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TOPICS :- Chairs & Couches in Gor;  Use Names on online Gor?




Laroona 19:15:39 pm CDT
Xertog if any here would like to comment.. be appreciated... I will need to catch-up of all slik colours.. so wil put a post up on boards ....
(I think the background is harsh.. and many have not been coloured as yet)

najla{Xg-L}t 19:17:49 pm CDT
wow Mistress Laroona ~soft chuckle~ looks good but the background does make the eyes cross lol and the yellow a little bright ~winks~

Lady Lita 19:17:57 pm CDT
Ewww! Do we have to be colored, Laroona? Those waxy crayon marks are harder than the devil to wash off! *snicker*

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:18:17 pm CDT
dang Mistress Laroona that looks sharp..

Laroona 19:18:30 pm CDT
naja I agree I have found a lighter one... or could make the fonts lighter LOl

najla{Xg-L}t 19:19:07 pm CDT
maybe the yellow a lil lighter Mistress ~smiles~ that yellow is OMgosh bright lol

Lady Lita 19:19:22 pm CDT
o.k. where is it you ladies are looking?

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:20:05 pm CDT
guess shadows eyes are no good, looks fine to shadow.. *hushes*

Laroona 19:20:39 pm CDT
LOL I could colour the Free... but this was something I thought of and ran past the Snr Captain.... and so far is work in progress
that way all know what silk level slaves are at *S*

natira{GS} 19:21:42 pm CDT
the yellow on a few tags is like way bright ~giggles~ makes girl want her sunglasses

Xertog 19:21:46 pm CDT
Lets get the forum started folks. The regular rules as always apply. Please send me any topic suggestions you may have.

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:22:02 pm CDT
it looks great Mistress

Laroona 19:22:18 pm CDT
If all think a good idea I can post on boards and ppl can give colours there ....*S*

TOPIC:- Chairs & Couches in Gor

Xertog 19:30:28 pm CDT
OK I have a topic.

Xertog 19:31:41 pm CDT
The use of chairs and couches in Gor. How do they differ from what we commonly use on Earth.

natira{GS} 19:33:25 pm CDT
aren't couches like beds? at least on Gor that is

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:34:44 pm CDT
girl has seen them called sleeping couches

Lady Lita 19:35:46 pm CDT
couches were sometimes used for sitting, as well, natira. The books aren't clear, but I think it was maybe like the reclining couches the Romans and Greeks used at banquets and such. Trouble was, according to the books, the couches, either way, were of stone! *shudder*

galah{RA} 19:36:09 pm CDT
would that be like an earthen futon perhaps? there's also another one that is an elongated couch for laying upon, but can't remember what its called

Lady Lita 19:37:05 pm CDT
do you mean a chaise lounge, galah?

Dak 19:37:43 pm CDT
the only reference o couches I remember in the books was Masters chaining slaves to the foot of their couches they slept on , which were of stone

galah{RA} 19:38:05 pm CDT
that might be what its called Mistress, looks more like a stuffed chair but longer so it can be laid on

stormy{Xg~L} 19:38:41 pm CDT
stone couches stormy believes is what they are called , reminds her of Bedrock and the flinstones when she sees that

galah{RA} 19:39:05 pm CDT
they slept on stone? now that just sounds comfy, NOT!! heheheee

Lady Lita 19:39:08 pm CDT
And I found one quote of stone blocks being used for chairs too!

 "Aside from these things and two stone blocks, perhaps chairs, and a mat to one side, the room was bare; the walls and ceiling and floor were smooth as marble, and a classic white. I could see no door in the room. I rose from the stone table, which was indeed what it was, and went to the window. " - Tarnsman

natira{GS} 19:39:09 pm CDT
girl also remembers reading the usually chairs are not used except in the northern parts of Gor but she remembers reading something about Port Kar but she may be mixing things up

Xertog 19:39:30 pm CDT
Some quotes I just googled ..

Stone couch
Vika had unrolled a straw mat which she placed on the floor at the foot of the great stone couch in the chamber. On this, wrapped in a light blanket, her chin on her knees, she sat watching me.
Priest Kings

It really is stone, hard, solid.
She had been lying on the straw mat at the foot of the stone couch. So suddenly had she arisen that she had struck her knee against the couch and this had not much pleased her.
Priest Kings

Made comfortable with sleeping pelts & silk sheets
I would allow Vika to share the great stone couch, its sleeping pelts, and silken sheets.
Priest Kings

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:40:25 pm CDT
Chairs are thought to be uncomfortable, and are not common on Gor
Generally chairs are used only by Administrators, judges, persons in charge
On Gor, incidentally, chairs have special significance, and do not often occur in private dwellings. They tend to be reserved for significant personages, such as administrators and judges. Moreover, although you may find this hard to understand, they are not thought to be comfortable.
Priest Kings

Xertog 19:41:31 pm CDT
In GS the tavern the dais has tables with chairs.

galah{RA} 19:42:00 pm CDT
the curule chairs that the captains sit on, they are wood?

stormy{Xg~L} 19:42:15 pm CDT
arent they temwood Master ?

