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 Xertog   19:41:33 pm CDT

First topic:

To allow Captains, and fg and trainers to participate at forums would it be possible to email questions / problems etc to Captains and fg or trainers?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:43:21 pm CDT

Not sure shadow knows what that means?


  Laroona   19:44:13 pm CDT

I think it is better to not whisper to these people as they can often get inundated and lose track of the topic at hand


  Loki   19:44:13 pm CDT

I’m a lil confused. If a person cant make forum I dont see why they cant email a question in to a Captain or that what is being ask?


   Xertog   19:45:09 pm CDT

When I was the Slave Master I use to spend a fair amount of time during the forum in whispers. To me it was a time I could touch base with people I might not see during the week.

I think it is up to each individual to set the parameters they are comfortable with.


  Laroona   19:45:12 pm CDT

I think it is during forums


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   19:45:22 pm CDT

do You mean email a question by proxy to fg and trainers...hmmmm girl thinks the fg has enough to do


  nasreen{TH}t   19:45:48 pm CDT

is confused what that means....does it mean during forum not to whisper with questions or "problems"


  Laroona   19:46:12 pm CDT

Xertog it could be up to the individual...


  natira{GS}   19:46:48 pm CDT



   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:47:05 pm CDT

ohhhhhhhhhh *clapping* shadow agrees, email works far better 'specially when someone wants something known and starts copying and pasting stuff in whispers, shadow gets frustrated and lost.


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   19:47:08 pm CDT

during the forums why go through a third part? Sending directly to Master Xertog seems to work


  Xertog   19:47:52 pm CDT

That is how I understood it nasreen


  Loki   19:47:54 pm CDT

Im very lost now, is there two topic going on? Im confused on both, maybe its just Me.


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:48:25 pm CDT

sure if its just one or two whispering but add many, if others can keep up with that - have it - shadow can't and won't try.


  nasreen{TH}t   19:48:34 pm CDT

girl thinks that it would be best also to e-mail instead of during forum...unless the question has something to do with the forum...


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   19:49:09 pm CDT


maybe shadow *thought* she knew what was asked.. *hushes*


 Xertog   19:50:19 pm CDT

The topic is :

"To allow Captains, and fg and trainers to participate at forums would it be possible to email questions / problems etc to Captains and fg or trainers?"

It does not refer to forum topic suggestions but other issues people may want to talk to these people about in whispers.


  Loki   19:51:02 pm CDT

ah, understood


  nasreen{TH}t   19:51:45 pm CDT

girl would have to say that would be a very good idea....

it is very hard some times to keep the Forum...


   Xertog   19:52:39 pm CDT

When Rollo lead the forums I use to talk to people in whispers a lot. Now I normally put them off to another time.


  Loki   19:53:23 pm CDT

I think it depends on the individuals....


  nasreen{TH}t   19:56:28 pm CDT

this girl agrees with mistress shadow....the problems and or questions, could perhaps be e-mailed....

maybe whisper the Captain or fg or trainer that one wishes to talk with..and see if they can't arrange a time perhaps after the Forum to do so....or another day...


  Laroona   19:56:59 pm CDT

It is an individual thing , I agree

Maybe some are not aware of the amount of work these people do and I believe Forums are to allow participation as separate from other issues


   Xertog   19:57:54 pm CDT

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this. It depends on the persons wishes.


  snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure   19:58:31 pm CDT

there is a chain of command in place for slaves as far as bring questions and contacting Captains first would not be correct...


  Loki   19:59:15 pm CDT

forum should have priority of attention of course, especially for the moderator,

as up to individuals I meant multitasking skills in the background comes to play, slow typer wouldnt work obviously too much of the forum would have gone past while carrying on a whisper conversation


  {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:01:17 pm CDT

shadow agrees with Mistress Laroona - forums are more enjoyable to shadow if she is allowed to participate. Book study was much the same way so shadow stopped going. shadow went to book studies to *learn* and it turned into a time to let shadow know all the wrongs.

It is nice to come to GS and just enjoy it too..shrugs


  natira{GS}   20:02:29 pm CDT

this girl agrees that it would be much better to hold off on talking to the fg or trainers or Captains about issues needing to be talked about for other than during forum. because it takes away from getting involved in the forums.


   Xertog   20:03:36 pm CDT

Any other topic suggestions?


   Jake   20:03:40 pm CDT

I see nothing wrong with mailing those that need to know something is wrong and getting a time to meet to correct it and let those in the Tavern roleplay and then be whispered to later though it will happen in here as well but We must all be adult enough to accept "not now"


  nasreen{TH}t   20:04:19 pm CDT

so true Master Jake..




