Loki 19:19:21 pm CST

aye, jessenia, My thanks...


ok, lets get this forum started, same rules as always, no chitchat, no greetings, please try to stay on topic, and please, no angry outbursts, slaves may give there opinions in a respectful manner...the key word...respectful


first, the festival is this weekend, the information is on the boards....

second, Xertog put a post on the boards for input about the book discussion....


any topics for forum, whisper them to Me.....


Loki 19:23:40 pm CST

no topics huh~chuckle~

ok, is everyone ready for the festival?


 jessenia {Rm} 19:24:38 pm CST

Master, jesse and bria were talking about it earlier... jesse doesn't know if bria got a chance to email You about the slaves perhaps meeting Monday or Tuesday night... to go over what needs to be done to prepare.. and the serves that we do at festival and such...


Loki 19:24:50 pm CST

aye girl, come and participate when you can


nasreen{TH} 19:25:29 pm CST

girl will Master Loki...her Master is already aware of her r/t travels at the end of this week...


Loki 19:26:15 pm CST

jessenia, I havnt heard from bria yet, It might be a good idea, as Im still trying to get input from the gs girls for the menu to be served..Ill wait for bria to send her email


jessenia {Rm} 19:26:35 pm CST

yes Master


nasreen{TH} 19:26:47 pm CST

a dance would need to be submitted by the 13th is that correct Master Loki?..


pazia{gs} 19:26:59 pm CST

Master girl doesnt k much of this festival what she would be allowed or not allowed to do


Krogon 19:27:01 pm CST

i would be happy to play at the festival




Loki 19:27:46 pm CST

here's something whispered to Me, it might be more of a observation comment, feel free to discuss....

a topic i suggest

answers to post on the boards

especially the annaouncements of newly colared and such get much too less answers as i think

Many people read them but only a few post a reply


The Corks could be used more for communication between the GS members if more people would post replies


Loki 19:29:14 pm CST

I believe so nasreen, you may wish to get with Xertog to be sure, He should be back tomorrow

pazia, all are welcome at the festival, and you will have duties there anyways, all the gs girls will be at least serving


nasreen{TH} 19:30:08 pm CST

nodding her head aye Master Loki girl will....

as for posting replies on the boards...girl thinks that is a wise idea...


pazia{gs} 19:31:07 pm CST

Thank You Master girl understands and on the bords girl will try to add replies


Jarl Thorrn 19:32:29 pm CST

I think some more welcome to new members at GS would make them feel better

It looks strange to Me when dozends read announcements and only 1 or 2 post a welcome reply


Jarl Thorrn 19:33:21 pm CST

it will make a new member feel like being ignored that He os she made the big step to pledge resp accept a collar


Ramses 19:33:33 pm CST

*agrees with LT on that one*


Alias 19:34:35 pm CST

Thorrn's idea makes sense to me, too.


nasreen{TH} 19:35:04 pm CST

girl will do better at making posts on the corks.....


jessenia {Rm} 19:35:40 pm CST

jesse agrees as well... we all should try harder to show more attention to such things..

in her own collaring though.. she just figured people were tired of posting every time Master collars her.. *cheeky ass grin*


snowrose{LT}'s pleasure 19:35:55 pm CST

a girl will welcome newcomers Master


Jarl Thorrn 19:36:52 pm CST

also to other posting in general it will be a bit frustrating when someone writes and the feedback is so low as it is often


Ramses 19:37:17 pm CST


I was thinking the same thing jesse


Loki 19:37:19 pm CST

perhaps this could be a lead by example thing, if one person posts a comment maybe others will follow suite, and make it a habit....

I must admit Im not good at posting on the boards unless I have to


Jarl Thorrn 19:37:42 pm CST

grins @ jessenia

2 or 3 times will not tire Uus out


 jessenia {Rm} 19:37:57 pm CST

the feedback on book discussion has been very low....


jessenia {Rm} 19:38:26 pm CST

*whispers to Jarl Thorrn*

try 5... at least... lol


Jarl Thorrn 19:41:25 pm CST

chuckles @ jessenia

ok, half a dozend will still be ok



i admit, i´m not so eager too - besides tonight right before the forum when made up for some *l*

But i think as Wwe don´t meet so often with lots of people the corks can help to keep in contact and add to the community of GS members


Loki 19:41:45 pm CST

aye, little to no feedback leaves the author of the post with a sensation of why bother, and may not post again...


