FORUM NOTES - JUNE 27th 2010






Loki 19:29:14 pm CDT
OK, lets get this thing started!~grins~
You all know the rules, No need for Me to repeat all of that, since the turn out is small......lets go ahead with it this way...
any topics or issues, just post, or whisper them to Me...

Loki 19:31:32 pm CDT
any topics or issues?

Loki 19:31:47 pm CDT
How did Friday scheduled activities go?

Laroona 19:32:25 pm CDT
No one turned up and Ummmmmmmm Errrrr some of us forgot

shaina {KR} 19:32:51 pm CDT
shaina had continuing ed Friday night and couldn't be here

nasreen{TH}t 19:32:59 pm CDT
this one was held up by rt

Loki 19:33:08 pm CDT
ohhh, thats not good at all~sigh~
The council is having problems getting this off the ground

Loki 19:33:46 pm CDT
aye, r/t gets in everyones way, how does this Friday sound?

nasreen{TH}t 19:34:16 pm CDT
at this time this girl thinks she can be here...

shaina {KR} 19:34:32 pm CDT
same for shaina, it's a maybe

Laroona 19:34:47 pm CDT
Loki indeed bad form form myself as one person who should have
and this week sounds like a good plan *S*

Lady Lita 19:34:50 pm CDT
I was here. But then I always am.

shaina {KR} 19:35:21 pm CDT
shaina may be getting accepted on a squad for volunteer work to gain experience.. if she does.. they'll likely kill her weekends from here to eternity

Lady Lita 19:35:30 pm CDT
So what exactly will we be doing on Friday?

Laroona 19:36:25 pm CDT
if I recall it was Jeopardy

Loki 19:36:55 pm CDT
good deal, I hope things work out for you all to be here, perhaps remind everyone in the middle of the week, maybe book discussion and slave class.
Personally I cant be here any night, as thats when I work
ohh, are we still doing The Inn day? I think it was suppose to be thur night? where everyone goes to the poolside INN to bring attention to GS?

nasreen{TH}t 19:38:06 pm CDT
thinks that stopped for most of us when the Thursday night at the Shores started...

Laroona 19:38:07 pm CDT
not sure about Inn day anymore...
what I noticed at times people were in the Inn and GS was ignored...

Loki 19:38:36 pm CDT
ah, well congrats shaina, you will be missed, but r/t comes first.
Lady Lita, Im not sure, Im not sure if its been decided yet, Im guessing its the leaders choice, whomever if it is, IF no Captain shows, any FREE may pick this up and run with it for the night

nasreen{TH}t 19:39:48 pm CDT
nodding her head and clapping her hands for shaina..girl wishes you the best with that..

Laroona 19:40:11 pm CDT
Loki I understand it could be anything if no Captains are able to be in attendance.. am I correct in my understanding?

Loki 19:40:17 pm CDT
ah, that makes sense nasreen, perhaps it can be put back into place?
Laroona? You mean on that scheduled night? I think that was the point, everyone going to the INN for that time frame. To get more members, which we can use~nods and grins~ Even one helps, A Free Man would nice

Loki 19:41:22 pm CDT
Laroona, aye, anything, leaders choice

shaina {KR} 19:41:22 pm CDT
thank You Mistress..
((and shaina apologises for that dropped whisper of r/t)) *laughs softly*

Laroona 19:41:30 pm CDT
Loki that was the idea,, but having the night at the shores sort of finished it off
as of late not many went

nasreen{TH}t 19:41:40 pm CDT
this one stops in there from time to time...

Laroona 19:42:07 pm CDT
heee shaina it can be edited out *S*

Loki 19:43:27 pm CDT
Aye Laroona, makes sense
perhaps we should try a different night? Is it worth it? As in another INN day? I dont want to confuse things are topics are overlapping...~chuckle~

Laroona 19:43:45 pm CDT
I have noticed there have been several dropping into GS lately though

nasreen{TH}t 19:44:13 pm CDT
thursdays are this girls friday night....she sometimes during the summer does not even glance at her pc until sometime friday....

Laroona 19:44:21 pm CDT
Loki IMO it could be looked at by Council
heee but I am only a loud FW *laughing

Loki 19:44:44 pm CDT
Thats great news Laroona, perhaps Another INN day should be looked into....

