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 snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:30:29 pm CDT
girl just wishes to convey her Master's best regards and His regrets he cannot be here, much as He would like to be.

Xertog 19:31:36 pm CDT
Topic: Did they have pets on Gor? I know they had work animals, and I seem to recall something about a jit monkey used in a fair act or something, but I don't recall the use of animals as pets specifically.

Xertog 19:33:06 pm CDT
I don't recall from the books I have read any mention of pets. Or any mention of there not being pets on Gor either.

Laroona 19:33:22 pm CDT
some Free think it is wonderful to give their slaves pets.. such as larls etc...
so much for the adage of slaves owning anything.... how do they feed them? does it detract from their ability and willingness to serve when petting a lark as example.. this I have seen often

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:34:56 pm CDT
girl saw a reference about silken sleen for pets...but would have to look up the reference

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:36:26 pm CDT
in many ways we slaves are pets of our times...

Laroona 19:37:02 pm CDT
Free call slaves pets... does that count LOL

Laroona 19:37:22 pm CDT
hey snowrose you beat me to it

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:37:33 pm CDT
To be sure, at that time, I did not know about the miniature, silken sleen that are sometimes kept as sinuous pets.... ---Dancer of Gor , 11:167 ...

Xertog 19:37:59 pm CDT
I just found this on World of Gor:

Sleen, Miniature
A miniature version of the sleen, domesticated and said to be sometimes kept as a pet. It is also mentioned as used in the control of urt infestation of Sa-Tarna sheds.

..."Don't you really think so? What self-respecting rapist or slaver would be abroad at this hour? What would he expect to find? A miniature domestic sleen among the garbage cans?..."
---Mercenaries of Gor, 26:407

...To be sure, at that time, I did not know about the miniature, silken sleen that are sometimes kept as sinuous pets....
---Dancer of Gor, 11:167

Sleen, Prairie
The somewhat smaller cousin of the forest sleen, tawny colored, domesticated by the Wagon People to herd cattle and guard camp.

... farther to one side I saw a pair of prairie sleen, smaller than the forest sleen but quite as unpredictable and vicious, each about seven feet in length, furred, six-legged, mammalian, moving in their undulating gait with their viper's heads moving from side to side, continually testing the wind ...
---Nomads of Gor, 1:2

If I were found on the plains near the camps or the bosk herds I knew I would be scented out and slain by the domesticated, nocturnal herd sleen, used as shepherds and sentinels by the Wagon Peoples, released from their cages with the falling of darkness. These animals, trained prairie sleen, move rapidly and silently, attacking upon no other provocation than trespass on what they have decided is their territory. They respond only to the voice of their master, and when he is killed or dies, his animals are slain and eaten.
---Nomads of Gor, 1:9

Laroona 19:39:04 pm CDT
from those quotes not so much a pet but more like a working animal

Xertog 19:41:32 pm CDT
The prairie sleen seems more of a work animal but the miniature sleen is mentioned as also being a pet.

Laroona 19:42:24 pm CDT
maybe with the urts that infest GS some need to be kept in GS *LOL

Xertog 19:43:57 pm CDT
I knew that suggestion was coming. LOL

Lady Lita 19:44:15 pm CDT
As far as Larls go, I thought I read somewhere that they were vicious and untameable.

Laroona 19:44:57 pm CDT
Lita what I thought too... and sleens not far behind...

Lady Lita 19:45:14 pm CDT
And though the books do say the miniature sleen were kept as pets, I thought I had read that their temperaments were kind of nasty as well.

Laroona 19:45:25 pm CDT
maybe Council could invest some of the bags of coins LOL

Laroona 19:46:01 pm CDT
maybe why they are good urt hunters LOL

Lady Lita 19:46:23 pm CDT
*LOL* Could be, Laroona

Xertog 19:52:01 pm CDT
So much for pets on Gor.. Any other topic suggestions??


Xertog 19:58:43 pm CDT

Slave Class July 28th to be held in the tavern.

This class will be about dancing with 4 girls performing dances. Please note that:

NO drinks or ANY type of service during class time will take place and slaves will be able to speak freely & ask question.

Free are invited to attend and enjoy the dancing.

Laroona 19:59:36 pm CDT
would Free be able to comment?

Xertog 20:01:43 pm CDT
I would expect that they would comment.

Lady Lita 20:02:30 pm CDT
*winks at Laroona* Ah, Xertog knows Us well, does He not, Laroona? *grins*

Laroona 20:03:18 pm CDT
nods,,,,, I would hope they would be consturctive rather than destructive

Laroona 20:03:54 pm CDT
Lita sniggers as long as we do not use wooden spoons LOL

dena{GS~o} 20:04:03 pm CDT
can this girl attend or sit in quietly on the class, Master Xertog?

