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Xertog 19:48:23 pm CDT
Ok lets get the forum started folks.

Xertog 19:49:40 pm CDT
Send me any topic suggestions. Please follow our regular rules of no greetings or RP. Keep them to whispers.

Lady Lita 19:49:45 pm CDT
*composing Herself, assuming a l.ook of feigned innocence above those veils*

Xertog 19:52:49 pm CDT
Our first topic:

Should slaves be given basic medical training?

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:54:18 pm CDT
this one thinks so....the Physician cannot be there 24/7, so it would be good if slaves could do first aid at least

Laroona 19:54:37 pm CDT
Interesting topic Xertog
I myself have tended to slaves when collared, and slaves present do not know the basic treatment. even though there is med kits located in the the kitchen area...
When I have done this slaves have learnt how to tend to another

shaina 19:54:48 pm CDT
shaina took it upon herself when she first came to GS.. to read up on some basic medical treatments.. since we have so many warriors, it's logical to think (if some actually roleplayed) that someone would have injuries... and it was at a time when there wasn't always someone of the green caste around...

Laroona 19:55:15 pm CDT
We have a physician who could set a basic program up if Council agree. This would help many slaves, who can at least tend to slaves after whipping and brandings, also should it go so far as basic tending to wounded Free?
I understand it is wrong for slave to touch a Free without permission, but a wounded Free would this be one time when such permission is not needed and could not have slave subject to punishment

marsh{GS} 19:55:44 pm CDT
why do we need to know first aid?

Xertog 19:55:49 pm CDT
I have had girls help out after brandings.

Lady Lita 19:56:28 pm CDT
My concern would be whether or not slaves would be able to treat the Free. I would think they could certainly assist. But, logical, just how much Green Cste information would the Caste allow to be given to slaves?

marsh{GS} 19:56:33 pm CDT
oh nm....

Laroona 19:57:04 pm CDT
marsh say there was no one around to help out.. except a slave. IMO this is somehting I believe all slaves should know how to help a fellow slave at least...

Lady Lita 19:57:12 pm CDT
And yes, I would think a slave could do that. After whippings too.

Dak 19:58:16 pm CDT
there's actually quite a bit of info online about training for slaves taking care of wounded and what not, I just was reading some of it online

Laroona 19:58:44 pm CDT
Lita I think basic how to stitch up a Free who is wounded, and bandage, not everything as there is much a physician needs to keep secret, such as making salves and dishing out medications etc..

Xertog 19:58:44 pm CDT
Some may have been born into the green caste and made a slave latter on.

shaina 19:58:52 pm CDT
shaina has once tended to a Free.... years and years ago... someone who wandered in with an injury.... so she treated it and bandaged it....
shaina of course wouldn't perform surgery... lol

marsh{GS} 19:58:57 pm CDT
is there a special Gor "first aid" or is the first aid that of our time? this girl is a nurse and could help out if needed.

Laroona 19:59:44 pm CDT
heee shaina I bet at times you would like to

Lady Lita 20:00:00 pm CDT
marsh, as has already been said, things sometimes happen when None of the Green Caste are present or reachable. and first aid from a slave could help prevent further damage being done to valuable property (other slaves)

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:00:55 pm CDT
but here you are a slave with no special training marsh...we all should be able to in an emergency...

Laroona 20:01:06 pm CDT
marsh there is many Gorean medicines that differ from Earth,
when I was slave I learnt basic medical treatments, but I cannot recall ever having had to assist a free

Xertog 20:01:15 pm CDT
Dak if you have links that pertain to the topic please feel free to post them.

Lady Lita 20:02:41 pm CDT
marsh,. by the books, opn Gor medicine was the one field in which the Priest Kngs did not forbid "technology" and advances. Actually, because of the stabilization serums and other things, it is likely Gorean Medicine was ahead of earth medicine, at least in some things.

Lady Lita 20:03:42 pm CDT
That is also true, Xertog. Vika in the books was one example. Though She was freed again later.

Lady Lita 20:04:07 pm CDT
Whoops! I seem to have the hiccups! *chuckle*

Dak 20:04:53 pm CDT
here's only a couple I found on first aid , on Gor

marsh{GS} 20:04:53 pm CDT
but are we not just speaking of first aid not extraordinary life saving measures?