Lady Lita 19:42:56 pm CDT
Here is one quote where the couch was not, apparently strictly used as a bed, but was in a public room:

"While the rest of our two parties, including Bila Huruma, had waited within the threshold, I was conducted across the broad stone court to its center, where, on a huge stone couch, of ancient design, lay Shaba. "

Lady Lita 19:44:08 pm CDT
I have about a dozen quotes on couches, of stone, most of which are clearly used as beds.

stormy{Xg~L} 19:44:11 pm CDT
stormy thought that some wood ( Tur ) was softer then temwood but used when building ships and other things

Laroona 19:44:40 pm CDT
I always believed in the tavern and through out GS, and including the alcoves, the only exception of Captains chairs... that Free were on furs, wither kneeling as FW or sitting crosslegged as a FM
the sleeping couches were in private chambers

Xertog 19:44:42 pm CDT
Some more quotes:

"You are a beast and a barbarian!" she cried to him, drawing back. Then she could move no further back against the stone couch. She could draw her feet up no further.
He took her and threw her to her right side, wedging her in the corner formed by the tiles and the foot of the stone couch.
Slave Girl

While the rest of our two parties, including Bila Huruma, had waited within the threshold, I was conducted across the broad stone court to its center, where, on a huge stone couch, of ancient design, lay Shaba.

I rose on one elbow and looked down at her. How incredibly beautiful and soft she seemed; she was curled in the furs; she was half covered by them; I lifted them away, that I might see her fully; she stirred; her hands moved a bit on the furs; she drew her legs up; she reached as though to pull the furs more about her but her hands did not find them; she drew her legs up a bit more and snuggled down in the furs; there is perhaps nothing in the world as beautiful as a naked slave girl; a heavy iron collar, with chain, was locked on her throat; the chain ran from a ring fixed in the bottom of the great couch, circular, and some twenty feet wide, around the circumference of the couch to the right and was lifted and coiled to one side, on the left.

Laroona 19:45:37 pm CDT
would GS have stone couches?
I do not think so considering the era GS is in

Lady Lita 19:46:43 pm CDT
stormy, none of the quotes I have specify what wood the chairs were made of. Just that they were of wood. And of course there was kalana wood as well as other kinds of trees. They are always referred to as Curule chairs, though, which is the style of chair, not the material.

Dak 19:47:21 pm CDT
unless Bolt Sarakai took His when He left , I made one of the Curule Chairs on the Dais, in the Tavern, almost 9 years ago

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:47:32 pm CDT
Used occasionally by FW, carried through streets by slaves
*imagines Mistress Laroona in that* *grin*

Xertog 19:47:50 pm CDT
I all ways assumed the chairs were wood on the dais. The type? I don't know.

Lady Lita 19:48:37 pm CDT
yes, Laroona, the common way of sitting was on furs, cross-legged for the Men, kneeling for the Women. I was jsut intrigued by the exception. Now I am confused by your reference to the era GS is in. Could You clarify?

Laroona 19:49:06 pm CDT
the low tables, scattered throughout I assume were made of some sort of wood...
people only have to look at the GS tavern map to get an idea and that could give them a method of entering and sitting etc....
instead of "entering the tavern and sitting"... sitting on what?

shaina {KR} 19:49:38 pm CDT
if one googles curule chairs.. some pics come up....
nothing like what shaina had pictured in her mind

Laroona 19:49:47 pm CDT
hey aurora I am not that lazy ........ yet LOl

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:50:03 pm CDT
those are called palanquins, girl thinks...the sedan chairs

Dak 19:50:07 pm CDT
sitting on furs in the Tavern

Lady Lita 19:50:26 pm CDT
I believe your web page, with the Tavern description, Xertog, says they are curule chairs, the chairs on the dais. If memory serves.

Laroona 19:50:48 pm CDT
Lita before homestones etc were used... I forget the exact date

Xertog 19:51:03 pm CDT
aurora I believe Saphrar was carried in one of then in Nomads of Gor when he was at the games of Love War.

Laroona 19:51:12 pm CDT
Dak so you would sit how as an example?

