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TOPICS :- Requirements for serve ie length in GS? Lady Lita Pledges; Slaves & Weapons 




TOPIC:- Chairs & Couches in Gor

Loki 19:24:34 pm CDT
OK, lets get this forum started, If another Captain comes in Ill hand it over to Him. You all know the rules, please stick to them.
Any suggested topics? whisper them to Me......

Loki 19:31:20 pm CDT
here's a topic......
are there set requirements in a serve or are they a guideline only?

Laroona 19:33:34 pm CDT
It is my understanding from the slave pages "Serving Basics"
There is no set guideline re length of serve as follows

Serving – the Basics

Be descriptive, describe in what you are doing, and make the motions seem natural and flowing, try not to use the same word twice.

Whilst serving the most important thing to remember is that you are serving one Free, so do not greet anyone that enters during your serve.

Ensure you know how to properly serve the food/drink, ask if you don’t or consult notes, if the Free hasn’t indicated a preference ask Him/Her before going to the kitchen ie.would Master/Mistress like that blackwine first slave or second slave?

Kiss the side of the vessel - below the rim ! - This is sign of devotion to serving and the Master/Mistress.

5 – 6 posts is about normal for a serve and about 6 lines per posting, this is only a guide or an average so don't panic if its either a little shorter or longer

at times One may request a harta serve from a slave, what this means is to do it quick.
Usually this is only done on beverages. not near as much description in your postings.. usually only 2 posts and no longer than 5-7 minutes total
1. acknowledging the One you're serving, rising, walking to the kitchen, gathering the vessel, checking for flaws, cleaning it and getting the desired beverage.
2. carrying the drink back to Whom you're serving, trail it upwards along your frame, kiss the side of the vessel, and offer it as you would normally. if this is a wine serve, still bring the bottle with you when walking back, open, pour and offer as before

Jake 19:33:56 pm CDT
By Odin what do I know about serving??? outside it better be right in My eyes...each Free has a preference I think..I know I do..refrains then to allow the girls speak as they would know better.

Laroona 19:34:58 pm CDT
Now some Free have said they expect 30 minute serves......
that IMO is more a dance suggestion
what irks me is the slaves type out every serve and use many words to desribe and al a Free posts is a ONE liner.. if at all

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:35:27 pm CDT
here is the whole page of what is posted here..
The slave manuel is what is taught to slaves. If its not the standards or the expectations, why is it there?

Ramses 19:35:38 pm CDT
a 30 minute serve!

shaina {KR} 19:35:43 pm CDT
Master Jake does have a point... some of us girls who have been here longer knows what a certain Master may like... as far as length and time it takes.. and content... so in that aspect serves may be different...
shouldn't girls give what is preferred if it's what pleases the Free she serves?

Ramses 19:36:02 pm CDT
I;d starve or die of thirst!

Laroona 19:36:15 pm CDT
shadow *S* that is the GS standard...

Jake 19:36:23 pm CDT
um actually by the books a slave would never kiss the vessel being served a FW as the kiss was a sign of devotion and a wish for lips to meet. so unless a FW wanted to be kissed by a slave in a sexual manner...or visa versa...I know this brings up another topic of gays on Gor...I'll stop.

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:36:34 pm CDT
30 mins is rather long, specially if there are other Free to be served and only one slave or two there.. BUT shadow serves slow cause she types slow!

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:37:41 pm CDT
and for a Free to expect a 30 min serve while other Free are present and only one slave si well.. greedy BUT a Master can be greedy if He chooses shadow thinks

Laroona 19:37:50 pm CDT
Free should be satisfied in every serve
slave should give her heart in every serve
this is an old issue of Free not knowing and over expectations without comments
no commenting or one liners does not give a slave heart IMO

stormy{Xg~L} 19:37:55 pm CDT
stormy has yet to see one slave here post a 6 post , 6 line per post serve .
if it is a rule all should follow said rule , but think of the time it tales for someone who cant post fast , how long ? how "pleasuring " or "patient" can one person be ? say on a busy night , 7 Men , 2 slaves is it expectations that can be adhered too ?

Dak 19:38:35 pm CDT
serves are the beauty of online Gor, to Me the serving bascs at the bottom of the page are a guide to ho they should be perrformed for that beauty

Jake 19:38:45 pm CDT
30 mins of looking at naked flesh??? I'd have a hunger alright.