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:04:42 pm CDT
do we get to preview the icons Master...not sure how the auction works

Lady Lita 20:04:57 pm CDT
What? You did not see the infamous Spoon Dance that used to be posted on the Central Fire?

Xertog 20:05:13 pm CDT
You may do so dena.

Laroona 20:05:43 pm CDT
Lita I sure did...

Dak, Owner of oiputake & elaan 20:05:52 pm CDT
slipping in quietly , taking a seat

Laroona 20:06:14 pm CDT
I thought that was the idea to post icons on the boards *shrugs*

Xertog 20:07:53 pm CDT
The icons will be posted on the board

shaina {KR} 20:08:33 pm CDT
but is it going to be a live auction? or just one of posting the bids on the boards and the winners to be posted on that date?

Laroona 20:09:07 pm CDT
Live auction shaina....

shaina {KR} 20:09:44 pm CDT

Xertog 20:10:12 pm CDT
It will be live but another may bid for you.

shaina {KR} 20:10:35 pm CDT
either way shaina will be placing absentee bids.. was just curious...

shaina {KR} 20:11:07 pm CDT
sorcha had answered shaina's post about the auction and said she'd accept bids before hand....

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:11:22 pm CDT
what can a slave bid with Master...she has nothing

Laroona 20:13:12 pm CDT
true shnowrose.. I think it was discussed that no coins pass hands..
but then if that is so slaves should have no icons... looking at the coin from both sides

Xertog 20:14:29 pm CDT
It is not really a bid, as in bidding money snowrose. It is more of a guessing game.

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:15:49 pm CDT
Thank You Master...

Xertog 20:18:34 pm CDT
Any other topic suggestions?

Xertog 20:22:43 pm CDT
new topic:

There is a Caste of Thieves in Port Kar. What effect to this have on the laws and punishments for theft there?

Laroona 20:24:36 pm CDT
It is my understanding that caught and brought before Council the punishment for a Free is the thieves brand
slaves could have the same or removal of a hand or two.. if not death

Laroona 20:26:24 pm CDT
also a Free can have a spokesperson much the same as a court
such a person would be a scribe... according the the sub castes of scribes

Lady Lita 20:27:26 pm CDT
Noww, would that be any different than the treatment of thieves anywhere else on Gor?

Laroona 20:28:38 pm CDT
Lita I think not, except in some places there would be a full hearing before Magistrates.. that is my understanding

Lady Lita 20:29:32 pm CDT
o.k. so, what exactly did the Caste of Thieves do? And why have it if it cannot protect its members from the Law?

Xertog 20:29:40 pm CDT
If I recall from when we read Raiders of Gor that is a thief was caught with in ahn (hour) of stealing they could face some penalties but after the ahn if not caught they could get away with it.

dena{GS~o} 20:30:53 pm CDT
*wonders Who would admit to being in the Caste of Theives*

Laroona 20:31:33 pm CDT
what if they stil had the goods on them after that ahn?
Do some confuse Pirates with Thieves?

Dak, Owner of oiputake & elaan 20:31:56 pm CDT
only a thief in Port Kar , dena

Lady Lita 20:32:01 pm CDT
dena, I am not sure, but apparently in Port Kar the Caste of Thieves carried the same acceptance and status as any other Caste.

Laroona 20:33:04 pm CDT
dena Port Kar is full of pirates and thieves...
why Port Kar is often a safe haven for thieves, but IMO I consider the penanty brand could be seen more often in these parts

dena{GS~o} 20:33:59 pm CDT
*blush* sorry, that is why kajira should not "wonder." she meant here in GS, not according to the stories. sorry for the confusion.

Dak, Owner of oiputake & elaan 20:34:11 pm CDT
I thought the reason they had a Caste of Thieves in Port Kar , becuz the Captains used their talents for stealing to benefit The City

Xertog 20:34:22 pm CDT
The members of the Caste of Thieves have a brand on their face. So they stand out

Lady Lita 20:35:23 pm CDT
I do not know about in the past, dena, but I don't think we have anyone currently in GS Who has the temerity to portray a thief! *grins*

Laroona 20:35:23 pm CDT
The Captains stole? I thought it was by ownership of ships

Dak, Owner of oiputake & elaan 20:35:48 pm CDT
were't members of the cast of thieves already branded on their cheek with the thief brand ?

Laroona 20:36:13 pm CDT
Does Ar have a street of brands? or is that another City I am confusing it with?