Loki 19:42:52 pm CST

Aye Thorrn, thats what its there for~nods in agreeance~


 nasreen{TH} 19:43:25 pm CST

when this girl post her chores...she is happy to just check and see that they have been read...she doesn't expect replies to those...


Loki 19:44:40 pm CST

aye nasreen, Im sorta the same way, I dont expect replies, Maybe its because we are used to not getting replies, desensitized...that might not be a good thing


Jarl Thorrn 19:44:54 pm CST

sssshhhhh nasreen

don´t say that now when people just promise to do better



nasreen{TH} 19:45:44 pm CST

perhaps that is the case Master Loki....


Laroona 19:52:16 pm CST

Reading back

Loki with all respect as scribe it peeves me no end when people do NOT advise scribe of new collaring that prevents the scribe from adding to the register, it has been well documented how to advise....

It should not be the scribe to sift through the boards to locate these


Jarl Thorrn 19:56:58 pm CST

Tal Laroona

what peeves you about the announcment of new collars was not the topic in here. Nobody asked for that tonight.

It was about posting more replies on the corks, especially to welcome to new members and make them feel being at home



Loki 19:57:13 pm CST

Aye Laroona, a bit off topic though

there has been a few collarings, one one is actually around of those 3, she was collared last night, why should I waste My time and the scribes time if a collared girl isnt around? I know they arent around as to no responses to My training email

I will however email the scribe for the new girl pazia

Your point is well taken, but I do hope you understand Mine.


Laroona 19:59:38 pm CST

Thorrn it bothers me as the topic was failing to greet newcomers... if they are collared or pledged they do like to see their names on the register

Loki I agree many never return that is a given...


vina 20:01:00 pm CST

i think we should stay on the topic at hand, my opinion...






Loki 19:46:18 pm CST

ok another topic....

will there be a fg soon...someone to coordinate slave things?


nasreen{TH} 19:46:49 pm CST

Jarl Thorrn the girls chores are not the same thing a newly Pledge or collar....


Loki 19:47:43 pm CST

I can say that at the moment no, as there is no girl to do it.

Im intersted in what coorddination needs or hasnt been done?


snowrose{LT}'s pleasure 19:48:45 pm CST

well, the class on Wednesday post if there not be one...lead the discussion


jessenia {Rm} 19:49:19 pm CST

if nothing else.. perhaps trainers that can be here more often? jesse realizes most everybody cant be here all the time... but some are here more often than not... and perhaps a trainer that is around more could be a go between on some things and contact the SlaveMaster to set up meetings and such


Loki 19:51:11 pm CST

Aye snowrose, slave class has been a major pain in My side, I appologize for that, I dont have an excuse, other than the girl appointed has been stuck in r/t for 3 weeks, each week ready for slave class then something comes up.

Im dealing with the issue the best I can, but you are right in asking.


pazia{gs} 19:52:35 pm CST

pazia wonders will there be class this wensday


snowrose{LT}'s pleasure 19:52:57 pm CST

~smiles~ oh no apology please Master...a girl so appreciates all You and the GS girls do...the class is one of the highlights of her week


Loki 19:53:37 pm CST

jessenia, we have no full time trainers, only two part time trainers, galah is one, and she's stuck in r/t, and fidget is the other, and also stuck in r/t. I posted the boards when I took over slave class, asking for personally owned trainers to step up if they wished, and non did.........there are no other gs girls besides galah that was training experience. elaan is currently working with a new girl....and there's more new girls that Im working as you can see, I have My hands full


nasreen{TH} 19:55:00 pm CST

girl will inquire with Master to see if she can help with training Master Loki...that is if You and He think she is trained enough herself...


jessenia {Rm} 19:57:39 pm CST

it's very complicated and detailed Msater Alias....

slaves spend an ass load of time studying the serves.. positions.. vessels... what drink is served in what.. what drink is what... not to mention.. animals of gor.. flowers.. and just about every other thing you can imagine...

girls here put in ALOT of time.. alot of time.. more than some Free do studying about their home


nasreen{TH} 19:57:59 pm CST

well Master Alias....girls have to be taught the greeting to to be pleasing....what the rules are...the slave litany....depending on where the girl came can be very detailed and complicated..


snowrose{LT} 19:59:01 pm CST

this one is no trainer, but she would be happy to help the trainers...notifying and all that clerical sort of thing...with her Master's permission of course



Loki 20:03:05 pm CST


so, no first girl at the moment, as there is no one to take up the postion, slave class will hopefully resume this wednesday....

thank you nasreen and snowrose for your offers....

any other topics? I have another, but it is complicated, and will likley take up the rest of forum



 Laroona 20:03:15 pm CST

topic is slave training.... it is difficult to have trainers around at same time

it is also difficult when Free train slaves incorrectly... and then much of that work has to be undone....