Loki 19:45:52 pm CDT
Aye Laroona, Ill send the council a scroll when this is over, not sure when it will get decided on though, there's still some things remaining on the plate so to speak

Laroona 19:47:30 pm CDT
be better if I could spell *grrrrrrrrrr

Lady Lita 19:48:04 pm CDT
would it work to have the night to visit the Inn the same night as slave class? That way the Free would not ebe left without slaves to serve Them. I don't mind, but we had a couple of visitors last Wednesday who were a bit miffed. I think One of Them thought We should have pulled a slave out of class to serve Him. He actually seemed a bit scandalized that We even HAD "classes" for slaves! Seemed to think the kurt should provide sufficient training I gathered.

Laroona 19:49:47 pm CDT
GS rules is GS rules
and a kurt does not train a slave IMO

nasreen{TH}t 19:50:09 pm CDT
in this one's mind it wouldn't work to not have the slaves going to the Inn also....

Loki 19:51:07 pm CDT
Lady Lita, what slaves would be serving You in the INN?~grins~ all gs girls, and hopefully personally owned slaves would be in slave class...
if that happens again, suggest to him to email the council, We'll set him straight on the subject

Laroona 19:53:02 pm CDT
I agree if Free wanted to they could go to the Inn and maybe some interested slaves would enter.. *S*

Lady Lita 19:53:11 pm CDT
I understand, Loki, and that was kind of my point. If there were no Free here, because We were visiting the Inn, the slaves could have class in peace, and the Inn slaves would serve the visiting Free, I would think, would they not?

Laroona 19:53:20 pm CDT
oops on class nights

Loki 19:53:57 pm CDT
~grins at Lady Lita~ errr there are no Inn slaves, unless a DM or PH girl pops in to see whats going on

Laroona 19:54:31 pm CDT
an idea ... I believe we could maybe instead of serving talk about Gor

nasreen{TH}t 19:54:40 pm CDT
GS slaves and personally Owned slaves from here are the slaves of the Inn also..

Loki 19:55:14 pm CDT
aye, that You could Laroona....

Lady Lita 19:55:16 pm CDT
Oh. Sorry, Loki. I guess I thought the Inn wasd an active room as We hope Ours is, and that they would have resident Free and slaves.

Loki 19:56:47 pm CDT
ohhh no problem Lady Lita, No, its not active at all, go take a walk over there some time, and see for yourself, that room used to be GS a long time ago as I understand, but that was before My time.

Laroona 19:57:09 pm CDT
if we do not come up with ideas it leave too much on Councils plate.. and I think they have enough to do without thinking of events for all of GS...

Lady Lita 19:57:18 pm CDT
Oh I see.

Dak 19:58:29 pm CDT
yes, I began in the room in Poolside 9 years ago

Loki 19:58:32 pm CDT
Exactly Laroona, Its Mine and of course the Councils, wish for more Free to step up and do things, the council should be involved of course, even if just being told...... but it doenst have to lead every single little thing.

Laroona 19:59:06 pm CDT
GS began in poolside and was about 5 years ago (if I recall) moved to this sister site

Dak 19:59:50 pm CDT
GS was one of the original rooms in Poolside

Laroona 20:00:12 pm CDT
there was a room Gorean Shores in Poolside and all mixed in together

Dak 20:00:15 pm CDT
I think Poolside has be up almost 15 years

Laroona 20:01:59 pm CDT
Dak as an original poolie I think it is 14 or 15 years.. my memory is not exact on that...

Loki 20:02:32 pm CDT
perhaps it would be a good idea for the Free to go hang out there while slave class is going on, I can give the council a heads up, and if they wish to get involved, We will

Dak 20:02:54 pm CDT
aye, it was about 5 years ago, that GaryM Gave GS their own site

Laroona 20:03:42 pm CDT
Loki we can only try *S*

Loki 20:04:06 pm CDT
Aye, thats half the battle Laroona~nods and grins~

Lady Lita 20:04:57 pm CDT
Oh I can try. In fact, I have often been told I am VERY trying! *giggle* Isn't that so, Laroona?