Laroona 19:39:25 pm CDT
*S* Jake all vessels in GS are kissed below the rim and that part is or should be turned away form Free... the kissing is a sign of devotion *S*

Lady Lita 19:39:48 pm CDT
shadow, my understanding from reading the whole page is that there are abut 6 STEPS in a serve, and the statement that 6 post is a guideline, would indicate to Me at least that one did not HAVE to have a separate, 6 line post for each step. Also it would seem to indicate that the breaking down of the serve into steps is an aid to the slave serving so as not to forget anything. And yes, from what I read it seems to Me that they CAN use 6 posts if they wish, but that 6 posts is not necessarily Required. Now I could be wrong, but that was my understanding of it as it is written

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:40:10 pm CDT
hmmm why would a slave not show devotion to a FW? well not the same devotion shadow would show her Master but honestly would not show ANYone that kind of devotion BUT Him.. its not just devotion, its respect


Laroona 19:41:24 pm CDT
I can assure any slave who does not kiss any vessel served to me will suffer stormy{Xg~L} 19:41:25 pm CDT
stormy agrees with shadow , each slave should be devoted to both Masters and Mistresses

Dak 19:40:17 pm CDT
I always assumed that as the idea,Jake, *smiles*

Laroona 19:40:18 pm CDT
I agree that slaves should not be held by a Free being greedy and IMO they should ask for a harta serve *shrugs*

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:41:34 pm CDT
yes there is and there is a requirement for how many post and shadow has gone over it more times than she cares to say.. can safely say there is NOT a slave in GS that does not know the proper way to serve.

Laroona 19:42:34 pm CDT
LOL shadow maybe it is not the slaves who are the only ones who should know but the Free also

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:42:46 pm CDT
this one thinks the beauty of the serve comes from the slave's feelings, not some rigid formula that must be adhered loses spontaneity and to her realism, if one has to fit in some kiss or something just for its own sake...

stormy{Xg~L} 19:43:12 pm CDT
shadow , proper way is right yet stormy has seen almost every slave present here serve and none has posted 6 post with more then 2 lines to each , some post 4 and have 5 lines to each , is that acceptable

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:43:30 pm CDT
agreed Mistress Laroona, if there is just one slave and many Free the Free should ask for a harta.. BUT thats not for shadow to say and she don't believe its anything that can be enforced.. its a Paga Tavern, a Master wishes to enjoy the slut serving Him thats His option

Laroona 19:43:48 pm CDT
spot on snowrose *S*
that is why there are certain steps and a guideline how many words in each post

Lady Lita 19:44:22 pm CDT
The thing is, Dak that NONE of the serves in the books are as elaborate as on-line Gor seems to require. Yes, some slaves kissed the side of the vessel, but some did not. And other elements that on-line Gor requires are someties done, but many of them are not done at all in the books, and none of them are all done at once. Not even the most elaborate serves such as the one in Suleiman's palace, or the ones done by the slaves in the Company in the books called Feast Slaves.

Dak 19:45:09 pm CDT
as a slave is in service and control of the Free being served, she should serve all is if they were their own Master,or Mistress as to not insult their Master/Mistress

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:45:09 pm CDT
that would be awesome Mistress Laroona if the Free did know, but again.. not something that can be enforced, if they wish to actually know what it takes to be a slave or the duties and requirements.. they have to be willing to read the slave rules too.

Jake 19:45:28 pm CDT
There are a number of ritualistic aspects associated with
this manner of serving wine. The attitude of kneeling is
obvious. Kissing the master's cup is a token of submission,
much like kissing his belt, his whip or boots. But, too, it
suggests that their lips meet, through metal and wine, or
paga, as the case may be. The girl, sensing herself unworthy
to feel the kiss of the master, dares at least to kiss lovingly
that which his lips will later touch. Then she puts her head
down, in submission. Her arms are extended, and her hands
are on the cup. This is a beautiful posture in a female, crying
out of service, submission and beauty. As her hands are
placed so closely together, too, it is reminiscent of her small
wrists being linked in slave bracelets. Indeed, wine, or paga,
may be so served by a braceleted slave. slave girl pg 404

Loki 19:45:38 pm CDT
Im a lil confused, what exactly is this about? are the serves too long? Is that the complaint?

stormy{Xg~L} 19:45:47 pm CDT
isnt it about devotion to the Free they serve and the " exquisite beauty " that she expresses , the opbedience comes from serving the Free . or does stormy have it wrong ?
when she serves she post what she see's its like a guide through her heart and mind . maybe stormy is wrong

Lady Lita 19:45:58 pm CDT
agreed, shadow.