 Xertog   20:05:33 pm CDT

Here is a repost from the message board while I wait for a new topic:


Friday Night at the Shores

« Thread started on: Jun 18th, 2010, 8:06pm »


We are going to try what started as Thursday Night at the Shores on a new night.


The Council has decided to schedule Friday nights for rotating events and activities. They will start at 7:00PM GS time (Central Time US/Canada)


The first one will be Gorean Jeopardy in the Forum room on Friday June 25th. Look for other events on other Fridays to be scheduled soon.


If by chance none of the Council members are able to make one of the Fridays one or more of the pledged patrons should step forward to do what ever facilitating the events that needs to be done.


  natira{GS}   20:06:09 pm CDT

girl hopes that rt will allow girl at least once in a while to attend Friday night activities ~smiles~


   Xertog   20:06:58 pm CDT

I hope everybody will try and make it on Friday. And perhaps you may have some event suggestions for other Fridays.


  nasreen{TH}t   20:08:07 pm CDT

girl will do her best Master Xertog to attend on Fridays...


 Laroona   20:08:45 pm CDT

I would hope many support these events


   Jake   20:09:46 pm CDT

Can I have paga during the events? chuckles a bit but someone will ask if I do not and I like to know if the role play stops for these things


   Xertog   20:11:47 pm CDT

It depends on what we do on these Friday Jake. Some I am sure having a drink and RPing would be fine. I am open to suggestions.


   Jake   20:12:48 pm CDT

Just curious as if the casual visitor seen We can say we are OOC from 7-9 on Fridays in the Tavern was all


  Laroona   20:13:47 pm CDT

I understand that taking a slave out of say Jeopardy would detract from her being able to participate...

nothing to stop ppl getting their drinks or r/p prior to the events IMO


  Laroona   20:15:02 pm CDT

not all events will be held in the Tavern as I understand *S*


Lady Lita 20:15:10 pm CDT

*nodding in agreement with Laroona*


   Xertog   20:16:25 pm CDT

They could be in any room.. It depends on what is scheduled.


   Jake   20:17:27 pm CDT

It was a simple generic question Laroona as I have seen no schedule of events nor the as We are asked to be friendly to newcomers I thought it be nice to be able to say the place is open or closed at times for events We have is all..the more proper info We all have the better the place runs


  Laroona   20:17:31 pm CDT

or ppl could enter the event room and state they are carrying a paga or what ever *S*


  Laroona   20:18:59 pm CDT

From Xertogs post on the board I understand there will be more events posted


Lady Lita 20:19:13 pm CDT

We could just state that Friday nights are "fun" nights, and no formal serving, etc. is required. I think most visitors, if told this politely, would understand.


Lady Lita  20:20:41 pm CDT

Would there be a way to put a banner in the Tavern, like the one above the message board that states about the book nights and slave classes. And maybe have that banner only there on Fridays, that states that this is a "fun" night and this week's event is Gorean Jeopardy or whatever?


   Xertog   20:20:52 pm CDT

Gorean Jeopardy will be in the Forum room so I don't think drinks should be served. We did a Thursday nights at the Shores in the tavern and did a meat toss. I think drinking works with that.


  Laroona   20:20:57 pm CDT

Lita I agree.. in the past I have often invited a newcomer to join in... *S*


 Lady Lita  20:21:32 pm CDT

That would work.


  Laroona   20:21:34 pm CDT

Lita only GaryM can put banners up.. something to propose S*


Lady Lita 20:22:22 pm CDT

See I can think up these wild ideas because I am pretty much computer ignorant and have no concept how much time and trouble that would be! *grins*


  Xertog   20:26:06 pm CDT

The message board banners and quick and easy to put up or change. In any of these rooms, as Laroona said Gary would have to do it.


   Jake   20:27:55 pm CDT

is it possible to do a banner that mentions them that might lead to a link that would show those without access to the boards what is offered?


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:28:06 pm CDT

sorry wrong ear


  Loki   20:28:07 pm CDT

It would be nice if he could make the banner not jump~nods lots~ it gets a lil aggravating when your trying to click a subgroup


  Laroona   20:29:40 pm CDT

most of the boards are open to visitors without having to register or log in...

also there is a link ot the "corks" ie the board in every room here in GS


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:29:48 pm CDT

and here shadow thought that was just her Master Loki..


  natira{GS}   20:30:11 pm CDT



  Laroona   20:30:46 pm CDT

heeee think you was going cross eyed shadow LOl


   {Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg   20:31:48 pm CDT

~ laughing.. ~

yes Mistress am glad to know its a shared thing :)


   Xertog   20:31:49 pm CDT

I'm not following what you asked Jake.

Loki the banners effect clicking on a forum for you?


  Loki   20:34:00 pm CDT

forum? hmmm Im not sure I follow You Xertog, I was talking about the jumping banner on the boards. I dont see a banner here, and I dont think there's a banner in the entry page.


