OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:06:43 pm CDT

smiling,, thank you pretty snowrose yall know the rules,, pm me with topics,, keep the chattter in private and respect at all times

nasreen{TH}t 19:07:34 pm CDT


OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:08:08 pm CDT

and,, thanks to all who are here in attendance

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:11:44 pm CDT

looking around the room,, head tilted,, anyone anyone?

nasreen{TH}t 19:12:33 pm CDT

girl has been so tied up with rt Master Sandman that she doesn't have any topics in mind...

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:12:40 pm CDT

bueller,, bueller

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:13:01 pm CDT

nodding,, I am glad you missed the Hurricane girl

nasreen{TH}t 19:13:41 pm CDT

thank You Master Sandman...season's not over yet..and girl is keeping a watchful eye on Igor...

natira{GS} 19:14:45 pm CDT

girl is trying to come up with a topic Master but her mind is coming up fairly blank

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:14:53 pm CDT

This isn't a topic, but maybe like a suggestion Master...If the Free might remember to logout, not just time out, it would really help

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:16:00 pm CDT

aye rose,, please record that in the notes for tonight

natira{GS} 19:16:13 pm CDT

has gotten lucky weather wise so far this year ~nods knocking on wood

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:17:05 pm CDT

yes Master

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:20:26 pm CDT


OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:21:01 pm CDT

for those who have entered.. pm me,, with any topics

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:28:21 pm CDT

does anyone have something on their mind

natira{GS} 19:29:03 pm CDT

girl has noticed the home has been fairly quiet this last week, she hopes that rl lets up some for most ~nods~

natira{GS} 19:31:53 pm CDT

she can only imagine Master.

this girl has gotten lucky to be able to have more time lately to come in the home.

nassy she looks forward to when rt lets up for you and for many more

nasreen{TH}t 19:32:25 pm CDT

aye natira..thank does this girl...nodding...for all....

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:37:05 pm CDT

those of us that have been here a few years have seen many ups and downs

natira{GS} 19:38:14 pm CDT

~smiles~ girl is positive things will pick up in the Home Master, it is just a matter of when

nasreen{TH}t 19:38:50 pm CDT

that is true Master Sandman...

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:39:10 pm CDT

indeed natira

Loki 19:39:58 pm CDT

I wonder if other Gorean sites suffer the same up and downs..

nasreen{TH}t 19:40:47 pm CDT

this one does not travel Master Loki, but she heard from a friend that SOI?? is slow also..

Laroona 19:41:56 pm CDT

Tal & Greetings

I have a topic

I am finding it more and more difficult due to RT to upload the Forum notes////

I am willing to assist any who wish to learn how to do these so I can at least only need to maintain the main website as Notes are now on another site and linked

Is there anyone willing to learn how to upload the notes at least to ease some pressure

snowrose does a GREAT job at scribing... but I am finding it harder to keep them up to date

I also have issues with NOT being informed of ALL slaves associated with GS either Personally Owned or GS Owned and their silk colours

Loki 19:42:18 pm CDT

aye nasreen, I haven't traveled in a long time, so SOI and Jag are slow as well? hmm interesting.

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:43:55 pm CDT

wish shadow had the time Mistress

nasreen{TH}t 19:44:16 pm CDT

greetings Mistress Laroona...this one doesn't have the time required to spend here now....and isn't sure when her own r/t will let up or she would be willing to learn..

nasreen{TH}t 19:44:51 pm CDT

don't know about Jag unless SOI and Jag are the same Master Loki?

Laroona 19:45:20 pm CDT

same slowness once northern winters come it seems Gor increases

Loki 19:46:56 pm CDT

nasreeen, sorta kinda~winks~

Laroona 19:47:00 pm CDT

The only other option is no notes....

I physically cannot keep it up

and I have a iffy net connection which does not help

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:47:37 pm CDT

girl is not sure how much editing to do Mistress....but if You will tutor her on that, she'll do it...she's sort of pc illiterate

nasreen{TH}t 19:47:47 pm CDT

ok Master Loki....

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:49:03 pm CDT

don't have a problem learning how to do it

time may not be on my side

and am on that may not be advantageous

Laroona 19:49:23 pm CDT

that is where I am willing to show people how to do it...

also it is easy with a web monkey (I do not use it but the facility is there)

what I may do is ask Captains post on the Boards another scribe is required

Laroona 19:50:53 pm CDT

most of the editing and stuff is done offline and uploading is within Angelfire...

so the main thing is to have a webpage programme

There are some freebies out there.. I would need to source

Dak 19:52:33 pm CDT

I have lots of time, if ya would be willing to work with Me, *smiles*

Laroona 19:52:47 pm CDT

On a personal note I have been doing the forums for so many years now (I forget how many) I feel along with limited RT I need a break or at the very least a backup person...