Loki 20:05:09 pm CDT
any other topics or issues? We still have an ahn to go

Laroona 20:05:12 pm CDT
Loki maybe a post on the boards could be made as many not of GS do read it *S*

Laroona 20:05:33 pm CDT
Lita can I take the 5th on that answer LOL

nasreen{TH}t 20:05:35 pm CDT
this one has belonged to poolside since 1997

Loki 20:06:05 pm CDT
Aye, Ill do so, after the meeting Laroona

Laroona 20:07:05 pm CDT
I still pop into poolside every now and then under my other name....
but whenI go to the Inn I am Laroona

Loki 20:08:53 pm CDT
any other topics or issues? Dont be shy......

Loki 20:13:39 pm CDT
any of you late comers have anything to topics that needs brought up? feel free to speak up....

Loki 20:14:05 pm CDT
I got one, hang on

Loki 20:14:34 pm CDT
TOPIC: someone has come to GS and asked about having an icon board here and a list of those who load and make... is that something GS wants?!?!

nasreen{TH}t 20:15:18 pm CDT
that is for an auction of the icons correct Master Loki?

Laroona 20:15:42 pm CDT
I do not think it is necessary as one only has to click on Member Gallery and type in name of any member and their icons are there...
I also think the boards have enough sections now,,,

Dak 20:16:15 pm CDT
there must be 50 people in poolside that make and load icons

Loki 20:16:57 pm CDT
Aye nasreen, Im gonna assume its sorta like what poolside has going on....
Laroona, I think its a auction to bid on new icons for GS members

nasreen{TH}t 20:17:08 pm CDT
it was not for the icons that we already is for new icons that could be bidded on what this girl has heard any how

najla{Xg-L}t 20:17:24 pm CDT
nas it would be like the one in PS.. someone brought it up the other night BUT this probably wouldnt be an auction.. like if naj made an icon and wanted to give it to someone she would post it there.. and having a list of uploaders would be a help to new members

Laroona 20:17:51 pm CDT
there are many who can make icons and if they wanted one they could ask who makes and loads.. I think we all know of some who make icons
the only other option is the website haaa maybe that will have them read it

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:18:48 pm CDT
why not?
might be fun, if its the auction You speak of Master..

Laroona 20:19:10 pm CDT
auctions are held in poolside and they could attend
do we want auctions in GS is the question?
we have enough events scheduled and another day from role-play IMO is not warranted

najla{Xg-L}t 20:19:36 pm CDT
or just having a page that someone can chose a new one... not so much an auction im guessing... it was just talked about so what happens on that board would be up to the Council if an auction or not... and NOT all the uploaders or iconeers are members of GS ~jus sayin~

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:19:45 pm CDT
actually aurora is very reluctant to ask people to make icons
because she doesnt want to bother an auction would be wonderful!

nasreen{TH}t 20:20:31 pm CDT
it was this girls understanding that it would take place on a Friday night

Lady Lita 20:20:36 pm CDT
I don't even understand how the auctions work. I have a picture I'd like for Mine when I get a membership and can have one, I just need soemone to pretty it up and put My hane on it, and show me how to post it.

Dak 20:21:00 pm CDT
many in the pool make and load icons, most of them all ya have to do is ask

Laroona 20:21:13 pm CDT
and who would load these on the board?

nasreen{TH}t 20:22:13 pm CDT
nodding agreement with aurora...
this girl has empty slots..because she doesn't wish to be a bother to the iconeers..

Loki 20:22:18 pm CDT
Im sure the details can be worked out, Im guessing someone from poolside that does the auctions would load everything on help conduct or train someone to do it....

shaina {KR} 20:22:22 pm CDT
an auction wouldn't be a weekly thing that's for sure... maybe only 2 or 3 a year if that.... it's not like that would hurt any "roleplay" done around here as it is

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:22:41 pm CDT
then why not use the corks like what naj has posted there
*points down*
shadow loads icons but doesn't make them
and she only knows 1 person that makes icons
cause she don't go to poolside, am clueless what or who else to bother with helping when shadow wants a new icon

najla{Xg-L}t 20:23:02 pm CDT
any of the iconeers can load them... BUT the question is IF we want that to be added to our pages!!! that is the question not of how many already load and make them!!

