?


  pazia{GS}   20:47:46 pm CDT

yay girl can dance out her need to be opened all she wants


  Loki   20:47:57 pm CDT

hmmm it might depend on why a girl is dancing... just to dance, and a FW walks in? are there males present?

Id say generally yes, if it bothers the FW she can avert her eyes, or go to the piazza....just My opinion.


  Thadron   20:48:21 pm CDT

aye, I like that rule


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:48:35 pm CDT

~laughs at her chain.. ~

shadow expected that answer from the hottest slut on Gor *winking at her*

of course with heat, why dance if not?


DoUrden 20:49:40 pm CDT

~slips back in silently listening~


 snowrose{JTr}   20:54:33 pm CDT

~lets out her breath~ whew...And congratulations on Your pledging Master..


  Thadron   20:54:34 pm CDT

I never read the decision to let FW enter the Tavern unescorted without possibility of capture I just kind of guessed it was so..


  nasreen{TH}t   20:54:44 pm CDT

girl thinks yes....even though she hasn't yet mastered dancing...


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:54:49 pm CDT

From Council Decisions

The Council has decided to allow FW back into the tavern. They should not expect any behavior that may offend them to be curtailed in any way. Please note if this change becomes a problem the Council can simply revert back keeping them out again. We'll see how it goes.


  Thadron   20:56:10 pm CDT

thank you shadow *nods*


  pazia{GS}   20:56:18 pm CDT

*smileing her fingers reach up to the disrobeing loop itching to dance again*


 Lady Lita  20:56:26 pm CDT

I do have a question in this vein. In the Tavern, if a slave is serving a Free Woman, is he/she required to do so in tower position?


 pazia{GS}   20:56:53 pm CDT



  aurora{Ulrich}~t   20:57:02 pm CDT

mind you aurora has witnessed

a FW being stripped

a FW killed in the Tavern

so that says it all


  Loki   20:58:08 pm CDT

Ive stripped and caged a FW in the tavern Myself~firm nod~


snowrose{JTr}   20:58:16 pm CDT

yes Mistress


  galah{RA}   20:58:58 pm CDT

serving tower to FW yes, but what if there are several FW in the tavern and a slave enters to the slave furs, would she nadu or tower then?



  nasreen{TH}t   20:59:12 pm CDT

aye Mistress Lita....a girl would always no matter where serve a FW in tower...


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   20:59:43 pm CDT

what would you do galah? ~*smiles*


  snowrose{JTr}   21:00:01 pm CDT

no galah...girl thinks only when serving a FW..


galah{RA}   21:00:33 pm CDT

gal would leave it out of her description aurora hehehehehehehe hehehee


  Loki   21:00:36 pm CDT

if there are males present, Id say nadu~chuckle~


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   21:00:57 pm CDT

so you wouldnt kneel galah? *L


 Lady Lita  21:01:09 pm CDT

It is, of course Your rules. Just seems slightly inconsistent to Me to require the slaves to serve FW clothed in in tower position to Free Women, but then be allowed to dance naked and in heat in the same breath, as it were. *shrugs* As You say, the FW can look away, or leave.


  shaina {KR}   21:01:19 pm CDT

shaina's always did nadu unless serving a Mistress


  nasreen{TH}t   21:01:20 pm CDT

girl would climb upon her Master's lap..and skip the serving furs...*grins*


  galah{RA}   21:01:38 pm CDT

oooohh she would kneel, she just wouldn't mention knees or thighs heheheheeee leave them guessing? hehehehehee


  Thadron   21:02:33 pm CDT

without permission, nasreen? *looks*


  shaina {KR}   21:02:33 pm CDT

but then it goes back to girls curtailing themselves because the Women are in the Tavern.....


  nasreen{TH}t   21:02:49 pm CDT

this girl is never dressed in the Tavern Mistress Lita...only in the Piazza does she don the awful camisk...


 Lady Lita  21:02:56 pm CDT

I am not intending to sound critical here, just trying to follow the logic, as it were.


  galah{RA}   21:02:57 pm CDT

gal has lots of other body parts to describe, even putting hands on thighs, doesn't say if they are together or parted


  Thadron   21:03:25 pm CDT

I wouldn't expect the girls to clothe themselves for a FW, am I missing something?


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   21:03:31 pm CDT

aye galah...but that is not how a GS slave would describe her kneel...avoid it...

and what if a Mistress asked her how she knelt when she came in?

is she tower or nadu?

laughing as aurora continues your question


  nasreen{TH}t   21:03:56 pm CDT

shakes her head no Master...well depends how long it's been since she seen You.....she might not be able to curtial her excitement...