Alias 20:04:10 pm CST

I've seen the Kajirae section of the website, and the mind boggles at all the stuff that is there.

When I read it I was amazed and concerned that it was all too much. Didn't realise folks

were actually serious about learning it all. How useful is it to know all that stuff?


jessenia {Rm} 20:06:00 pm CST

Master Alias.. jesse doesn't mean to be a smart ass... but from hearing you talk you probably never will get why we are so serious about learning it... because you cant grasp the freaking concept that we ARE slaves in heart.... and we do it just for that simple fact


Laroona 20:07:29 pm CST

the slaves learn far more than the free

and even if this an online r/p game we do take it seriously...


nasreen{TH} 20:09:26 pm CST

it is very useful to us as slaves to keep our necks when we come here to rp Master Alias....and we do this to relieve stress of our rts....not to be bothered and questioned a million times over why we do it..


Alias 20:09:31 pm CST

Yes, jessenia, it is a hard concept for my mind to grasp, I wish I could understand it, really!


 Loki 20:10:53 pm CST

any other topics?

I have one, but its been debated for years...




 Loki 20:19:19 pm CST

aye new topic

can someone please explain what this role player vs lifestyler is all about


alika 20:21:08 pm CST

a role player is one who comes online to do gor as a game .. role playing .. they do not live the lifestyle in any manner rt .. and a real timer follows the gorean ways in their daily life is how this one sees it


Jarl Thorrn 20:21:46 pm CST


what is the "vs" in your topic?

i mean in which way is rp contrary to lifestyle?


Laroona 20:22:12 pm CST

Loki ouch

my understanding is those who live as close as the laws of the land allow live Gor in Real Time and thus are considered lifestylers..

Role -Players are some like myself who use Gor as a way to relax, have fun and enjoy the compnay of others....

much as if I played dungeons and dragons online


snowrose{LT} 20:23:06 pm CST

no, not a game...not at is still a true exploration of the deep feelings inside...just as real...just as sincere...we live the life we have...and for some it can't be r.t now...but it's no less valid


pazia{gs} 20:23:24 pm CST

girl wonders if a girl is goren in her heart but doesnt do it in rl because she isnt able to do to culterly standars would they still be called just a roleplayer


Laroona 20:23:48 pm CST

adding there should not IMO any one verses the other there would be a mixture,, if a lifestyler enters a r/p site, such as GS is.. then they abide by the rules and precepts of GS


Jarl Thorrn 20:24:11 pm CST

gets the answer to My question form Laroona´s and alika´s posting


zoya{Zaroud} 20:24:55 pm CST

roleplay us contrary to lifestyle as the roleplayer more than likely does not feel the role in their heart and soul. a lifestyler of this, as z in zoya being a slave, she *is* a slave and feels it in her everyday life, vt, rt, at home with Hubby and when kneeling before her real life Master.


Loki 20:25:47 pm CST

Thorrn, there is a big different between lifestylers and role players, its been a battle between the two since online gor was started, one can only hope to get along with the other and intact in the best possible manner.....the major difference one lives it, the other doesnt, the mentality of both are very different....

and a role player isnt necessarly a gamer, a gamer is a bit different


Alias 20:25:49 pm CST

I saw someone say that Goreans are the Scientologists of science-fiction, or like those folks

at conventions that speak Klingon at 'Star Trek' events.


alika 20:25:53 pm CST

then that person to me is a real timer . for they feel it even when the computers shut off , even if they can not portray it in their daily lifes .. the heart feels the fire to serve


Nykos 20:26:27 pm CST

I would not say a RPer doesn't feel it in His/her heart, they come here to live out what they feel.


Steveraven 20:26:29 pm CST

Due to location, having a lifestyle of this nature would probably result in visits from the law enforcement, those cultural norms that exist today. But I do enjoy a good roleplaying session...nothing like navigation duties.


