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TOPICS :- Are there lemons on Gor?"?; The Value of male slaves in GS? 


 TOPIC:- Are there lemons on Gor?"

Xertog 19:11:42 pm CDT
Lets get the forum started. The regular rules as always apply.. keep the greetings and RP to whispers.. Send me any topic suggestion.. While I am waiting for topics. I'll post a reminder..

Xertog 19:15:07 pm CDT
Tuesdays starts a new book at the book discussion. The book is Nomads of Gor, book#4. The discussion starts at 8:30 PM GS time (US/Canada Central - about 15 minutes from the present time)
I think this is one of the best books in the series of the 24 books I have read so far. I hope to see many of you there.

Dak 19:17:38 pm CDT
it's 7:15 central, Captain

Xertog 19:18:03 pm CDT
Here is a topic: "Are there lemons on Gor?"
I don't recall reading about lemons but I understand somebody may have a quote for us. So lets see..
Send me your topic suggestions..

Laroona 19:18:57 pm CDT
I do not recall lemons
unless it is sour FW **Laughing*

Xertog 19:19:24 pm CDT
My mistake .. The book discussion starts at 7:30 GS time. Thanks Dak

nasreen{TH}t 19:19:39 pm CDT
aurora told this one that a tospit could be used as a lemon..

Jarl Thorrn 19:22:49 pm CDT
i did a quick content search for lemon over the books from the online source - the result is, no lemon is mentioned

Laroona 19:24:22 pm CDT
I believe there is a substitute as nasreen mentioned..
the website has a list of all foods etc.. unfortunately it does not have a search feature

Lady Lita 19:24:32 pm CDT
As Some of You may, or may not, know, due to 2 years worth of house remodelling and numerous computer crashes, I lost all my books and quote files, so I am having to do my research all over again. I ran across the following quote when looking for something else, and thought it might show that there are lemons on Gor, as well as other citrus fruit. I wondered what the rest of You might think on this.

Lady Lita 19:25:09 pm CDT
Kal-da and Citrus Juices

Kal-da is a hot drink, almost scalding, made of diluted Ka-la-na wine, mixed with citrus juices and stinging spices. I did not care much for this mouth-burning concoction, but it was popular with some of the lower castes, particularly those who performed strenuous manual labor.
I expected its popularity was due more to its capacity to warm a man and stick to his ribs, and to its cheapness (a poor grade of Ka-la-na wine being used in its brewing) than to any gustatory excellence. Moreover, where there was Kal-da there should be bread and meat. I thought of the yellow Gorean bread, baked in the shape of round, flat loaves, fresh and hot; My mouth watered for a tabuk steak or, perhaps, if I were lucky, a slice of roast tarsk, the formidable six tusked wild boar of Gor`s temperate forests.
---Outlaw of Gor, p 76
Citrus fruit list is a real long one encompassing innumerable types of citrus fruits like clementine, leech, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, kumquat, minneola, tangelo, lemon, orange and pummelo etc.

Lady Lita 19:26:02 pm CDT
and yes, a tospit can be a substitute, too.

Laroona 19:26:58 pm CDT
I went through the website and could not find lemons

Lady Lita 19:27:03 pm CDT
at since kal-da is a cheap drink, it might indicate that the citrus juices were also common and cheap, and thus the fruits these juice came from. Just my thoughts

Lady Lita 19:27:38 pm CDT
No, Laroona, I have not found a specific mention of Lemons, just the quote I posted. Which is why I asked.

Laroona 19:28:25 pm CDT
ahh Lita that is it.. just a mention.... but not named

kadife{GS} 19:28:51 pm CDT
waves her little fingers hello to all and goes to kneel on the slave furs

galah{RA} 19:32:55 pm CDT
it describes tospit as being a citrus, more like a tangerine in one reference, but have seen descriptions that say citrus juices, always plural, does that indicate there are other citrus?

Laroona 19:33:51 pm CDT
good question galah

Xertog 19:34:04 pm CDT
I recall the description of the tospit to be similar to a lemon. I'm pretty sure we will read it when we read Nomads of Gor for the book discussion.

Lady Lita 19:34:06 pm CDT
that was my thought, galah, it says there were citrus juices. So how do we decide which ones?