Laroona 19:53:39 pm CDT

Dak you would be the last person I would want to work with

You cannot follow simple instructions

alika 19:54:01 pm CDT

blinks slightly

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:54:12 pm CDT

nodding to Laroona,, thanks for your many years of service

Dak 19:54:33 pm CDT

*smiles, I know I like the complicated ones, *smiles*

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 19:55:17 pm CDT

yes Mistress...girl appreciates Your work

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:55:21 pm CDT

Master Dak....

that was wonderful for You to offer!

aurora was impressed

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 19:55:46 pm CDT

* pinches her chains thigh *

Dak 19:56:33 pm CDT

*nods*, and *smiles*, to aurora

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:57:11 pm CDT


Laroona 19:57:42 pm CDT

Rolls my eyes

Dak you argued black was blue a few hands ago and refused to follow request to advise Scribes then sent O collars to Scribes

The collars go for Personal slaves also ....

Scribes do NOT want the mail filled with O collars....

the instuctions are clear under decisions on the webpage and the message board

nasreen{TH}t 19:58:27 pm CDT

it was nice of You to offer Master Dak...

Loki 19:58:36 pm CDT

Can we please just get along.

that was then, this is now, You are asking for help, and help was offered...please stop the backbiting.

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 19:59:06 pm CDT

nodding to Loki,, thank you

Laroona 19:59:08 pm CDT

Captains I am sorry but I will not hand over any passwords to Dak when he sat here and blatantly refused and told us all he would not collar to GS and "screw you all""

aurora{Ulrich}~t 19:59:10 pm CDT

oh for gods sake, and FW hand out O collars and don't follow the protocols set by the Captains...not You Mistress Laroona *lol*

but every damn forum is about tearing up Master Dak

nasreen{TH}t 19:59:15 pm CDT

girl also appreciates Your years of service Mistress Laroona..

Dak 19:59:35 pm CDT

well, excuse Me for trying to do anything to help out, forget I offered

natira{GS} 19:59:52 pm CDT

~listens silent~

Loki 20:00:58 pm CDT

Aye Laroona, its just the way You presented it. You could have gratiously declined. Theres no reason for this to get into a fight..

just saying.

Lady Lita 20:01:39 pm CDT

*slipping in quietly to kneel in the FW furs*

Loki 20:02:51 pm CDT

Perhaps we can put Laroona's asking for help on the boards and see if there are more takers. snowrose has offered to help if Im not mistaken. Perhaps there are more that arent here at the moment

{Ulrich's}shadow GS~fg 20:02:57 pm CDT

* glancing to her chain frowning at her out burst, a shake of her locks rising leaning down whispering in her ear..

'save the growling for the furs' ..

tugging at her curls before turning to head out the door, calling back.. *

shadow wishes all well

Laroona 20:04:38 pm CDT

aye Loki snowrose has offered to assist and I have whispered her back I will contact her later... at least there is some backup...

najla{Xg-L}t 20:05:35 pm CDT

~pipes in~ Mistress now that naj's rt is slowing, she can help out also

Loki 20:06:05 pm CDT

Aye Laroona, would You like Me to post the boards for more help? Ill have to c/p your needs onto a note pad because I cant remember all of it.

Laroona 20:06:43 pm CDT

Loki I can mail you

I will in meantime look for a Freebie programme

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:07:08 pm CDT

thank you sweet rose for offering and also thank you najla

nasreen{TH}t 20:07:31 pm CDT

thank you snowrose and najla..

najla{Xg-L}t 20:07:37 pm CDT

~soft smile~ Greetings Master Sandman ~w~ and your welcome

Laroona 20:08:29 pm CDT

OK seems I need to mail both snowrose and najla and then they can fight out who does what hand LOL

Loki 20:08:41 pm CDT

Aye Laroona, email Me with the details, it seems Your post is already gone so I cant c/p. Ill post the boards with it as soon as I can.

Loki 20:08:41 pm CDT

Aye Laroona, email Me with the details, it seems Your post is already gone so I cant c/p. Ill post the boards with it as soon as I can.

nasreen{TH}t 20:10:04 pm CDT

r/t calls...

girl wishes all well...

Laroona 20:10:37 pm CDT

thanks Loki...

as I said I am wiling to help just I really need a backup

natira{GS} 20:11:34 pm CDT

this girl is not feeling well and begs forgiveness, she wishes everyone a most wonderful evening

Loki 20:11:39 pm CDT

Aye, Your welcome Laroona

Loki 20:16:06 pm CDT

Any other topics for Sandman?

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:17:37 pm CDT

looking to Loki,, no other topics


OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:17:56 pm CDT

listening in case anyone has anything else

Nicholas 20:19:16 pm CDT

enters quietly to observe...