Dak 19:51:57 pm CDT
I commonly say I'm sitting on furs crosslegged

Laroona 19:52:40 pm CDT
hmmmmmmm I never see that of many men....

galah{RA} 19:52:40 pm CDT
gal agrees shaina, not what gal pictured either, but good pics, look to be old style

Lady Lita 19:53:17 pm CDT
Before Homestones? Didn't know Gor existed before Home Stones! *chuckle*

Laroona 19:53:24 pm CDT
that is why we need more nale kajirus LOL

Dak 19:54:03 pm CDT
I do it frequently, *smile*, Laroona, not everytime lately, becuz no one else does, but I'm from the Tavern 9 years ago

nasreen{TH}t 19:54:33 pm CDT
when Master enters He settles back on the Furs of His choosing...

Laroona 19:55:01 pm CDT
maybe time examples were set IMO
I always kneel on furs in my entry posts

Laroona 19:55:16 pm CDT
"The Gorean male, at ease, usually sits cross-legged and the female kneels, resting back on her heels. The position of the Tower Slave, in which Vika knelt, differs from that of a free woman only in the position of the wrists which are held before her and, when not occupied, crossed as though for binding. A free woman’s wrists are never so placed. "
Priest Kings

Dak 19:55:30 pm CDT
Port Kar for Many years never had a Homestone and the depicted time of GS was before the Homestone

Laroona 19:56:09 pm CDT
GS still has no Homestone

Dak 19:56:46 pm CDT
I didn't thnk so, *smiles*

Lady Lita 19:57:51 pm CDT
Oh yes! I had forgotten that, Dak! Thanks for the reminder.

Laroona 19:58:12 pm CDT
((seems many are being dumped)))

Lady Lita 19:58:34 pm CDT
The urts must be hungry tonight.

Xertog 19:59:17 pm CDT
My dumping was my own doing Laroona.

Laroona 19:59:56 pm CDT
The only rooms in GS,,, from my understanding that does not have a Dias are the Piazza, Bathhouse and of course the slave kennels

galah{RA} 20:00:24 pm CDT
must be nasty urt and hungry urt, cause alert urt hasn't been around for quite sometime hehehehehehee

Laroona 20:00:54 pm CDT
must be time for Xertog to go urt hunting LOL

galah{RA} 20:01:24 pm CDT
oooooohhh? gal was thinking the only place that had a dais was the tavern

Xertog 20:02:01 pm CDT
Any other topic suggestions?

Laroona 20:02:20 pm CDT
I think the Yard is so they can judge spars etc
and of course no Dias in Port Kar... that is the seedy side of town LOL

Lady Lita 20:04:49 pm CDT
*eyes widen* Laroona, You mean Port Kar had a side of town that WASN'T seedy?

Laroona 20:05:18 pm CDT
Lita well seedier than most LOL

galah{RA} 20:08:54 pm CDT
perhaps if no topic, we could set up the atmosphere of the seedy Port Kar? that would put us all on the same page when we are RPing



Xertog 20:09:27 pm CDT
New topic is 'use names'
I don't recall this ever coming up in online Gor. I wonder how many here know what it is.

Laroona 20:10:24 pm CDT
galah I thought it was LOl

Laroona 20:11:06 pm CDT
Xertog what do you mean "use names"

Xertog 20:11:51 pm CDT
Use name: practice, apparently supported by First Knowledge, which is followed by members of lower castes. Their 'real' name is held privately. Their 'use-name' is public knowledge. The belief is that public knowledge of their real name allows someone to have power over them. Book 1: Tarnsman of Gor, page 58

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:12:08 pm CDT
Think it had something to do with hiding identity?

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:12:29 pm CDT
You too fast Master Xertog

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:12:38 pm CDT
names used by low castes Master?

ahhh...a girl was going to say it and erased it *lol*

Laroona 20:13:17 pm CDT
I thought that was more for the Wagon People..
I could be wrong

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:14:03 pm CDT
Goreans are extremely sensitive about names, and who may speak them. Indeed, particularly those of low caste, even have use names, concealing their true names, lest they be discovered by enemies and used to conjure spells against them.
Assassins of Gor

Lady Lita 20:14:06 pm CDT
Well it apparently wasn't reserved JUST for the lower castes. Tarl had what I would consider a "use name" on at least two different occasions. "Bosk" and "Kuurus"

Lady Lita 20:14:46 pm CDT
Red hunters, though they are reticent to speak there own names, have little reservation about speaking the names of others. This makes sense, as it is not their name, and it is not as if , in their speaking it, the name might somehow escape them. This is also fortunate. It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to get one of these fellows to tell you his own name. Often one man will tell you the name of his freind, and his freind will tell you his name. This way you learn the name of both, but from neither himself. The names of the red Hunters, incidently have meaning.

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:15:09 pm CDT
a girl read Men of High Castes also used *use names*

Lady Lita 20:15:28 pm CDT
And one might consider "Tarl Red-hair", which He was sometimes called, a "use name" as well.