Laroona 20:05:21 pm CDT
Vika was one slave Freed, a very good example of slaves having medical knowledge

Dak 20:05:33 pm CDT

Lady Lita 20:06:49 pm CDT
Yes, and Vika used her medical knowledge on Tarl WHILE She was enslaved. She even had the Ointment of the Priest Kings. Which I would not think would be very available elsewhere, despite what you sometimes see on-line.

Laroona 20:09:01 pm CDT
marsh basic could be used until a Healer or Physician can come in and take over
as was said it is not always possible for one to be online al the time *S*

Lady Lita 20:09:25 pm CDT
Ummm. Dak, I cannot access that website for some reason. Is the link broken?

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:10:26 pm CDT
girl ia able to access it Mistress

Xertog 20:12:04 pm CDT
I had trouble with the first link he posted but the second one worked for me.

Laroona 20:12:09 pm CDT
sometimes posting links here one needs to add first http://www when opening the link

marsh{GS} 20:12:48 pm CDT
girl agrees Mistress Laroona.....the first aid done by slaves should stay simple and shouldn't need the advancements of Gor ....earthly first aid should be quite sufficient for a slave to learn.

Laroona 20:12:52 pm CDT
I had to delete most of the link for the first one

Dak 20:13:21 pm CDT
oh, that is 2 sites let Me separate it

Laroona 20:14:32 pm CDT
marsh that is what I am trying to have discussed and how far should slaves go *S*
Also would Council agree to Lita as she is a both a good trainer and a Physician to undertake this training or we can set up a page with what GS wants slaves to know..

Laroona 20:17:04 pm CDT
snowrose exactly and I cannot see why this could not be used say in Port Kar room *S*

Dak 20:17:42 pm CDT
take those to an address bar, I can't get then to open here either

Laroona 20:18:07 pm CDT
((open in new tab usually works))

Xertog 20:20:38 pm CDT
Any other topic suggestions?

Xertog 20:23:45 pm CDT
I'll make a quick announcement while I wait for a topic.

Lady Lita 20:23:58 pm CDT
And I would also say that should a slave come across a Free so severely injured that life-saving measures need to be used until a Physician can get there, the slave should secxure permission of the Free if the Free is conscious. If the Free is not conscious, she should seek permission from Other Free present.

Laroona 20:25:59 pm CDT
if no other Free present and unconscious then go ahead would be my thoughts especially if it is a part of slaves official training

marsh{GS} 20:26:51 pm CDT
girl is not understanding why a slave would need permission to save a Free Person's life....isn't the job of a slave to serve? If a slave has to go wandering about to ask for permission that wastes valueble time in life saving measures.

marsh{GS} 20:27:33 pm CDT

Xertog 20:28:28 pm CDT
The turn out for the first week of the book discussion for Assassins of Gor wasn't good. A fair amount of people did show up about 90 minutes after it was scheduled to start. The people that were there did have a nice chat but I have put off starting Assassins of Gor for August 3rd and I will edit the reading schedule to reflect that. I hope we get a better turn out this week. Well at least a timely showing of people. If the interest is not there the Tuesday book discussion may be discontinued.

Lady Lita 20:28:34 pm CDT
Because, marsh, normally a slave wouldn't be permitted to touch a Free without permission. Also, r/t even traind "First Responders" are taught to ask permission of the patient before treaating, if at allpossible. If the patient is unconcious, then permission is assumed.

Lady Lita 20:29:48 pm CDT
also, marsh, seeking permission of the patient, if they are concious, helps the responder judge the condition of the patient. Whether they are rational, what their state of comprehension is, and so on.

shaina 20:30:33 pm CDT
shaina had r/t engagements this past week.. and in a few weeks she may be starting classes... AGAIN..... but if there is nothing in her schedule.. she'll be here for them

Dak 20:31:12 pm CDT
Lita that one site has a physician's pay scale , *smiles*

Laroona 20:31:38 pm CDT
marsh as an example if slave touched my arm I could knock them into the canals

Lita I agree you can judge state of mind and extend of injuries if conscious

Lady Lita 20:31:47 pm CDT
*chuckle* I shall have to check on that, Dak.

marsh{GS} 20:33:15 pm CDT
girl has to agree with Mistress Laroona........slaves don't touch Free but girl thinks They would like to be touched if it saved their lives. Did slaves do any medical assistance in the books without asking? If so, there's the answer....slaves can. If not, then there's our answer.....slaves cannot girl would think.

Lady Lita 20:35:35 pm CDT
That's a really good site, Dak. I thank You.