Dak 19:46:40 pm CDT
that is true, Lady, but I think the online serves are an onlinism

Jake 19:46:41 pm CDT
She seated herself on her great couch, and extended her
feet, one after the other, to me. I, kneeling, removed her
sandals, kissing each and laying it aside. She stood up and I,
rising and standing behind her, lifted away her robe. I kissed
it, and put it upon the couch.
She smiled, approvingly. "Perhaps I shall yet make a
serving slave of you, Judy," she said.
"It is my hope that I will be pleasing to my mistress," I
said. She gestured and I brought the towel, kissing it, which I
then wrapped about her head, that her hair not be
She then went to the edge of the sunken bath, and slipped
her toe within the water, and then stepped down into the
bath and reclined, leaning back. "Excellent, Judy," she said.
"Thank you, Lady Elicia, my Mistress," I said. I had well
judged the temperature of the water, mixing the water from
the cistern with other water, heated in the tempering vessel
on its iron tripod. The temperature was acceptable. I would
not be whipped.
I served her as she wished, with absolute perfection. I
glanced at the beaded, feminine slave whip, hanging by its
loop upon the wall. I had no wish to feel it. Slave girl pg 702

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:47:29 pm CDT
to a certain extent that is true, but sorry Master Dak shadows completely devoted to her Master and YOu can not tell me that a slave devoted as such would serve her Owner the same as she would a Master off the streets of Port Kar *I* cry when i serve *my* Master - its a real emotion and not one meant for all.. He OWNS shadow

Laroona 19:47:53 pm CDT
I believe I already stated a slave should serve with heart and that included respect and devotion
the GS website is set by Council and should be used IMO
they are guidelines set as well as standards

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:49:58 pm CDT
and when its not, then shadow should be made aware.. she thinks anyway and if not shadow, then the Slave Master so He can let shadow know

Dak 19:50:02 pm CDT
I think it is the obligation of a Master/Mistress to read the manual and know what is required of slaves or how could they possibly know if the slaves were performing correctly !

Laroona 19:50:52 pm CDT
Dak you can be assured any slave serving me wil serve as I expect
If I feel they need some little tip I will tell them in whispers...

it the are openly disrespectful they will know it openly

Lady Lita 19:51:00 pm CDT
I would agree with You there, Dak.

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:51:57 pm CDT
by lines does it mean sentences...we all have different size monitors...this one is on a tiny notepad.

natira{GS} 19:52:10 pm CDT
natira agrees with shadow, when she is personally owned a girl will serve Every Free with respect and devotion. but when a Master personally owns a girl her serves to him would be absolutely different though, and granted her emotions are stronger and more tied into her masters serve when she serves others it is no less respectful.
she hopes that makes sense

Laroona 19:52:18 pm CDT
I was a slave for a long time, and I know the requirements....
I am of the firm opinion that slaves should know how to serve no matter who owns them

stormy{Xg~L} 19:52:36 pm CDT
How does one know unless she is told ? its a set up for failure if you dont know what is expected from the Free . What you like another may not and get aggravated or vice versa .
communication before a girl starts to serve

Dak 19:52:51 pm CDT
aye, I try to do that, as well, *smiles*, but a number of times I have been rebuked for doing such !

Laroona 19:53:18 pm CDT
snowrose what fits into the chat box is usually a good guide *S*
I think it is about 6-8 lines in the chat box.. I maybe wrong there *S*

Jake 19:53:32 pm CDT
if a Man states paga...what then?
just an example....

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:53:47 pm CDT
Not pointing fingers BUT shadow gets sent serves that are the whole serve, with the Frees comments, and it makes it hard to correct when that Free made all over the girl that her serve was well done and it not meet any of the requirements put in place or what the slave was taught. So what does that tell the slave? why should shadow bitch, a Free told them they served very well...

Laroona 19:54:33 pm CDT
stormy that is why it is suggested in the basics to acknowledge you heard the Free and repeat the order...
that is to ensure both Free and slave are on the same page

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:55:05 pm CDT
*winks at natira*

Dak 19:55:13 pm CDT
stormy, I think that is why the GS manual has guidelines to follow on serves so it does slaves know what is to be expected, and is why GS has a regular serve and harta serve !

Lady Lita 19:55:33 pm CDT
Jake, in that case the slave might ask how He wants the paga. Warm, room temperature, in a bowl, a horn, or a cup. etc.

natira{GS} 19:55:49 pm CDT
~giggles~ but then girl is a slave a beast of emotion ~winks at mistress~

Laroona 19:55:51 pm CDT
shadow I always tel a slave how well she served
that IMO gives her heart and encouragement *S*

stormy{Xg~L} 19:55:56 pm CDT
Mistress Laroona , stormy did that last night and her fault served the wrong drink , but she was spoken to about the lack of posts , stormy does 4-5 post with 4-5 lines each post , you know stormy serves with her heart and that well she was questioned about her silk level etc

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:56:46 pm CDT
even if the serve is not done correctly? is a two post serve? but You hadn't requested a harta serve?

Jake 19:56:47 pm CDT
or if I wish sul or sa paga? I all in all it goes well for all participants in the said serve know what the possiblities might be...

stormy{Xg~L} 19:57:24 pm CDT
Master Dak with all due respect , stormy served you last night , she posted 4-5 lines each post 4-5 post and you were not happy , The guidelines you showed her are for the girls to go by step by step it is not a guarantee of 6 lines per post , she begged forgiveness and it was not good enough she doesnt know what more to do , she offerd to reserve and begged you for that , you released her and left

Loki 19:57:35 pm CDT
I ask again, what exactly is the point of this topic? serves too long? not done correctly?