Laroona 20:26:39 pm CST

often too being in GS and r/p is as zoya states.. it keeps alight a slaves belly and her fires before her RT Master....


pazia{gs} 20:27:05 pm CST

pazia belvies though she isnt owned rl she isnt just rping a kajira because in her hearts of hearts she is a kajira so does that mean girl is just rp girl doesnt belive that she belives she is a lifer


Jarl Thorrn 20:27:46 pm CST


i don´t think that

"the roleplayer more than likely does not feel the role in their heart and soul"

is valid in general.

I think it is just not possible for all who feel it deeply to live it as close as possible in rt too.


Laroona 20:27:49 pm CST

Alias I do wonder what research and books you read


Nykos 20:28:12 pm CST

agrees with Thorn


 Laroona 20:29:14 pm CST

I also see being in GS is a mental and intelleculal (sp) challenge to myself as a person..


snowrose{LT} 20:29:47 pm CST

but nobody really lives's not possible...granted some are lucky enough to have met their Gorean soulmate and apply some of the aspects of Gor to their relationship..


nasreen{TH} 20:29:48 pm CST

this girl feels her submission her slavery in rt...even though she cant really do it....she does to the best of her ability...she takes her time online her very seriously....


~zoya{Zaroud} 20:33:03 pm CST

roleplaying here in GS, for zoya, bring in those elements of the lifestyle that are just not possible in this day and age, as Master Steveraven states, would bring out the law enforcements ~grins, giggles and sighs~ too back zoya can't just parade around nakie on the end of her Master's leash, bells a-janggling


Laroona 20:34:46 pm CST

hee would turn a few heads zoya

and seriously there is a limit to how far lifestylers can go in RT

where as online there are no inhibitions


Laroona 20:38:01 pm CST

Alias I think it is time you grasped out concept rather than continue to knock it...

you was knocking it when I went away for my surgery and recovery from in RT and I have been absent for almost 2.5 months


Laroona 20:39:54 pm CST

I think with modern society I would not be out of place if I walked down the street in robes

BUT if I had (say jessenia) on a leash and naked I would sure draw a crowd


Alias 20:44:11 pm CST

No, I will continue looking at it from all sides, it is a problematic concept to me and I must

continue my research and explorations. The self-mastery concept is a positive aspect to me.

Other things continue to deeply trouble me, as an advocate of basic and equal human rights.


Loki 20:44:43 pm CST

then Alais, perhaps this isnt the place for You.......


Nykos 20:44:53 pm CST

then Alias you will never be able to grasp the concept


Laroona 20:45:41 pm CST

Alias in RT I am a passionate advocate for the disabled, the disadvantaged and human rights and equality.... YET I r/p in Gor.. as I stated before a relaxation and an intellectual challenge


OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:46:13 pm CST

looking over to alias,, in forum all are accorded the right to speak and be heard provided they are polite,, but Gor is not a world where concepts like equal rights exist


nasreen{TH} 20:46:24 pm CST

Master Alias...don't You see that we here are not into equal human rights especially when we are here....we come here to give that aspect of what we have to deal with in on a daily basis....this is an escape from that part of r/t...


Loki 20:46:36 pm CST

well said Sandman


Jarl Thorrn 20:47:14 pm CST


ni baiscs and equal human rights are violated in Gor , whether rp or in lifestyle cause it is done in agreement.

Both parties, also the slaves agreed to what is going on ... and it is their right to live their life as the wish it to be without hurting anyone else or violating the rights of anyone else


Laroona 20:47:37 pm CST

I believe I leave my RT ideals and ideologies behind me


Krogon 20:48:26 pm CST

Gor seems more set to the ancient Spartan ideals, the strong do as they please, the weak suffer what they must


OriginalSandman_Builder/Captain of GS 20:49:26 pm CST

there is much of ancient Rome in Gor,, the rules are just but not necessarily "fair"


Laroona 20:49:59 pm CST

the old saying comes to mind

Gor is not fair

Gor is just is


 Jarl Thorrn 20:50:12 pm CST

and in addition

anyone can leave Gor easily when not agreeing anymore

that is what abused people in rt unfortunately often can not do


Krogon 20:50:37 pm CST

yes, roman and ancient greek ideals did tend to overlap


Laroona 20:50:51 pm CST

well said Thorrn


Jarl Thorrn 20:51:51 pm CST

old roman and greek ideals but there the slaves haven´t been slaves cause they wanted it

they have been forced into their place and i´m sure most of them didn´t like it


Alias 20:52:09 pm CST

The intellectual challenge is part of why it appeals to me, exploring an alien culture through

role-play, like visiting the Taliban without the travel expense and the physical danger

involved. It's fascinating to me. But it's the people here that make the difference, the people,

all of you here, are very special and I would miss you terribly If I wasn't here.