Jarl Thorrn 19:36:13 pm CDT
In Nomads of Gor is a good description of tospits connected to the habit of the betting on the number of seeds in a tospit that wouldn´t fit to a lemon

Dak 19:36:20 pm CDT
not many names for fruits or animals are the same as urthen so anything is possible

nasreen{TH}t 19:37:05 pm CDT
don't lemons have seeds?

Dak 19:37:57 pm CDT
*smiles*, I've never counted the seeds in a lemon. I do know they have them, *smiles*

Lady Lita 19:38:10 pm CDT
And here are the quotes from the web page on tospits, saying they are bitter but like a peach. *chuckle*

On the back of the kaiila, the black lance in hand, bending down in the saddle, I raced past a wooden wand fixed in the earth, on the top of which was placed a dried tospit, a small, wrinkled, yellowish-white peach like fruit, about the size of a plum, which grows on the tospit bush, patches of which are indigenous to the drier valleys of the western Cartius. They are bitter but edible.[Nomads of Gor p59]
He looked at me shrewdly and, to my surprise, drew a tospit out of his pouch, that yellowish-white, bitter fruit, looking something like a peach, but about the size of a plum.[Nomads of Gor p149]
The common tospit almost invariably has an odd number of seeds. On the other hand, the rare, long-stemmed tospit usually has an even number of seeds.[Nomads of Gor p149]
The topsits, in the Forkbeard’s orchard, which can grow at this latitude, as the larma cannot, were too green to eat. I smiled, recalling that topsits almost invariably have an odd number of seeds, saving the rarer, long-stemmed variety. I do not care too much for topsits, as they are quite bitter. Some men like them. They are commonly used, sliced and sweetened with honey, and in syrups, and to flavor, with their juices, a variety of dishes. They are also excellent in the prevention of nutritional deficiencies at sea, in long voyages, containing, I expect, a great deal of vitamin C. They are sometimes called the seaman’s larma. They are a fairly hard fleshed fruit, and are not difficult to dry and store.[Marauders of Gor p102]

Xertog 19:39:19 pm CDT
Here are some QUOTES:
He looked at me shrewdly and, to my surprise, drew a tospit out of his pouch, that yellowish-white, bitter fruit, looking something like a peach, but about the size of a plum.
---Nomads of Gor, 12:149
The common tospit almost invariably has an odd number of seeds. On the other hand the rare, long-stemmed tospit usually has an even number of seeds. Both fruits are indistinguishable outwardly. I could see that, perhaps by accident, the tospit which Kamchak had thrown me had had the stem twisted off. It must be then, I surmised, the rare, long-stemmed tospit.
---Nomads of Gor, 12:149
Lola now returned to the small table and, kneeling head down, served us our desert, slices of topsit, sprinkled with four Gorean sugars.
---Rogue of Gor, p 132
I do not care too much for tospits, as they are quite bitter. Some men like them. They are commonly used, sliced and sweetened with honey, and in syrups, and to flavor, with their juices, a variety of dishes. They are also excellent in the prevention of nutritional deficiencies at sea, in long voyages, containing, I expect, a great deal of vitamin C. They are sometimes called the seaman’s larma. They are a fairly hard-fleshed fruit, and are not difficult to dry and store. On the serpents they are carried in small barrels, usually kept, with vegetables, under the overturned keel of the longboat.
On the back of the kaiila, the black lance in hand, bending down in the saddle, I raced past a wooden wand fixed in the earth, on the top of which was placed a dried tospit, a small, wrinkled, yellowish-white peachlike fruit, about the size of a plum, which grows on the tospit bush, patches of which are indigenous to the drier valleys of the western Cartius. They are bitter but edible.

galah{RA} 19:43:32 pm CDT
there is a fruit down under that so fits the tospits description, called a loquat, has 3 or 4 good sized seeds and rather bitter unless really ripe

galah{RA} 19:44:43 pm CDT
even has a light fuzz to its skin like a peach, i wonder if that is what Master Norman was describing?

Laroona 19:46:48 pm CDT
as he was in USA.. could be anything.... but I think lemon, oranges maybe....

Xertog 19:48:39 pm CDT
Many of the animals and plants of Gor are similar to things on Earth. A tospit is one of them.

Lady Lita 19:49:06 pm CDT
And it is described as peach-like.