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:17:52 pm CDT
well shadows quote doesn't say that only low Caste used use names, just says the words "particularly those of low caste, even have use names," which says to shadow that High Caste did.

Lady Lita 20:18:12 pm CDT
When you remember that to the Goreans, the word for "stranger" and the word for "enemy" are the same, not revealing one's "real" name to all and sundry would not be an unreasonable practice.

Xertog 20:18:59 pm CDT
Moreover, Goreans are extremely sensitive about names, and who may speak them. Indeed, particularly those of low caste, even have use names, concealing their true names, lest they be discovered by enemies and used to conjure spells against them. Similarly, slaves on the whole, do not address free men by their names....
---Assassin of Gor, 2:12

Lady Lita 20:19:32 pm CDT
and there was a quote to the effect that slaves could never speak their Master's name

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:19:40 pm CDT
At the level of the Second Knowledge, of course, the High Castes, at least in general, recognize the baseless superstition of the Lower Castes and use their own names comparatively freely, usually followed by the name of their city."
"The Lower Castes, incidentally, commonly believe that the names of the High Castes are actually use-names and that the High Castes conceal their real names."
Tarnsman Page 59

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:20:43 pm CDT
shadow thinks You copied her paper Master Xertog ~laughs~ but least You have the page number

Xertog 20:21:42 pm CDT

Xertog 20:23:10 pm CDT
One day I'll catch a person dualing and they will tell me they have a use name too. lol

Xertog 20:23:36 pm CDT
Any other topic suggestions?

Lady Lita 20:24:11 pm CDT
I have sometimes been amused on reading message boards at other Gorean Homes, at the hissy fits some folks throw when others post a message under a name other than the one they use for their Gorean character. They claim it's dishonourable and all sorts of things. To Me, it's just using a "use name" Even when it is used to say something one would not normally be comfortable saying "in character" I see nothing un-Gorean or dishonourable about it. But, that is just Me.

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:24:33 pm CDT
~ laughing.. ~
thats funny Master Xertog and now You put the idea out there.. hehe

Laroona 20:25:18 pm CDT
Lita I too have seen that.. often to avoid exposing who they are... especially if the debate is "heated"

Xertog 20:25:18 pm CDT
While I am waiting for a topic. Next Sunday is Fathers Day. Will you folks be around for a forum next Sunday?

Laroona 20:26:10 pm CDT
was good enough to have forum mothers day.. *shrugs*

galah{RA} 20:26:26 pm CDT
not fathers day downunder, thats not till september here hehehehee

Lady Lita 20:26:55 pm CDT
Even on earth, legally, I can call myself name I like, as long as I am not doing so to defraud someone. And by-the-way, Y'all, I shall henceforth be known as Marilyn Monroe!

galah{RA} 20:27:33 pm CDT
Mistress Monroe, it does have a ring to it hehehehehee

Laroona 20:27:44 pm CDT
galah heee and we have a public holiday today *s*

Lady Lita 20:28:14 pm CDT
I can be here. My Father and Father-in-Law are deceased, so no family gathering or celebration. And my children's Father is an "ex",. so again, no celebration.

Laroona 20:28:14 pm CDT
LOL Lita.. dang... now I have to be Sophia Loren LOl

galah{RA} 20:28:28 pm CDT
it is indeed Mistress, the queens birthday that really isn't her birthday at all, but a good reason to have a day off work hehehehehe

Lady Lita 20:28:51 pm CDT
Well if You really want to be Marilyn, Laroona, I could be Sophia, not a problem. In fact, We could each take alternate weeks.

nasreen{TH}t 20:29:05 pm CDT
this one will be working that night...24/7 that day...

Lady Lita 20:31:15 pm CDT
You mean we aren't all already confused, Laroona? Oh dear!

Laroona 20:31:41 pm CDT
not us Lita shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lady Lita 20:32:15 pm CDT
Do we need to install revolving doors her for the urts?

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:32:26 pm CDT
*ties naj down*

Laroona 20:33:09 pm CDT
I stiLl think Xertog needs to go urt hunting again LOL

Xertog 20:33:25 pm CDT
July 13th we will be starting a new book on Tuesdays book discussion. It is Assassin of Gor.

najla{Xg-L}t 20:33:50 pm CDT
~grumbling~ darn it~

Lady Lita 20:33:59 pm CDT
Good idea, Laroona, since I cannot seem to get hold of the Orkin Man of Gor

Lady Lita 20:34:20 pm CDT
Oh one of my favorites!

Xertog 20:37:56 pm CDT
No topics? We could end the forum a little early.

Xertog 20:42:01 pm CDT
I am calling the forum to a close. Thank you for coming and thank you snowrose for scribing.

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