Lady Lita 20:37:01 pm CDT
I think it was Ar, Laroona.

Xertog 20:37:19 pm CDT
From Luther's web site:

Port Kar has the only known Caste of Thieves on Gor. In most cities, thieves are punished very severely. But in Port Kar, not only are thieves allowed to exist, but it is even considered an honorable profession and their skills are highly regarded. The thieves themselves are proud and sons and some daughters follow in the footsteps of their father who was a thief. Women may belong to this Caste and freely practice its skills. The Caste is very territorial and dole out specific territories to its members. They also will hunt down thieves who choose not to belong to the Caste. The Caste does not tolerate outside competition. Caste members wear a brand on their right cheek, the infamous Thief's Scar. It is a tiny, three-pronged brand burned into the face in back of and below the right eye, over the cheekbone. It does seem strange that a thief who relies on not being caught should advertise their affiliation so openly. Maybe it is considered more of a challenge that way, a method of culling out the weak and foolish.
Ear notching and mutilation are not punishments in Port Kar for thievery. But, there are sanctions, some quite severe, for thieves who are caught. It is legally permitted for someone to kill a thief if you can catch that thief within one Ahn of the theft. It would obviously behoove a thief to make someone else aware of the theft so that third party could attest to the proper tolling of the Ahn. Otherwise, if only the thief knew when the theft occurred, and the victim killed the thief after the Ahn had passed, there would be no one to attest to the fact that the killing was not legal. After an Ahn has passed, then if a Thief is caught he must be turned over to the police of the city arsenal. A trial will be held on the charges. If a male thief is then found guilty, he would be sentenced to hard labor in the arsenal or on the wharves, for a time period of one week to one year. If a female thief is then found guilty, she would be sentenced to serve in a penal brothel for a time period of one week to one year.

Laroona 20:39:05 pm CDT
Other Low Castes - Thieves
"His right ear had been notched, doubtless sin some accident. Such notching, I knew, is usually done to the ears of thieves; a second offense is normally punished by the loss of the right hand; a third offense by the removal of the left hand and both feet. There are few thieves, incidentally, on Gor. I have heard, though, there is a Caste of Thieves in Port Kar, a strong caste which naturally protects its members from such indignities as ear notching."
Nomads of Gor, page 85

Lady Lita 20:39:57 pm CDT
Thank You, Xertog. That clears a lot of things up.
And I always thought the Captains were Pirates, not Thieves.

Laroona 20:40:50 pm CDT
those quotes covers ear notching and the brand

Laroona 20:42:54 pm CDT
Lita I believed the same.. though pirates and thieves are similar... one on land and the other sea

Xertog 20:43:39 pm CDT
We had somebody that use to RP a thief here but he has not been around in a few years. I can't recall his name.

Laroona 20:44:14 pm CDT

Lady Lita 20:44:53 pm CDT
O.K. defines Pirate as: a person who robs or commits illegal violence at sea or on the shores of the sea.
It defines thief as: a person who steals, esp. secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny.
for what that is worth.

Laroona 20:51:03 pm CDT

Loki 20:52:51 pm CDT
It seems the urts took Xertog.....

Kuurus 20:53:39 pm CDT
urts have got Many/many over the years.

Loki 20:53:57 pm CDT
anything else concerning the topic? We still have a few mins before forum ending time.

Loki 20:54:24 pm CDT
aye, very true Kuurus

Lady Lita 20:54:28 pm CDT
*sighs* And WHERE is Orkin of Gor when You need Them?

Loki 20:57:12 pm CDT
ok, 4mins left, I go ahead and close the forum for Xertog, thank You all for attending, and thank you scribe for taking notes.....

Laroona 20:58:16 pm CDT
Loki so would GS consider having a Free belong to the caste of thieves and for the sake of roleplay undergo a branding?
just an idea that came to mind

Xertog 20:58:53 pm CDT
I will call the forum to a close. Thank you all for attending.. Thank you snowrose for scribing.

Loki 20:59:17 pm CDT
Laroona, I dont see why not, the caste of thieves is a legitimate caste.

Laroona 20:59:43 pm CDT
easy.. it is how one kneels
looks at dena

dena{GS~o} 21:00:25 pm CDT
*ducking as the Mistress growls*

Laroona 21:00:30 pm CDT
I wish all well

Lady Lita 21:01:11 pm CDT
Thakn You for a fine evening, Xertog.

Xertog 21:01:52 pm CDT
I need to go. I wish everyone well.

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 21:02:22 pm CDT
shadow thanks You for forum Master Xertog
and Master Loki
~smiles to the pretty lil scribe~


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