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:23:43 pm CDT
they could load them on the boards theirselves, shadow thinks..
would be just like loading a pic

Loki 20:23:47 pm CDT
aye, could use the corks, or do a "live" auction, either way

najla{Xg-L}t 20:23:51 pm CDT
exactly shadow... and naj makes and loads them so if anyone needs dont be shy, naj loves doing it

shaina {KR} 20:23:51 pm CDT
shaina doesn't know for sure.. but an addition to the boards about iconeers would likely be like the one at poolside.. with contact info.. where who ever would like one made could contact the person directly.... doesn't sound like a bad idea

Laroona 20:24:01 pm CDT
I consider this is a question that should be put to Council to decide
I am playing devils advocate here...

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:24:13 pm CDT
aurora doesnt go to poolside either
so agrees with mistress
and likes najs idea too

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:24:35 pm CDT
well how many make them would be the question too
as in *if* theres a need

najla{Xg-L}t 20:24:48 pm CDT
ok if you have been to poolside it is listed next to member gallery and it opens a board like the diving board at PS

Loki 20:25:04 pm CDT
Aye Laroona, agreed on that point, but what would everyone like to see?
a cork auction? or a live auction?

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:25:33 pm CDT
to shadow there would be a need
because as she stated
don't go to Poolside, at all
so only know one icon marker

Laroona 20:25:48 pm CDT
if loaded onto GS website I at the moment am the only one who can load them and the website is getting close to the limit
the only other option is a page on the Forum site again work would need to be done to make the page and upload the icons

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:26:00 pm CDT
cork auction as will probably not get to the live one

najla{Xg-L}t 20:26:07 pm CDT
shaina now there is an auction board just like the diving board where you post stuff to

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:26:19 pm CDT
the corks MIstress Laroona
not the website

Loki 20:26:33 pm CDT
so no cork auction? it would be too hard to actually do it?

Laroona 20:26:37 pm CDT
would the iconeeers and uploaders like their information posted?

shaina {KR} 20:26:38 pm CDT
shaina votes live...
BUT... is the auction going to be open to strictly GS'ers.. cause for one shaina'd be peeved if everyone came barging in and hogged up all the slave icons and take them back to poolside

shaina {KR} 20:27:39 pm CDT
naj... i rarely go to the diving board over there.. lol.. so thanks for that info...
Mistress.. they have it posted for everyone to see at poolside so shaina doesn't see where they'd mind to have it done here

Laroona 20:27:41 pm CDT
again it comes down to who would load these avis on the corks?

Loki 20:27:45 pm CDT
Im guessing it would be for GS'ers shaina, Im also guessing the poolside icon makers would make a bunch of them to be auctioned off here, however we chose to do it

najla{Xg-L}t 20:27:51 pm CDT
naj made a special email just for that Mistress Laroona

Laroona 20:28:06 pm CDT
and if we rarely go to poolside *shrugs*

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:28:34 pm CDT
they can load them theirselves Mistress Laroona
would be just like posting a pic on the corks

nasreen{TH}t 20:28:43 pm CDT
girl has long ago attended one of the auctions over at poolside...way long as fun though...

Laroona 20:29:15 pm CDT
it would need to be monitered so they are fit for a Gorean setting IMO

Loki 20:29:20 pm CDT
I think its a good basic idea, we just need to figure out the best(easiest way to do it) I too have a huge number of empty slots

shaina {KR} 20:29:21 pm CDT
if loading them on the cork would be the issue.. then the live auction would work wonderfully... if it's only open to GS'ers

najla{Xg-L}t 20:29:34 pm CDT
i think its more like one of the slots the iconeer has will be dexoted to that icon being auctioned... that is what they are doing at poolside at least...

Loki 20:30:08 pm CDT
Aye, of course Laroona, if it doenst met Gor standards then it doesnt belong in the auction, the icon makes would have to know this

najla{Xg-L}t 20:30:34 pm CDT
thinking that poolies wouldnt wish a GS icon ~shrugs but naj could be wrong

shaina {KR} 20:30:48 pm CDT
Most of them have been arond and done it long enough to know what goes for GS as well

Laroona 20:30:58 pm CDT
I have heaps of emply slots.. but some I have are not fit for Gor....