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:49:36 pm CDT
"He looked at me shrewdly and, to my surprise, drew a tospit out of his pouch, that yellowish-white, bitter fruit, looking something like a peach, but about the size of a plum."
Nomad of Gor (pg 149)

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:50:10 pm CDT
oopps...sees Mistress Lita already posted the quote

Xertog 19:51:25 pm CDT
Any other topic suggestions?

galah{RA} 19:51:52 pm CDT
while on this, could we also clarify about tea? the site apparently only speaks of bazi tea, but i remember long while back, a forum discussion that said there would be regular tea, that not every tea serve would be a bazi tea serve

galah{RA} 19:53:00 pm CDT
if i recall right, it was discussed that the actual bazi tea serve is more of a japanese ceremony, more so than a gorean thing?

nasreen{TH}t 19:53:07 pm CDT
girl does not where the page that she found that on got it's information but here is a mention of tospit that makes her think of lemons...."Thassian Lobster Served boiled with drawn bosk butter and tospit juice. A very succulent and sensual meal for a special Master."

Lady Lita 19:53:38 pm CDT
*chuckles* galah, don't get me sdtarted on the Bazi Tea serve! *LOL*

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:54:10 pm CDT
aurora had researched this galah and sent it to mistress this week
in the description of the kitchen...
there is *teas* in a jar found on the counter with spices
and bazi tea spices were in a different jar which led aurora to believe
a girl could serve tea even if it were not on our menu

Laroona 19:54:35 pm CDT
galah again you are correct.. I agree the website does not fully support.. but if I ordered tea I would say "normal tea
if I wanted bazi teas I would order it as bazi tea
in other words I would differentiate between teas *S*

snowrose{JTr} 19:54:43 pm CDT
A girl cannot even imagine a bazi tea serve being done in a rowdy paga tavern

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:54:52 pm CDT
it was something that mistress and the trainers were looking at

galah{RA} 19:55:10 pm CDT
well, if an oldie like galah is confused over tea Mistress, then surely some of the other girls are too

Lady Lita 19:55:27 pm CDT
galah, the bazi tea serve used on line is th Japanese thing. In the books, it is not done that way. And yes, I have quotes and comments from Ubar Luther and Fogaban of the Gorean Cave web sites.

Lady Lita 19:56:02 pm CDT
good point snowrose. I will get my quotes.

galah{RA} 19:56:31 pm CDT
i agree with you snowrose, 100%

Jarl Thorrn 19:57:20 pm CDT
the bazi tea ceremony may have been brought to Gor from a captured japanese girl is My impression


TOPIC:- The Value of male slaves in GS?
Xertog 19:56:38 pm CDT
TOPIC: What is the the value of having male slaves in a home?
Or as it pertains to us in GS.

galah{RA} 19:58:15 pm CDT
cause the male slaves would get to do the heavy work, so us girls wouldn't break a fingernail

nasreen{TH}t 19:58:15 pm CDT
agrees with was indeed being discussed...
and happens to agree with a rowdy Paga Tavern..Bazi Tea just don't seem to fit...

Laroona 19:58:17 pm CDT
I revised the kitchen description and the link is posted on the slaves board
I have not got around to fixing some of the links yet... RT comes first

Jarl Thorrn 19:58:36 pm CDT
male slaves will be more useful in field work, mines and such

Loki 19:58:48 pm CDT
male slaves denoted as workers could mean the Master in question has a big coin pouches~chuckle~

nasreen{TH}t 19:58:58 pm CDT
Bazi Tea A beverage of leaves steeped in hot water. The tea from Bazi is very much like the orange pekoe of Earth. It is served in higher class establishments. Traditionally served in three tiny cups which are drunk in rapid succession. This can be a very beautiful tea service, reminiscent of the Japanese tea ceremony of Earth.

Dak 19:59:56 pm CDT
and rowing ships as well

Xertog 19:59:59 pm CDT
In Port Kar males slaves were commonly used to row round ships.

Laroona 20:00:19 pm CDT
FW enjoy kajirus the same as FM enjoy kajira
just not in the open.. but still can enjoy a serve etc
a kajirus also is usually the one to do the harder work instead of the kajira

galah{RA} 20:00:49 pm CDT
so is GS high class? heheheheheheee hehehehee

Lady Lita 20:01:22 pm CDT
Ubar Luther-Bazi Tea: This is an herbal tea that comes in many different varieties. Consider all the varieties of tea on Earth and you can see the multitude of possibilities for Bazi tea. Most people seem to forget that Bazi tea has such variety. Bazi tea is a common Gorean drink, enjoyed by High and Low Castes. It is commonly served hot and heavily sugared. It may be served in either of two fashions. First, there is a more traditional and formal serve. This serve does not reach the level of a Japanese tea ceremony, it is simply a more formal serve. The tea is carefully measured into three tiny cups, which are drank in rapid succession. Various sugars and milks may be added. Such a serve would rarely, if ever, be done in a paga tavern. It is more likely to be done in one's own home while entertaining. Second, Bazi tea is also drank informally, in regular-sized cups, with or without sugars and milks. Some taverns may have a pitcher of tea ready for its customers. Cakes and Bazi tea is a popular breakfast on Gorean holidays.