Jake 19:58:08 pm CDT
dunno it tangent 101 and reaches for something cold

Loki 19:58:38 pm CDT
Aye Jake, Ill agree with that

natira{GS} 19:58:46 pm CDT
~giggles keeping her mouth shut looking at her silk draped thighs~

Laroona 19:58:49 pm CDT
if slaves do a wrong serve the Free should correct
that shows some disrespect
but if the FIRST step is not stated that opens slave up to be corrected

BUT if done then Free should correct slave then....
this is more a time to learn as all slaves are learning no matter how experienced they are

Loki 19:59:56 pm CDT
So is this about Free not having or knowing that a slave is serving correctly?

Laroona 20:00:01 pm CDT
Loki I believe the purpose is to ensure yet again the steps and basics of a serve

alika 20:00:22 pm CDT
and with all due respect Master Dak you did the same thing to me when i served you before

Laroona 20:02:18 pm CDT
I have also seen slaves who only go through the motions why is this I ask myslef
maybe because the Free do not comment during a serve (not that it is required) but how can slaves serve with hart if not encouraged?

Loki 20:02:30 pm CDT
just the basics, and steps? As in whats in the slave manual? So what exactly is the problem? I seen time limits, too long, Free stating it was fine when it wasnt......or all of the above?

~zoya{GS}~ 20:03:20 pm CDT
in all zoya's yrs here, she's never done a 6 post serve...what's the 6th post anyway? she's always been taught 5: going to the kitchen, getting the vessel, getting the drink, going to the Free and then offering the drink.

shaina {KR} 20:03:29 pm CDT
Master Dak has also spoken to shaina about her serve when she's served Him.. and told her how He wished to be served..... to which shaina listened... and now remembers when He asks for her service...
it's all a part of learning what each likes and dislikes....
when shaina first come here ears ago... the girl that helped train her told her that 3 or 4 posts were fine in a serve... a complete serve.. and honestly.. shaina's gotten by with that for many a year until Master Dak said something....
so why now all the stink about how long they should be?

Laroona 20:03:33 pm CDT
Is there a limit?
I cannot see any limit only the steps...
and suggested...
there is also the page of serving suggestions - short serve notes as a guide for each drrink etc *S*

Dak 20:03:43 pm CDT
I don't expect necessarily the 6 lines, but I do expect the correct vessels and do expect the vessel to be checked and cleaned, once selected and the serve was so discombobulated, I couldn't keep track and not what I would expect from a Red Silk slave !

Loki 20:04:42 pm CDT
I mentioned limit cause of a 30 min serve drew some feedback

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:04:57 pm CDT
the extra post zoya would be like preparing say kalana at the feet of the Free, or adding sugar and cream to black wine

Laroona 20:05:29 pm CDT
as long as all steps are in a serve does it really matter?
I look for beauty, description and all required aspects in a serve
what some forget is some type faster than others and some have RT disabilities

Loki 20:05:53 pm CDT
I agree, no time limit

Lady Lita 20:06:24 pm CDT
Dak, I was watching sand I had no trouble follwoing her serve at all until You reminded her that You had asked for ka-lana. Even then I have several quotes where ka-la-na was served in a bowl, so the vessel was correct. And I saw her check and wipe the vessel. And she apologized about confusing the request for ka-la-na with kalda, and offered to do the whole serve over. what more could she do? But, You chose to leave, so she had no chance to do it right.

Jake 20:07:29 pm CDT
um...repeat the order
rise and step to the kitchen..wash your hands and the vessel
polish or insure no imperfections
fill the vessel
serve the vessel

do so with heart brazeness..a fire if allowed within any restrictions set upon you.
did I miss anything?

Laroona 20:07:31 pm CDT
I have read what you expect Dak.. I expect differently
I also consider the first step is where correction re vessel or drink can be corrected!

shaina {KR} 20:07:51 pm CDT
did Master Dak request a certain vessel? and if He didn't.. did the slave ask His preference?

~zoya{GS}~ 20:08:24 pm CDT
~*~smiles~*~ yes you are right, mistress ~nods~ zoya probably does an extra post in those serves...~*~whispers~*~ been a while for zoya

Dak 20:08:48 pm CDT
read the Mnaual Lita , *smiles* under additional rules, rule 2

Laroona 20:09:04 pm CDT
kalana is always been a 6 post serve...

Lady Lita 20:09:52 pm CDT
and shaina, what if a Free requests the drink be served in a mug? there are no mugs on Gor. And many Free expect a slave to know the correct vessel for each drink without having to ask preference.