   Jake   20:34:24 pm CDT

I am asking if say the page where you can enter and or leave the site if a banner or link might be placed there to allow anyone that might be new see they can have access and find out what goes on..but Laroona says it is there and accessible without needing to log in..I guess My question actually was if the events are posted to the boards..can Non members and those form PS not a member of the boards see it?


  Laroona   20:34:51 pm CDT

Xertog can we add banners to the Forum section headers ies such as .. ie such as General Board, Role play Board..

I may look at that if you like in the next few days while you are travelling...


  Loki   20:35:45 pm CDT

Non-members can access the boards, I dont think they can post on the boards. Or maybe Im misunderstanding again...I swear, I havnt had any ale tonight ~chuckle~


  Laroona   20:36:18 pm CDT

Loki no they cannot post but can read *S*


  nasreen{TH}t   20:36:25 pm CDT



   Xertog   20:36:26 pm CDT

I meant the message board Loki. The banners affects you clicking on the different message boards?


  Laroona   20:37:06 pm CDT

Jake anything to be added to the site at entry etc would have to be undertaken by GaryM *S*


   Jake   20:37:11 pm CDT

went to check..sorry for the double..I'll shut up now...


   Jake   20:37:49 pm CDT

I understand that Laroona and do know the Council has asked how the entry page should be set up and often


   Jake   20:38:19 pm CDT

Loki!!! catch!! tossing 2..make up for lost time


   Xertog   20:38:27 pm CDT

Laroona from what I know the news fader is only available on the main page


  Loki   20:38:28 pm CDT

aye, the page jumps as the banner changes~grins~ You line up your cursor to click and the page jumps, so you click on nothing, or you click on what directly below...I think something to do with the moderators....Id have to go and look to be more specific. The banner has always jumped when there is lots of info being shown. When its just a line or two, its fine


  Laroona   20:39:05 pm CDT

thanks Xertog saves me looking LOL


  shaina {KR}   20:39:27 pm CDT

it did that to me just the other day Master Loki.. i wondered how i got into the thing about the moderators.. lol


  Loki   20:42:05 pm CDT

~grins~ so its not just Me or shadow, welcome to the club shaina


  shaina {KR}   20:42:42 pm CDT

*clapping* Yayyyy! finally, shaina's in a club *giggles*


   Xertog   20:43:01 pm CDT

OK.. I understand now. It does not jump for me. It may be a case of it working differently for different browsers. As an Admin Loki you can fiddle with it. You can find it under 'Admin' or it can just be turned off too.


  Laroona   20:44:02 pm CDT

It could be browser related that ppl use *shrugs*


  Loki   20:44:21 pm CDT

Hmm interesting Xertog, I may look into that, but with My luck, Ill the wrong thing and delete everything~grins and winks~


it could browsers, I use IE8


  nasreen{TH}t   20:45:05 pm CDT

girl uses IE8 and doesn't have the jumping banner yet...


  Loki   20:45:26 pm CDT

lucky you narseen, but glad~grins~


  shaina {KR}   20:45:54 pm CDT

shaina has no clue what she's got.. lol


  Laroona   20:46:01 pm CDT

LOL Loki then he would have work to do LOL

I use I8 and have no issues...

I have it open now and not loggged in..

will log in and see if it jumps *S*


  Loki   20:46:18 pm CDT

grins at shaina~


  Loki   20:46:48 pm CDT

lol at Laroona

it jumps for me logged in or not lol


  nasreen{TH}t   20:46:54 pm CDT

aye Master Loki girl is lucky from what she has heard...


  Laroona   20:47:16 pm CDT

have logged in and does not jump..

only sort of jumps when it first loads


  Xertog   20:47:17 pm CDT

I'll go in now Loki and C&P what is in there now and e mail it to the GS addy. So if you delete stuff by mistake it can be put back as it was.


  Loki   20:49:18 pm CDT

~chuckles at Xertog~ thanks alot ~laughing~


  Laroona   20:49:39 pm CDT

LOL at the Captains


  Xertog   20:50:52 pm CDT

Feel free to play around with it Loki.


  Loki   20:51:12 pm CDT

aye, thank You Xertog~nods~


  nasreen{TH}t   20:51:33 pm CDT

play around.....ermmmmm ...bites her lips


  Laroona   20:52:00 pm CDT



   Jake   20:52:10 pm CDT

why did I know that would perk your ears nasreen? smirks a bit


  nasreen{TH}t   20:52:59 pm CDT

well Master Jake...You know this girl well...


   Xertog   20:55:37 pm CDT

I think it is too late to start a new topic so I'll call the forum to a close.. Thank you all attending. Thank you snowrose for scribing.

Also happy Fathers Day to any dads




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