Laroona 20:01:34 pm CDT
heeee I thought it was low caste because it is mainly made up of thieves LOL

galah{RA} 20:02:59 pm CDT
aaaaawwwwwwwww gal likes that one, its still bazi tea, without all the frills

Loki 20:03:49 pm CDT
when r/p Ive NPC'd male slaves helping in the metal shop. The chief worker is a slave as well, He's the one that fidget likes to torment~chuckle~

Laroona 20:04:37 pm CDT
thieves even
Lita we can sit and sip tea and eat freshly baked cakes *S*

Dak 20:04:55 pm CDT
Port Kar had a Caste of Thieves, not sure all in Port Kar were necessarily thieves, criminals of another sort, but not necessarily of the Caste of Thieves

Xertog 20:04:59 pm CDT
Gor is a male dominated with a couple of exceptions that do not pertain to Port Kar. So a submissive male may not be comfortable to some. GS tends to get a couple every year. I can do with out them personally but the one GS has now is very good. He works hard and he is dedicated.

Laroona 20:05:19 pm CDT
and one never knows it those urts that have been hanging around in the Port Kar room are not male LOL

galah{RA} 20:05:50 pm CDT
but what about a male slave in a paga tavern, what would be his chores or place there? most male slaves was outside doing heavy work, but surely there are things that would be hard for the girls to do in a tavern? like bringing in firewood but what other kinds of things?

Laroona 20:06:10 pm CDT
I understand that Port Kar consits of many castes ...

Laroona 20:07:04 pm CDT
he can dance
and I agree the one we have is dedicated and a hard worker

Thadron 20:07:35 pm CDT
agreed, Loki in r/p it is necessary to have at least reference to male slaves at times
but the time we spend in the paga tavern, a male slave may feel out of place

nasreen{TH}t 20:08:03 pm CDT
adding to the list of inside things for a male slave to do..
moving the full casks into the cold room...and taking out the empties...

Xertog 20:08:08 pm CDT
galah there are heavy lifting chores in a tavern.

galah{RA} 20:08:15 pm CDT
oooooohhh, not sure that the men in the tavern want to see a boy dancing his needs? did it show male slaves dancing in the books?

Laroona 20:08:16 pm CDT
Loki I understand all torment a kajirus.... and it takes dedication to stick it out IMO

snowrose{JTr} 20:08:49 pm CDT
guess he could do the dirty oil lamps and getting all sooty

galah{RA} 20:09:09 pm CDT
oooooohh that would be good nasreen, for sure that would be a male slaves job

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:09:10 pm CDT
thralls turn the spits over the fire with meats cooking

snowrose{JTr} 20:09:11 pm CDT
cleaning out the chimneys and hearths

Laroona 20:09:38 pm CDT
I do not consider it proper for a male slave to work his butt off and his sisters sit and play with each other on the slave mats....
that irks me no end

Jarl Thorrn 20:09:49 pm CDT
chuckles at the slave wish for male slaves doing the dirty things

nasreen{TH}t 20:09:54 pm CDT
ahh good one aurora....

Thadron 20:10:11 pm CDT
*laughs* nobody will stand up for the rights of a male slave?
I think the one we have is dedicated and good to have as well

galah{RA} 20:10:11 pm CDT
all good examples, so there is plenty of reasons for a male slave to be in there, and then if he gets a chance to serve, thats a bonus

Loki 20:11:12 pm CDT
Laroona, I meant torment in a teasing way~chuckle~
I have My own feelings of a male slave in the tavern, but Ill keep them to Myself....