Dak 20:10:01 pm CDT
that's right, Laroona , *smiles*

Laroona 20:10:26 pm CDT
2. Gorean Shores does not use bota's at this time. All kalana is in bottles and served at the feet of the Free and serve chilled unless told otherwise; paga is served warm/hot in three footed bowls unless told otherwise. Cold paga, ale and mead are all in the cold room in big vats or casks, so take the vessel (three footed bowl/tankard/horn) and fill it in the cold room; no bottles for these items.

Dak 20:10:38 pm CDT
it is in the manual , Lita

Laroona 20:11:25 pm CDT
kalana if not served chilled it can be a 5 post serve

Jake 20:11:57 pm CDT
raises a hand...or coughs...
I have a fricking QUESTION to all!
If in fact this is to be roleplay...why not then in the setting of the roleplay any correction if needed be done?
an example..if the girl simply presents the drink...can't a Man then place a finger upon the rim while she still has her hands out stretched and lower it back and with a stern gaze remind the girl she forget to kiss below the rim of the vessel..or brought the wrong one?

Dak 20:12:33 pm CDT
aye, Laroona , *smiles*

Lady Lita 20:12:34 pm CDT
O.K Dak, what spedifically in the Additional Rules are You referring to? Because I don't see anything there that has relevance here. What am I missing?

Laroona 20:12:44 pm CDT
correct Jake
kissing below the rim is in the last post *S*

shaina {KR} 20:12:50 pm CDT
Mistress Lita.. shaina was only asking because she wasn't there... and usually for all drinks there are at least two choices of vessel to be chosen from

Lady Lita 20:13:09 pm CDT
Good point Jake

Dak 20:14:00 pm CDT
aye, that has happened andalso it has been slapped from a girls hands !

~zoya{GS}~ 20:14:09 pm CDT
~*~smiles to Master Jake~*~ zoya would think that would wonderful to be corrected and taught to serve better by the Master in such a manner

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:14:20 pm CDT
whole lot better than allowing her to believe she did it right Master Jake..

Loki 20:14:26 pm CDT
Ok, this is has been beat to death enough, lets move on.........
next topic please..........

Jake 20:15:28 pm CDT
I was just getting warmed up Loki....I'll behave

Dak 20:15:32 pm CDT
serving basics, Lita, AT the bottom that is the 5 or 6 steps as needed for the serve

Lady Lita 20:15:34 pm CDT
I read the additonal Rules, Dak, and I still don't know which of them You are referring to.

Laroona 20:16:16 pm CDT
Heck I have seen some FW throw a drink over a girl and made her repeat the serve
one thing now in GS is there are web pages they can refer to
also so can a Free

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:16:21 pm CDT
~smiles to Master Loki

Lady Lita 20:17:20 pm CDT
AS NEEDED, i. e. however many you need. and the manual also says the numbers of posts are guidelines. Again not a requirement.

Lady Lita 20:17:56 pm CDT
Oh and if anybody can find a quote where ka-lap-na was served chilled, please guide Me to it, because I couldn't find one, nor could the person helping Me look

Loki 20:19:09 pm CDT
any topic suggestions please whisper them to Me.....

Dak 20:19:20 pm CDT
trhe as needed I assume refers to what is being served . 5 for everything but chlled Kalana

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:20:13 pm CDT
Ka-la-na: very potent dry red wine made from the fruit of the ka-la-na tree
and is said to have an aphrodisiac effect on females
· served in a goblet
· chilled: bottles in cold room
· can also be served room temperature
· hot: small kettle over the fire (do not stir!)
· reminder: uncork bottle with teeth
. bring the bottle and goblet to the Free, serve at their feet
this says a goblet but sounds like this talk here is about 1 certain serve that a slave made a mistake or got confused..

Laroona 20:21:39 pm CDT
I repeat it could have been corrected in the first post instead of after the serve was done
that tell s me the Free was not following the serve

Loki 20:22:29 pm CDT
NEW TOPIC! the last one is dead, please whisper Me one, or we can close this forum......

Laroona 20:23:27 pm CDT
**looks to Xertog**

Xertog 20:25:59 pm CDT
I'm going to take care of some GS business while Loki waits for a new topic.

Xertog 20:27:55 pm CDT
Steps in front of the dais and motions to Lita to come forward.

Loki 20:28:20 pm CDT
~watches with interest~

Laroona 20:29:42 pm CDT
**listens to Xertog and waits for Lita**

Lady Lita 20:30:04 pm CDT
*rosing, the proud Free Woman, cressed in ornate Green Robes of Concealment, dainty slippers, gloves, and the maximum number of veils, approaches the Captian* Yes, Captian. *bowing Her head in respect*

Lady Lita 20:33:11 pm CDT
I wish, with Your permission, Captain, to pledge My Honor, and not My sword, but My scalpel *grins* And the healing skills that I have, to this Home and Homestone.