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   21:04:23 pm CDT

well aurora is usually naked in the tavern

and serves naked


  Thadron   21:04:28 pm CDT

LoL as aurora teases galah, deservedly so


  galah{RA}   21:04:33 pm CDT

it was just always the rule to kneel tower when serving a FW just outta respect...but it is somewhat a two edged sword if we gonna be dancing and serving nekid


  snowrose{JTr}   21:05:01 pm CDT

girl will serve FW in nadu if they wish


 Thadron   21:05:33 pm CDT

and you would take your punishment eagerly too, wouldn't you, nasreen *Laughs* any attention is good attention, right?


 natira`{GS}  21:05:46 pm CDT

girl was taught to kneel tower during her serve to a FW but then if Men were present when she was done with service she would resume her nadu if that was her beginning position to kneel in


 Lady Lita  21:05:47 pm CDT

Not missing anything Thadron. Just that I, as a Visitor, am trying to get clear in my mind the ins and outs of Your rules here. As You will know, such rules vary so widely in on-line Gor.


  shaina {KR}   21:05:48 pm CDT

just shaina's opinion... but.. if the FW are going to be in the Tavern... then they just deal with naked girls.... we can have respect enough to kneel in front of them with closed thighs... but aside from that.... it's business as usual


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   21:06:05 pm CDT

aurora begs entrance

a FW allows her entrance, presuming there is no Master present

her entrance is always done with heat and sexual descriptions

she would offer service...kneel tower with her serve for respect for the FW

any other time she kneels like the slut she nadu


  Loki   21:06:27 pm CDT

Lady Lita, You might be confusing how a serve is done in the tavern and piazza. Different room requires a different serve. As the piazza is FW friendly. the tavern, nay.


  Ulrich   21:06:36 pm CDT

It's an unfortunate consequence for the FW that the slave is naked, but she is to kneel in tower and not show any heat.

Again, if the FW doesn't want to be served by a naked slave, she can go to the Piazza


  galah{RA}   21:06:44 pm CDT

gal would sure be wondering why a Mistress would be questioning galah about how much is showing heheheheheheee heheheheheee but gal would probably say on the serving furs, that she would be nadu IF there are free men in the room...if only Mistress and girls, well...tower is fine


 Lady Lita  21:06:57 pm CDT

I see. Thank You, Loki


  Thadron   21:07:20 pm CDT

Lady Lita, I don't think a slave is required to put on the camisk in the Tavern just to serve a FW... but I don't have that rule handy


  nasreen{TH}t   21:08:01 pm CDT

swallows hard...hazel eyes lifting looking into Your browns for an ihn..then lowering ...aye Master..


  Loki   21:08:13 pm CDT

Aye Lady Lita~nods~ Your welcome


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   21:08:27 pm CDT

aye Master Thadron

there is no camisk in the Tavern


  natira`{GS}  21:08:57 pm CDT

~smiles as she listens to the discussion~


  aurora{Ulrich}~t   21:08:58 pm CDT

aye galah...a FW might not question you

but would a GS slave


 Ulrich 21:09:00 pm CDT

camisks in a paga tavern... blasphemy. lol


Lady Lita 21:09:09 pm CDT

WEll, I suppose it doesn't matter. your rules are Your rules. As I said, I was simply trying to get a feel for how things work here. It has been a very long time that I have been away from Gor.


galah{RA} 21:09:39 pm CDT

gal don't think our nekidness should be an issue with the FW, after all, we got anything different than what they got? heheheheee hehehehehee except for a brand of course hehee


Ulrich 21:10:07 pm CDT

OK we are past time, and I believe the question has been asked and answered.

I'm calling forum to a close. Thanks everyone for coming, and thank you to the scribe for your hard work.


natira`{GS} 21:10:20 pm CDT

~giggles~ that would be horrible

Master Ulrich


pazia{GS} 21:10:49 pm CDT

girl understands why a women wouldnt want to see a naked slave if girl was Free she wouldnt want to, so therefore she would avoid a tavern plain and simple


nasreen{TH}t 21:11:06 pm CDT

thank You Master Loki for getting us started tonight..

thank You Master Ulrich for finishing us off..

thank you snowrose for scribing...


Ulrich 21:11:09 pm CDT

Lady Lita, that's what the forum is for. It's a good way to get a feel for the good people in our home.


Thadron 21:11:13 pm CDT

smh at galah never change, beast *laughs heartily*


Ulrich 21:11:51 pm CDT

Oh yeah, and thanks Loki for covering that first hour for me.


Loki 21:12:18 pm CDT

No worries My Friend~firm nod~


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 21:12:23 pm CDT

thank You my Master for running Forum, shadow will add water to Your clock next week.. *winks teasingly*

thank you snowrose for scribing...

all you girls been begging to go RP in shadows ear may now..


{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 21:12:54 pm CDT

opps.. and You Master Loki for strating forum *sighs at her forgetful self*


Thadron 21:12:58 pm CDT

My deepest thanks to Loki and Ulrich for moderating tonight

thank you for scribing snowrose


nasreen{TH}t 21:13:06 pm CDT

rereads her post....guess that did indeed deserve a chuckle Master Loki...sounded like a girl got all hot and bothered by You..and then Master Ulrich came in and took her over the top....*grins* that could be fun..


Lady Lita 21:13:17 pm CDT

I thank You all for Your help and advice, and commend You all for carrying on a good discussion without rancour and fighting as is, alas, so often seen on so many sites these days.


pazia{GS} 21:13:19 pm CDT

*yay jumps up and runs out the room trying to escape any lecture she get if it had reached the councels ears* Thank You Master Ulrich, girl wishes you well. girl also wishes Master Loki well and Mistress Lita



Forum Closed

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