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:19:17 pm CDT

sadly I dont either loki

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:19:54 pm CDT

Loki ,, I think we will need to see the numbers build back up before we try another festival

Loki 20:20:46 pm CDT

I was just curious Sandman, it would be something to look forward too.

najla{Xg-L}t 20:22:14 pm CDT

naj agrees with Master Loki ~soft smile~

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:22:42 pm CDT

aye it is an idea

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:22:42 pm CDT

aye it is an idea

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:23:23 pm CDT

looking around the room,, is there interest ,,in helping organize and run a festival?

aurora{Ulrich}~t 20:24:47 pm CDT

not so sure its the numbers down in GS

people's busy r/t seems to be more the situation as of late

najla{Xg-L}t 20:24:52 pm CDT


~zoya{GS}~ 20:25:29 pm CDT

maybe if a festival could be held during the week and not the weekend, please?

ajla{Xg-L}t 20:25:30 pm CDT

perhaps rt will slow when the cold hits... at least it does around here ~g~

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:25:36 pm CDT

nodding to aurora,, I know mine hasnt allow as much time as I would like

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:26:51 pm CDT

is it permissible to invite Others from other sites to a festival...or is that bad form

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:27:25 pm CDT

well perhaps we can explore having a festival when rt allows more to be here

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:27:45 pm CDT

it is permissible and usually encouraged snowrose

Lady Lita 20:28:37 pm CDT

I would enjoy seeing a festival. I'm afraid I was behind the door when they were passing out organizational skills.

najla{Xg-L}t 20:29:45 pm CDT

~sniggers at Mistress Lita... maybe naj can help get things going after a date is made

Loki 20:30:31 pm CDT

zoya, If I recall correctly the festivals are during the week and end during the weekend. Do you have time constraints on the weekend?

Xertog 20:32:27 pm CDT

The festivals have been on Saturday and Sundays. One we did over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

~zoya{GS}~ 20:33:17 pm CDT

yes, Master Loki, zoya has only been to one or two festivals because they are normally held over the weekends and she can't be here. it was just a thought, maybe others can make week days better than weekends?

Loki 20:33:19 pm CDT

ah, Thank You Xertog, I stand corrected. I dont know what Im remembering now.

Loki 20:35:12 pm CDT

perhaps might be something to look into

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:42:52 pm CDT

looking around the room .. any other topics

Nicholas 20:43:14 pm CDT

sensing the discussion is dying down, I slip out as quietly as I entered...

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:43:56 pm CDT

girl has nothing Master

~zoya{GS}~ 20:44:38 pm CDT

not here, Master

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:47:50 pm CDT

well then,, if there are no other topics,, we will bring tonights forum to a close early

Thanks for your help Loki

Thank you for scribing pretty snowrose

and Thanks to everyone that attended

Loki 20:48:51 pm CDT

Thank You Sandman for moderating, and thank you snowrose for scribing

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:49:08 pm CDT

girl thanks Master Sandman and Master Loki

marsh{GS} 20:49:42 pm CDT

girl is sorry she had to miss it!

~zoya{GS}~ 20:50:10 pm CDT

Thank You Master Sandman, thank you snowrose

Lady Lita 20:50:38 pm CDT

Thanks to All Who have made this Forum possible. I wish All well, enough, and great joy.

Loki 20:50:44 pm CDT

~grins at marsh~

since you came at the end, your job this week is to think of a good discussion topic, and bring it to next Sunday's forum.

najla{Xg-L}t 20:50:55 pm CDT

she thanks You Master Sandman, and snowrose ~winks~

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:51:22 pm CDT

chuckles,, well said Loki

marsh{GS} 20:51:32 pm CDT

Yes Master Loki ~smiles~

Loki 20:51:47 pm CDT

~chuckles loudly~

marsh{GS} 20:53:02 pm CDT

awwwww girl works next weekend ~laughs~

Loki 20:53:46 pm CDT

marsh, that ok, mail it in~grins and nods~

My email is open, your not getting out of this~chuckles~

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:54:16 pm CDT

nice try marsh

najla{Xg-L}t 20:54:18 pm CDT

~soft laff~

Lady Lita 20:54:25 pm CDT

*winks* perhpas she could e-mail a topic then, or post it to the boards for folks to think over for discussion ahead of time.

Loki 20:54:26 pm CDT

it will even be announced as your topic~firm nod~~

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:54:36 pm CDT


marsh{GS} 20:54:55 pm CDT

Yes Master Loki ~giggles~

Loki 20:56:07 pm CDT

alight, the day starts super early for Me now, so I must take My leave and find My furs. I wish you all well, and an enjoyable week.

OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:56:32 pm CDT

time for me to depart ,, I wish all here well

najla{Xg-L}t 20:56:35 pm CDT

she wishes You well Master Loki

Loki 20:56:49 pm CDT

~slips out~

marsh{GS} 20:57:25 pm CDT

girl wishes all well

Lady Lita 20:58:12 pm CDT

Be well All. *S*

Xertog 20:58:20 pm CDT

I need to leave too. I wish you well

najla{Xg-L}t 20:58:40 pm CDT

she wishes everyone well...

snowrose{JTr}'s pleasure 20:58:59 pm CDT

girl wishes goodnight and sweet dreams to All