Dak 20:31:04 pm CDT
they have an auction section in the bar at the top of the page in Poolside

najla{Xg-L}t 20:31:12 pm CDT
would think that only a few that make icons for GS would post them here

shaina {KR} 20:31:15 pm CDT
well some of the DM or PH girls might like the slave icons naj.. lol

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:31:28 pm CDT
oh too hot and sexy Mistress? *grin*

Laroona 20:31:56 pm CDT
aurora heee shhhhhhhhhhhh

Lady Lita 20:31:57 pm CDT
I still don't understand how the auctions work. How do the bidders "pay", and what if you have a pic of your own you want used but jsut need someone to fix it up and load it for you?

Laroona 20:32:38 pm CDT
On the other side of the coin
an auction in GS may also get some interested in GS

najla{Xg-L}t 20:32:46 pm CDT
ok they dont pay.. they just pick a number between ummmm 1-300 and who ever is closer with out going over that # wins

Loki 20:33:00 pm CDT
Lady Lita, you bid, on a icon with no name, if you win, the icon maker that made it puts your name on it. the bidding isnt money,
its guessing a number say between 1-500, closest bid without going over wins

shaina {KR} 20:33:16 pm CDT
you dont "pay" Mistress Lita... usually you give a number between for instance 100 and 200.. the icon already has a preset number given by the "auctioneer" and the closest to that number wins it'

Laroona 20:33:35 pm CDT
maybe use Gorean money terms in the auction

najla{Xg-L}t 20:33:47 pm CDT
~softly chuckles~ winking at Master Loki... great minds think alike haha

shaina {KR} 20:33:47 pm CDT
yep.. what they said.. lol

Lady Lita 20:33:59 pm CDT
Thank You, Loki

Laroona 20:34:14 pm CDT
ummm now that takes away the gorean money concept LOL

shaina {KR} 20:34:21 pm CDT
then how would slaves "buy" any Mistress?

najla{Xg-L}t 20:34:22 pm CDT
nas ~giggles~ great minds!! hehe

Loki 20:34:38 pm CDT
~chuckles at najla~ yes they do

najla{Xg-L}t 20:34:56 pm CDT
anyone could bid on any icon... as Masters could bid for thier beasts/Mates

Lady Lita 20:35:16 pm CDT
and thank you everyone else too! *giggle*

Laroona 20:35:21 pm CDT
shaina she could be given money by her owner for that day or he could buy for her...
but as I said the numbers maybe best...

najla{Xg-L}t 20:35:33 pm CDT
MIstress Laroona is right also it might just MIGHT bring a few new members to GS ~g~

Laroona 20:36:38 pm CDT
najla I am always right even when wrong ****Laughing

najla{Xg-L}t 20:37:03 pm CDT
~giggles~ mmmmhhhmmmmmmm right Mistress

Lady Lita 20:37:35 pm CDT
*Nods* Agreed, Laroona. You are always right. I was actually wrong...once. See I thought I was wrong about something, but it turned out I was right all along! *nod nod*

najla{Xg-L}t 20:38:08 pm CDT
well the auction board doesnt have to be an auction board... it could be a board where say naj posts and icon and the first one to post i want it gets it

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:38:59 pm CDT
that would be cool naj.. *nods*

najla{Xg-L}t 20:39:54 pm CDT
just a thought anyways

Loki 20:40:09 pm CDT
ok, so all the ideas have been tossed around, what would everyone like to see? So I can report to the council

Laroona 20:40:33 pm CDT
whatever method Council decides about this will be best I think

shaina {KR} 20:41:03 pm CDT
shaina's vote is auction... either live or board...

najla{Xg-L}t 20:41:53 pm CDT
thinking they way they have it at PS would be easiest, BUT the Council should decide...

Laroona 20:41:54 pm CDT
Loki be either the boards or a page on the Forum site..
the Forum site has enough room to take a new page and the images..
the general site is getting too full and may not take all the images
jsut my thought or opinion *S*

Laroona 20:43:16 pm CDT
a post could be made about the auction, where and when and where they can view images prior to... on poolside board or where also

Loki 20:43:39 pm CDT
najla, and how is that? a seperate board?

najla{Xg-L}t 20:46:06 pm CDT
ok Master Loki when you click on the member gallery it takes you to a different board right?
this would take you to a message board where only members can look at (in other words you have to have a membership in the site in order to view the other page) and it is like the diving board in PS and the link is listed right next to the member gallery link under you post window

najla{Xg-L}t 20:47:09 pm CDT
if you log into PS and into a priv room when you have time, look for the auction board... its easy and you can see what naj means

Laroona 20:47:54 pm CDT
I personally would rather it stay within GS

Loki 20:47:57 pm CDT
ahhh, I see najla, hmm a couple votes for boards
and a couple for live, as I think that would be fun

nasreen{TH}t 20:48:55 pm CDT
girl votes live

Laroona 20:50:02 pm CDT
in GS?