Krogon 20:53:06 pm CST

in looking into Gorean ships, they are closer to earlier Phonician times


Loki 20:53:36 pm CST

But Alias, your views are disruptive to the general being of this place....


Nykos 20:53:51 pm CST

~nods in agreement~


nasreen{TH} 20:54:36 pm CST

at times Master Alias You do seem to try and want to actually roleplay...

at other times...You disrupt the entire flow of the site..


Krogon 20:54:41 pm CST

one twist to that though Jarl Thorrn, Gorean ships are mainly rowed by freemen, not slaves as ancient earth galleys were


zoya{Zaroud} 20:55:22 pm CST

then why not experience the real jist of this place and take a role, Master Alias. *Be* Master, live the role here with us.


Laroona 20:56:27 pm CST

RME ... visiting people who are out to destroy the very lives of innocent people.. geeehshhhhhhhhhhhh.. and here you are portraying to be an advocate for equality...


Jarl Thorrn 20:56:35 pm CST


that sounds more like the ships and sailors of vikings who have been free men at the rows


Laroona 20:57:33 pm CST

Krogan why the "Oar Dance" done by FM is a fun thing here at Festivals


Alias 20:57:36 pm CST

I've tested the waters, dipped a toe in, then a foot, suppose I just dive in?


Nykos 20:59:13 pm CST

Alias the one thing I wil say is that you cannot see this as a game. What you do and say does affect others, especially the girls.


Krogon 20:59:26 pm CST

to some extend yes, Gorean ships are larger, and use ramsockets similar to the ancient egytians, and early roman gallies, circa 1 or 2 ad


Nykos 21:00:10 pm CST

it is a chance to relax for most but feeings tend to become involved


~zoya{Zaroud} 21:00:25 pm CST

~nods~ yes, Master Alias, no better way to know than to do it completely, from head to toe ~smiles~ kinda like a leap of faith and just live with Your decision


Alias 21:00:37 pm CST

Oh gods no, this is for sure not a 'game' to me. No way, no how..


Jarl Thorrn 21:01:22 pm CST


it is about time to accept that being a slave is for the slaves here not something they feel bad about, they don´t feel being abused and not treated right .... they would feel being robbed of a basic need of them when having equal rights and not be slaves anymore.

It is another topic how you will be able to udnerstand it but your already long time in here should have showed you it IS that way


Laroona 21:02:09 pm CST

Alias if it is not a game for you then I do wonder why continue to be here?


zoya{Zaroud} 21:02:19 pm CST

~*~nodding hearing Master Nykos~*~ zoya can't even tell You how many tears she has shed, how many broken hearts, only a few boiling points over things


snowrose{LT} 21:02:50 pm CST

to those brought by voyages of acquisition, it comes down to adapt or die...Free or immersion


Laroona 21:03:22 pm CST

I am cetain all the slaves here understand whn collared, branded, and whipped it is just words posted.. and they feel no pain in RT


nasreen{TH} 21:03:44 pm CST

nodding at zoya's words....true spoken.....


jessenia {Rm} 21:04:38 pm CST

perhaps jesse gets a little to into it though.. because when she was bought by GS and whipped and branded she was shakin in her skivvies r/t


Laroona 21:05:19 pm CST

and yes zoya slaves do feel the pain when chastised or punished ..the tears shed... and I am sure that will always be the same.. even after 10 plus years that aspect will never change


nasreen{TH} 21:05:42 pm CST

tips her head....that is not entirely true at least not for this girl...her mind is very vivid..and when she is whipped she can feel the marks are left true...but she does feel the sting and burn when the brand sizzled her hip....


snowrose{LT} 21:06:59 pm CST

agrees with is so for her too...the mind is a very powerful thing


Krogon 21:07:04 pm CST

i have found often to, one of the worst punishments for a slave, is not to be allowed to serve


Laroona 21:07:47 pm CST

ohh I am not saying one does not fee it in RT

of course girls shake etc.. but my point is it is often to bring girls to their true and deep inner feelings..

BUT the final and main point is .. they are only words typed out and posted


jessenia {Rm} 21:07:55 pm CST

aye Master Krogon.. that is the worst of jesse... and when Master uses it.. she knows just how wrong she's been


Loki 21:08:01 pm CST

ok, I think we've beat this topic long enough

tis about time to close forum anyways...




 Forum Closed

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