Jarl Thorrn 20:11:19 pm CDT
i remember Talena from the rencers enjyoing to have a male slave and torture Him as she wants

Lady Lita2 20:12:08 pm CDT
*crawling back in, kicking at the urts* galah, He can carry barrels of mead or paga or whatever to and from the servery, mop the floors, do any of the cleaning work the girls doo, tend the fires scrub the pots, even cook. Carry a side of bosk from the cool room to the kitchen for teh cook to slice up and cook. Lots of things if one uses one's imagination

nasreen{TH}t 20:12:12 pm CDT
Mistress Laroona...this one thinks while the male slave is doing his chores..the girls would be mopping the floors, they would need to make sure the spot where the empty cask is taken out cleaned from any over flow before the filled cask could be put in place....oiling down the tables..filling the lamps....girl can come up with all sorts of chores...just doesn't lately have the rt needed to do them..

Laroona 20:12:53 pm CDT
LOL... it is good to see male slaves... but it is also good to see other slavews pitcing in too
heeee Thadron I will "stick up" for the boy LOL

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:13:03 pm CDT
the kajirus we have at GS is probably the strongest on the chain and a few of the girls could learn from him.. *nods lots* ..but don't think shadow will encourage him to be dancing in the Tavern, shadow is certain wrong Master present might be the boys last dance and that would be sad to see

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:13:08 pm CDT
well Mistress...the thrall could play with the slave ~grin~
they were used to make more thralls

Lady Lita2 20:13:20 pm CDT
there was an incident in the books where a female slave got above herself, and she was given to a thrall to use for the night. As punishment for her, and a reward for him.
and were given slaves as a reward

Jarl Thorrn 20:14:34 pm CDT
the boy fish was very valuable in the fighting of Cos and Tyros so he got rewarded with a real beautiful slave girl

galah{RA} 20:14:37 pm CDT
breeding slaves, then GS would have some lactating slaves to sell off? **bursting into laughter**

Lady Lita2 20:15:29 pm CDT
but aurora, the female and male slaves were not ordinarily permitted to "play" with each other. And, when they were used for breeding perposes, they were often hooded so they couldn't even see each other. which I'm sure took a lot of the fun out of it.

Laroona 20:15:42 pm CDT
shadow I think if he danced it would be in the Piazza
I do recall thralls of old days danced but not with any heat....

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:16:01 pm CDT
now there an idea..

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:16:20 pm CDT
aye Mistress Lita...they were not permitted to play with each other
in fact it is a rule of GS that slaves are not allowed to touch the thrall

Jarl Thorrn 20:16:21 pm CDT
nods to Lady Lita
when male slaves do all that work some slaves propose for them they should be rewarded for being so useful - by enjoying a slave girl afterwards

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:16:31 pm CDT
awww ok Mistress Laroona ~whew~ shadow thought YOu meant in the Tavern

Laroona 20:17:18 pm CDT
trying hard not to laugh at galahs comment heeeeeeeeee sorry that was too funny

Lady Lita2 20:17:29 pm CDT
This is true, Jarl Thornn. And did not Fish eventually wind up being given the "rulership" of either Port Cos or Port Kar?

Thadron 20:17:35 pm CDT
that is an interesting thought, Thornn *nods*

Laroona 20:18:32 pm CDT
Thorrn you are correct... often they were rewarded but as Lita has stated.. they did not know with who

Jarl Thorrn 20:21:09 pm CDT
Lady Lita
the boy fish was the son of one of the Ubars of Port Kar who strated the revolution against the council of Captains. Tarl Cabot protected him by making him a slave boy and aftwards he gor rewarded with being freed again, may be he even became Ubar of Port Cos but i´m not sure, forgot about that
grins to Thadron
i bet that will make the girls very ea´ger to do the dirty work too *l*

Maccabeus~Wandering Jew of Gor 20:21:42 pm CDT
...He enters quietly, nodding to the Free and ever courteous even to slaves, to the collared ones. He waves away the slae girls...long day, he just wants to sit in the back and listen..

Lady Lita2 20:22:45 pm CDT
That was what I thought, Jarl Thornn, though I wasn't sure of which City He became Ubar.

Dak 20:23:05 pm CDT
I got the impression that only the female was hooded, recalling the situation with in Hup the Fool in Assassins

Jarl Thorrn 20:23:22 pm CDT
hooding the slaves sometime sor often (not always) is mentioned when breeding slaves
It is not mentioned when a female slave is thrown into the cages of male slaves either to punish the female or to reward the males

Lady Lita2 20:24:25 pm CDT
It has been too long since I read the books, but I seem to recall an incident in which both were hooded. I could be wrong though. I was wrong once. Thought I was wrong about something and it turned out I was right in the first place. *winks*

Xertog 20:24:38 pm CDT
I thought the Lady Viviana (Later just 'Vina') was made to serve the slave boy as a way of Bosk punishing her. It is mentioned that Fish is freed at the end of Captive of Gor. I think later on in the series it is mentioned he has a ship of his own.