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:50:02 pm CDT
this girl too Mistress...don't go to poolside

najla{Xg-L}t 20:50:02 pm CDT
for a live one means the auction takes place in a room in the site and you have to be here fot it... not everyone can be here tho that is why a board is better

Loki 20:50:24 pm CDT
3 for live, ultimately its the councils choice of course....

nasreen{TH}t 20:50:42 pm CDT
aye Mistress Laroona a live auction in GS for GS on a Friday night..

Laroona 20:51:24 pm CDT
it would need to be set up and then people would need to flick from one post to anther to see images...
why I think a link to a webpage is best.. and why I suggest on the Forum site.. it has the room for such

Loki 20:51:34 pm CDT
aye, in GS, and a freind can bid for another if that person cant be here, but a board auction might fix that problem.
But you loose the get together aspect of it, which we have problems with here

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:51:36 pm CDT
just on the Friday night aurora isn't working *grin*

Laroona 20:52:17 pm CDT
LOL aurora what night is that LOL

shaina {KR} 20:52:49 pm CDT
could we not give up just one Forum night? since a night mostly everybody can usually make it..
and lately there's not really been that many topics to discuss.... and they usually give a month or so notice before it takes place...
what is good about the live auction is.. it allows one's like Mistress Lita who isn't a member yet... to go ahead and build up their pics... and have them ready when they join

najla{Xg-L}t 20:53:09 pm CDT
naj can come up with something to have for an auction on fridays, but thinking maybe an every other friday or one friday a month would be good..

Laroona 20:53:41 pm CDT
if on the boards.. maybe instead of a new section be under General and RT board
but again I am in favour of one page

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:54:45 pm CDT
oh thats a good idea shaina

nasreen{TH}t 20:55:02 pm CDT
how about every two or three months on a friday night or as shaina says a Forum night

Laroona 20:55:46 pm CDT
would need to be spaced out as icon making takes away those of GS who make icons fromtheir role play

shaina {KR} 20:56:02 pm CDT
usually when they've had the live one's at PS.. they've been done every few months.. that way all the iconeers have time to make up icons..
and there's plenty to choose from made by bunches of people

Laroona 20:57:02 pm CDT
and and invitation for those of poolside could be posted on their board or what ever to make icons

shaina {KR} 20:57:57 pm CDT
i thought we were doing just GS'ers?

nasreen{TH}t 20:58:24 pm CDT
girl thinks Mistress meant for the iconeers to make the icons shaina

shaina {KR} 20:58:57 pm CDT
ohhhhh... that makes sense then..

Laroona 20:59:09 pm CDT
what I meant thanks nasreen
RT got to go *S*

nasreen{TH}t 21:00:17 pm CDT
Your welcome Mistress Laroona..waving after Her...

Loki 21:00:34 pm CDT
OK, I think weve got the jist of all of this, Ill be sending a scroll to the council, and We will mull it over to see whats the best way......
~looks to the waterclock~

Loki 21:01:17 pm CDT
I now call this forum to a close, I thank you all for coming and for your input, and thank you nasreen for scribing, I appreciate it

najla{Xg-L}t 21:01:41 pm CDT
Best way to see what naj means Master Loki is to look at PS and how webbie has it there... ~bows out~ smiling~

Lady Lita 21:02:06 pm CDT
And WE thank You for leading it, Loki. *soft smile* Leadng this forum must be a lot like herding cats! *giggle*

nasreen{TH}t 21:02:18 pm CDT
Your welcome Master Loki..girl is happy to help...
catching her breath...and stretching her fingers...

Loki 21:02:31 pm CDT
aye najla, thank you for that advice, Im sure the council will do just that~nods and grins~



Forum Closed

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