Xertog 20:33:30 pm CDT
Lady Lita do you pledge your honor and loyalty to the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores, your obedience to the Decisions of the Council, and your support of the tavern to the best of your ability? Do you pledge to make Gorean Shores your Home and to put no other loyalties above this tavern?

Lady Lita 20:34:01 pm CDT
Yes, Captain, I do

Laroona 20:34:34 pm CDT
**listening and smiling as I hear Xertog and Lita**

Xertog 20:35:56 pm CDT
As the Senior Captain of Gorean Shores, and on behalf of the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores, I accept your pledge and welcome you, as a Pledged Patron. Congratulations Lady Lita.

Lady Lita 20:36:28 pm CDT
*She steps forward to the bottom of the dais, so He towers above Her, and holds out both gloved hands towards Him*

Lady Lita 20:37:12 pm CDT
*eyes lowered in respect* I thank You, Captain Xertog, and I thank the Council Captains of Gorean Shores for makng Me welcome here.

kadife{GS} 20:38:23 pm CDT
claps her hands for the wonderful Mistress Lita this slave has come to love in such a short time

Laroona 20:38:38 pm CDT
Welcome Lita *S*
a smile caressing my features beneath my veils ,, I clap my golved hands together *S*

~zoya{GS}~ 20:39:09 pm CDT
~*~calls out cheerfully~*~ congratulations, Mistress Lita

Xertog 20:39:23 pm CDT
Takes her hand.
Welcome to Gorean Shores

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:39:24 pm CDT
Welcome home Mistress

Dak 20:39:39 pm CDT
Congrats Lady Lita

kadife{GS} 20:39:53 pm CDT
welcome Home Mistress Lita

Ulrich 20:40:01 pm CDT
Congratulations Lita

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:40:07 pm CDT
~ totally inappropriate she brings two fingers to her lush lips and wolf whistles loudly pleased to see GS grow 1 more stronger before calling out cheerfully.. ~

Congrats Mistress Lita and welcome home to GS!

Lady Lita 20:40:32 pm CDT
*blushng 'neath Her veils. I thank you all, all those of My New Home! It has been a long and weary Journey, but at last I shall be at rest! *S*

stormy{Xg~L} 20:41:23 pm CDT
she smiles at the Mistress , hands slap gently on her thighs
Welcome home Mistress

Laroona 20:41:46 pm CDT
heee rest.. Lita you want to rest LOl
wait till the Captains put you to work heeeeeeeee

Xertog 20:41:46 pm CDT
If anybody has a topic suggest send it to me.

Lady Lita 20:42:46 pm CDT
I appreciate such a kind Welcome! *slowly, She steps back from the dais, turns, and moves back to Her place beside Laroona*

natira{GS} 20:43:11 pm CDT
welcome home Mistress Lita

Greetings Master Ulrich

Laroona 20:43:32 pm CDT
**nudges Lita and speaks quietly **
good to have you here old friend

nasreen{TH}t 20:45:10 pm CDT
slips in quietly..claps her hands...
welcome Home Mistress Lita..

Xertog 20:55:14 pm CDT
The topic is slaves and weapons. Slaves being allowed or not allowed to to touch them. What constitutes a weapon? A knife for slicing bosk?

Ulrich 20:55:22 pm CDT
~drops a sword~

nasreen{TH}t 20:55:59 pm CDT
technically that could be used as a weapon Master Xertog..though this one pities the girl that tries it...

Dak 20:56:16 pm CDT
*smiles*, a pretty heavy pin, *smiles*

kadife{GS} 20:57:15 pm CDT
a tankard could be a weapon... a broom a rake... a bucket... silks could be used to choke someone.. so yes what is a weapon...

Ulrich 20:57:34 pm CDT
They have to be able to use kitchen utensils. Although in a pinch they could be used as a weapon, I don't believe they are considered weapons in their normal use.

natira{GS} 20:57:56 pm CDT
a sewing needle a rock, girl believes it is more of how a slave is going to use it that would make things like that a weapon

Lady Lita 20:58:02 pm CDT
Well, here is a qquote. It is the one that most use to require slaves to cut food with sorp shells. But a you will see, the full quote is kind of a two-edged sword.

Loki 20:58:03 pm CDT
from what I remember its perfectly acceptable for girl to use a knive to slice a bosk.............its the intent of its use

Laroona 20:58:04 pm CDT
a wooden spoon too
*chuckles as I rise and depart**

Lady Lita 20:58:21 pm CDT
Similarly in many cities a slave may be slain, or her hands cut off, for so much as touching a weapon.