Jarl Thorrn 20:27:35 pm CDT
that is right, Xertog
the boy fish got the captured former Lady Vivianna from Bosk

Dak 20:29:52 pm CDT
I got the impression Bosk chained them together becuz they were both so young, and virtually High Bred , and I don't recall either being branded .

Laroona 20:30:25 pm CDT
I have seen slaves hooded.... this of course was long time ago... and dung sacks are great hoods LOL

Jarl Thorrn 20:31:12 pm CDT
as far as i recall all the captured female slaves got branded after Bosk brough them to Port Kar

Laroona 20:31:45 pm CDT
It is rare a kajirus is branded

nasreen{TH}t 20:32:31 pm CDT
that would make it more possible for a kajirus to earn his freedom?

Laroona 20:33:51 pm CDT
nasren I believe that would be the logical answer *S*

Laroona 20:34:59 pm CDT
Thorrn I maybe wrong here... I always understood slaves were branded immediately after capture for the slave trade

Jarl Thorrn 20:35:38 pm CDT
the only times i noticed slaves being freed was done by T.C.
has it ever been mentioned that other people of Gor gave freedom back to a slave?

Xertog 20:36:43 pm CDT
Raiders of Gor Chapter 15:

"Fish put down the whole roasted tarsk before the men. He was sweating. He wore a single, simple rep-cloth tunic. I had had a plate collar hammered about his neck. I had had him branded. The men ordered him away again, that he might fetch yet another roasted tarsk from the spit which he had been turning slowly over the coal fires during the afternoon."

kadife{GS} 20:37:30 pm CDT
the ubar of the wagon people freed his slave at the end of nomads of gor

kadife{GS} 20:38:23 pm CDT
and he declared her the ubarus or ubareena or soething like that

Thadron 20:38:25 pm CDT
that's a very helpful quote

Jarl Thorrn 20:38:34 pm CDT
that is what i remember too, so the captured girls of the conquered treasure fleet Port Cos have been branded when T.C. aka Bosk reached Port Kar with his loot.
But i don´t recall now if the boy fish got branded too.

Lady Lita2 20:38:38 pm CDT
And it was mentioned in the books several times that it happened - without referring to any specific incident.

Laroona 20:39:13 pm CDT
Xertog so Fish was branded.. thanks...
as I always believed it was rare indeed

Jarl Thorrn 20:39:30 pm CDT
nods to kadife
right, i remember now as you mention it

nasreen{TH}t 20:39:45 pm CDT
thank You Master Xertog..

Thadron 20:40:29 pm CDT
oh, good, kadife, ruin the ending of our next reading for Me *laughs*
hopefully I will forget by then

Laroona 20:41:15 pm CDT
heeee Thadron... erase that from your mind LOl

Thadron 20:41:57 pm CDT
rather easily done at my age, Laroona *LOL*

Laroona 20:42:38 pm CDT
at least Fish was not lactating or able to *chuckles**

kadife{GS} 20:43:05 pm CDT
this slave begs forgivness Master Thadron

Maccabeus~Wandering Jew of Gor 20:43:33 pm CDT
..He considers telling Laroona something like, "Lactating? I have no mammary of that," but decides not to show off his suble yet impish wit.

Laroona 20:44:30 pm CDT
Maccabeus.. it is an in-house joke

Thadron 20:44:35 pm CDT
you are forgiven, kadife ~smiles~

Jarl Thorrn 20:45:27 pm CDT
raises and wishes all well
it was good to be in tonight again, missed it alot
thanx Xertog for leading the forum and to the scribe to keep track of the protocol
puts My open palm at My right hip and waits for My slave to heel

Dak 20:45:46 pm CDT
aye, they did, *smiles*, I hadn't remembered, but just looked it up

snowrose{JTr} 20:46:31 pm CDT
~obeys His silent command, golden, bending at His hip, golden hair offered

Xertog 20:48:44 pm CDT
I am calling the forum to a close. Thank you all for coming and thank you snowrose for scribing.

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