Laroona 20:35:51 pm CDT
Xertog it was a shame many never turned up...

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:36:34 pm CDT
girl has been moving all week Master...hope to be here this week

Lady Lita 20:37:00 pm CDT
marsh, as I said, one rule of medical treatment is toi ask permission, even for Physicians. In addition to other things, what thenpatient has to say can help judge both their mental and physical condition.

Xertog 20:37:49 pm CDT
Unless a free is unconscious they could simply refuse aid if that was their wish. If they are that foolish, let them keep bleeding.

Dak 20:38:03 pm CDT
here is another site on slave training for injuries

marsh{GS} 20:39:16 pm CDT
girl is talking about unconscious patients Mistress Lita

Laroona 20:40:10 pm CDT
heee and then slaves would need to wash the tiles and urts feed well on the body

Lady Lita 20:44:42 pm CDT
if there are other Free present Who can give permission, Marsh, it's best to ask. Compare it to r/t. If you are hurt and taken to the ER, they will if it is at all possible, get someone to sign permission if you cannot give it. There are many reasons for that.

marsh{GS} 20:46:54 pm CDT
if there is another Free about shouldn't they know first aid as well and then they do the first aid instead?

Dak 20:47:44 pm CDT
do they have law suits on Gor ?

Lady Lita 20:48:50 pm CDT
Not necessarily, marsh. Just as in real life, not everyone would know First Aid. We had an incident last summer at one of our reservoirs where aan 8 year old girl died because no one present at the time knew enough first aid to help her, and it took the paramedics 210 minutes to get there from town, and it was too late by then

Laroona 20:49:42 pm CDT
Dak short answer NO . no civil damages suits persay
but by the same token Magistrates ccan rule on certain matters involving Free disputes and each Free is entitled to representation .. so Courts are and can be held in Gor

Lady Lita 20:49:49 pm CDT
I'm sorry, typo. 20 minutes

Laroona 20:50:26 pm CDT
marsh not all Free are healers

Lady Lita 20:50:59 pm CDT
Dak, they have worse than law suits! *chucle* If one Free doesn't like something another did, He can always call Him out for canjellne

Dak 20:51:07 pm CDT
I didn't remember reading anyting in the books on it , *smiles*

Xertog 20:51:14 pm CDT
We have a sand pit instead Dak. 'chuckles' I know they had magistrates and a criminal justice system in the cities but a law suit? I don't recall ever reading about that.

marsh{GS} 20:51:28 pm CDT
but this is a matter of the Free not wanting the slaves to touch them. All the Free knowing first aid would cut down on slaves touching them. The only time a slave would do first aid without permission then is if there were no Free about and if the injured Free were unconscious.

Laroona 20:51:40 pm CDT
heee or to the sandpits and lop off his head or even hire an assassin to do the job LOL

Dak 20:51:57 pm CDT
aye, *smiles*, it's called sword justice, *smiles*

Lady Lita 20:52:14 pm CDT
marsh, you cannot ORDER all Free to learn First Aid. They are FREE, remember?

Laroona 20:53:14 pm CDT
heck marsh many Free do not know the serves they order LOL

marsh{GS} 20:53:47 pm CDT
girl isn't ordering anything....girl thought this was a forum for all to discuss things. she is only putting out thoughts Mistress Lita.

Dak 20:55:36 pm CDT
I would assume any warrior wounded would welcome first ais, and usually from His slave if they were available, if I'm not mistaken that IS one of their duties

Lady Lita 20:56:17 pm CDT
I didn't think you were ordering the Free, marsh. you stated that if all Free knew firt aid, the slaves wouldn't have to treat the Free. However,I am saying that since no on can order All Free to do anything, you would always have Free Who chose not to for whatever reason.

marsh{GS} 20:57:40 pm CDT
girl has to agree with Master Dak.....only seems reasonable

Lady Lita 20:58:25 pm CDT
I would agree there, Dak. However, if the Warrior's bone were badly broken, or He had, say, abdominal woulnds that needed complicated surgery, that would be something requiring the attentions of a Physician. the slave could do whatever they could to stop the bleeding, or stabilize the bones or whatever, to make the Warrior comfortble until the Physician arrived.

Laroona 20:58:25 pm CDT
that is why GS slaves could/should know basic first aid

Laroona 20:59:03 pm CDT

Xertog 21:02:09 pm CDT
It is late enough that I will end the forum. Thank you for scribing snowrose. Thank you all for coming.


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