"Doubtless you would expect her, from time to time," he said, to handle utensils, to serve, for example, in kitchens."
Vagabonds of Gor, pg 315

~zoya{GS}~ 20:59:42 pm CDT
yes, Master Xertog. Although, it's zoya's belief the slaves have been given permission to use a dull knife within the kitchen area for preparing food and such...but never ever to use it as a weapon. Everything else, knife, quiva, sword, etc., is a weapon and to never be touched by a slave.

Lady Lita 21:00:39 pm CDT
I would think it pretty risky to allow a new slave to have a razor to shave One with. Would have to be a slave One REALLY trusted! *chuckle

galah{RA} 21:01:17 pm CDT
even a butcher knife to slice bosk, as long as the slave didn't place the knife on the tray to take over to the thinks the topic of weapon or use of one would constitute what she brings with her within reach of possibly doing harm to a free?

nasreen{TH}t 21:04:39 pm CDT
shakes her head..

any One else have the white page of death?

Ulrich 21:04:51 pm CDT

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 21:05:10 pm CDT
yes nasreen

Ulrich 21:05:11 pm CDT
Yep nasreen I think we all di

nasreen{TH}t 21:05:18 pm CDT
girl believes that the way an item is used makes it a weapon...

~zoya{GS}~ 21:05:19 pm CDT
zoya did, but we're back now

Xertog 21:05:23 pm CDT
Seems like the room acted up for a few of us. I lost a post in there. zoya had a double and a few got booted

galah{RA} 21:05:31 pm CDT
yikes, that was painful hehehehee

Loki 21:05:32 pm CDT
double ouch~blasted urts~~

kadife{GS} 21:05:57 pm CDT
rubs her bum as she returns.. what happened?

nasreen{TH}t 21:06:07 pm CDT
thank You Master Ulrich...

~zoya{GS}~ 21:06:27 pm CDT
hehehe, gor~quake, kadife

nasreen{TH}t 21:07:26 pm CDT
and this one lost a post...

Lady Lita 21:07:33 pm CDT
Lost My train of thougth here. Oh yes. Why must the knife be dull? A slave cannot cut properly with a dull knife, and I don't think any Free Man would wish to be shaved with a dull razor.

Loki 21:09:02 pm CDT
I personally dont shave, I dont trust a shaking slut with a razor, dull or sharp~chuckle~

galah{RA} 21:09:29 pm CDT
like a slave would be dumb enough to even try to use a weapon against a Master? not if she has a brain in her head, or a death wish

natira{GS} 21:09:41 pm CDT
~rubs her tushie as she falls back in~

nasreen{TH}t 21:09:57 pm CDT
Master hasn't asked His beast to shave Him....

shaina {KR} 21:10:00 pm CDT
ohhhh shaina has always lovvvved the thought of shaving a Master.... any volunteers? *grins*

Lady Lita 21:10:16 pm CDT
Then there were the fighting slaves in the arena. They crtainly had weapons. And there is a scene in Assassins where in a tavern two slaves are forced to fight each other with hook knives for the entertainment. And, Hup the Fol gains his freedom by winning a fight with a hook knife.

stormy{Xg~L} 21:10:19 pm CDT
Mistress Lita the knife shouldnt be dull , you have given two reasons why .

most of it is not really by the books , thoughts and the whole idea that someone would hurt a free , no slave in her right mind would . it was something practiced by many homes way back in the day , it was a preventive measure to assure no slave killed or maimed a free

this is of course stormys thought

galah{RA} 21:10:22 pm CDT
even the slightest hint of using ANYTHING as a weapon would find a girl headless

Xertog 21:12:07 pm CDT
In this weeks reading of Nomads of Gor a newly collared slave that was a former FW picks up a quiva for a brief period of time. Her Master removes it from her hand using a whip.

Lady Lita 21:12:27 pm CDT
Now, what I found most interesting is also a quote from Assassins. Tarl and Marlenus are playing kaissa and discussing the coming war with AR and Pa-Kur, and They are using the kaissa pieces as a metaphor. And there is one piece called a Spear Slave. Since the oother pieces, Ubar and what not, are named for real people or positions, it leads Me to think they must have had trained slaves carrying spears to use in their armies.

kadife{GS} 21:13:28 pm CDT
that was soooo funny... she was screeming I HAVE A KNIFE I HAVE A KNife
and no one paid her any mind

Lady Lita 21:13:47 pm CDT
glah, if I remember correct;ly, when Boks was on the roof of His holdings, His girls took up weapons, bows I think, and used them to help defend Him,despite His orders to go below. And nowhere does it say He punished them for this

natira{GS} 21:14:10 pm CDT
~laughs softly~

stormy{Xg~L} 21:14:21 pm CDT
Some one from say Shaba ? or somewhere along the UA ? it would fit to the slavers that were there

Lady Lita 21:14:59 pm CDT
‘Yes,’ said Marlenus.
‘And who,’ I asked, ‘is the Spear Slave?’
‘Does it matter?’ asked Marlenus, sifting several of the Spear Slaves through his fingers, letting them drop, one by one, to the board. ‘Any of them will do.’
‘If the Assassin should take the city,’ I said, ‘the rule of the Initiates will be broken, and eventually the horde with its loot will scatter, leaving a garrison.
Mintar shifted comfortably, settling his great bulk more deeply into the cushions. ‘The young tarnsman plays the game well,’ he said.
‘And,’ I went on, ‘when Pa-Kur falls, the garrison will be
divided, and a revolution may take place - ‘
‘Led by a Ubar,’ said Marlenus, looking fixedly at the game piece in his hand. It was a Ubar. He smashed it down on the board, scattering the other pieces to the silken cushions. ‘By a Ubar!’ he exclaimed.
‘You are willing,’ I asked, ‘to turn the city over to Pa-Kur - that his horde should swarm into the cylinders, that the city may be looted and burned, the people destroyed or enslaved?’ I shuffered involuntarily at the thought of the uncontrolled hordes of Pa-Kur among the spires of Ar, butchering, pillaging, burning, raping - or, as the Goreans will have it, washing the bridges in blood.
The eyes of Marlenus flashed. ‘No,’ he said. ‘But Ar will fall. The Initiates can only mumble prayers to the Priest-Kings, arrange the details of their meaningless, innumerable sacrifices. They crave political power, but can’t understand or manipulate it. They will never withstand a well-mounted siege. They will never keep the city.’
‘Can’t you enter the city and take power?’ I asked. ‘You could return the Home Stone. You could gather a following.’
‘Yes,’ said Marlenus. ‘I could return the Home Stone - and there are those who would follow me - but there are not enough, not enough. How many would rally to the banner of an outlaw? No, the power of the Initiates must first be broken.’
‘Do you have a way into the city?’ I asked.
Marlenus looked at me narrowly. ‘Perhaps,’ he said.
‘Then I have a counterplan,’ I said. ‘Strike for the Home Stones of those cities tributary to Ar - they are kept in the Central Cylinder. If you seize them, you can divide Pa-Kur’s horde, give the Home Stones to the contingents of the tributary cities, provided they withdraw their forces. If they do not, destroy the Stones.’ - Tarnsman

Lady Lita 21:15:20 pm CDT
That is the quote from Assassins.

Lady Lita 21:17:06 pm CDT
So just how much,what, and how often WERE slaves allowed to use or have weapons. I can imagine slaves working on farms having scythes and saws and other things that would serve equally well as a weapon. They couldn't do their jobs otherwise.

Lady Lita 21:20:20 pm CDT
I would assume a new slave, one not properly broken yet, might be kept away from any sharp object, even a Mistress's scissors or hair pins. But otherwise?

Ulrich 21:20:20 pm CDT
Lita, again it all comes down to intent.
A rock can be a weapon, anything can be used as a weapon. A tool only becomes a weapon when it is used to threaten or cause harm.
That would be certain death for a slave.

Lady Lita 21:20:39 pm CDT
Agreed, Ulrich.

Lady Lita 21:21:15 pm CDT
I could bore You to death just by talking! *giggle*

nasreen{TH}t 21:21:35 pm CDT
nodding this girl agrees Master Ulrich...
though she doesn't see how her simple body could be a weapon as Mistress Laroona stated on her way out....

Lady Lita 21:22:13 pm CDT
perhaps by transmitting Dar Kosis, or Bazi Plague, nasreen?

kadife{GS} 21:22:26 pm CDT
yes words can be a weapon

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 21:22:50 pm CDT

shaina {KR} 21:22:53 pm CDT

shut up shaina.....

nasreen{TH}t 21:23:49 pm CDT
girl has so many other things to stroke and squeeze with her delightful hands....and the treat that is given her as a reward for that...welll.....heheheheheee

nasreen{TH}t 21:25:01 pm CDT
perhaps Mistress Lita...but would not the slave also be made sick from those?

Lady Lita 21:25:50 pm CDT
without a doubt, nasreen. However, I could see an enemy infectng a girl with one or the other without her knowledge, and, say, sending her as a gift to an enemy?

nasreen{TH}t 21:26:27 pm CDT
that is true Mistress Lita....shudders at the thought..

Lady Lita 21:26:54 pm CDT
the person sending her wouldn't care if she lived or died, she is a means to an end, and it would actually make things simpler if she did die and couldn't tell what little she might have known.

Xertog 21:27:07 pm CDT
It is late. I am calling the forum to a close.. Thank you Loki for leading it. Also thank you snowrose for again scribing.

Lady Lita 21:27:49 pm CDT
And again, thank You Captain for accepting My pledge, and for good discussions and interesting forums.

Forum Closed

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